8 Ways to Use Nutritional Yeast: A Complete Protein

nutritional yeast

nutritional yeast(NaturalSociety) Heralded as the vegan ‘cheese,’ but a substance without any trace of dairy, nutritional yeast is a wonderful substitute for people considering a healthier diet. It differs from Brewer’s yeast, which comes from the beer fermentation process, and will not leaven or rise since it has been deactivated. Also known as ‘saccharomyces cerevisiae,’ the yeast is derived from sugar cane or beet molasses. In New Zealand they call it Brufax, and ‘yeshi’ in Ethiopian cuisine, which means ‘thousand.’

Nutritional yeast offers 6 grams of protein, a whole lot of B12 vitamins, and all 18 essential amino acids in just 2 tablespoons. You can mix into many recipes abate that ‘cheese’ craving, or simply to add some flavorful nutrition that is salt, sugar, dairy, and gluten free, and loaded with important trace minerals.

Here are 8 different ways you can use nutritional yeast, which is easily purchased in bulk at your local health store, or sometimes in Bragg’s brand bottles:

  • 1. Instead of heaping the calorie-laden cheese on your pastas, try cooking your noodles as usual, and mixing them with several tablespoons of nutritional yeast and a little olive oil. It will be a delicious way to enjoy pasta without as much guilt.
  • 2. Tired of the same old tofu? Sprinkle nutritional yeast and a some herbs in a bowl and toss tofu squares in the mix before cooking them, but make sure you get non-GMO soy tofu, or sprouted is even better since GMO soy is detrimental to your health.
  • 3. Replace anything that requires cheese with nutritional yeast – creamed spinach, cheesy broccoli, or cauliflower, etc, even in place of cheese on a pizza.
  • 4. Sprinkle it on oven-baked potatoes or green beans. It makes for a delicious treat or snack you can munch on all day.
  • 5. Use nutritional yeast in soups to add extra nourishment.
  • 6. Even though nutritional yeast differs from regular yeast since it doesn’t ferment, you can still make tasty bread with it. There are dozens of recipes available online.
  • 7. Sprinkle nutritional yeast and seaweed flakes on popcorn for a nutty, cheesy, flavorful replacement for movie popcorn which will make you think you’ve been eating buttered cardboard for years prior to trying this delicacy.
  • 8. Make kale chips with nutritional yeast for a protein-packed, nutritional snack that will give you lots of natural energy.

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