4 Natural Solutions for Anxiety Relief

4 Natural Solutions for Anxiety Relief
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chamomile_Given this fast-paced, stressful world, it seems that the anxiety epidemic grows larger every day. It’s the on-edge, queasy feeling that makes your heart race and your palms sweat. And for many people, anxiety is a daily struggle, negatively impacting quality of life and relationships. Many people turn to prescription drugs to manage their anxiety, but that simply isn’t necessary – there are many natural solutions for anxiety anyone can easily utilize.

The first choice for anxiety solutions should be natural remedies. Turning to a bottle of pills doesn’t allow you to work through what may be causing the problem. Instead, it only masks the symptoms and gives you a laundry list of side effects. While learning how to cope with the issue and working through it mentally is optimal (albeit difficult), treating anxiety with herbs and lifestyle changes can help you cope with anxiety the natural way when it’s hitting you with full force.

While there are several different approaches to natural anxiety relief and numerous herbs for anxiety, here are just 4 effective solutions:

  • 1. Omega 3 Fats – Research has found the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids to offer a myriad of benefits. But scientists with Ohio State University stumbled upon evidence that consuming these fats could help ward off depression and anxiety by reducing cytokines which cause inflammation and these mental responses to it. Omega-3 fats can be added to your diet in the form of fatty fish, walnuts, flax seeds, and even algae.
  • 2. Chamomile – Known as the perfect bedtime tea, chamomile is able to calm our nerves and help us relax. One study indicates 57% of participants receiving chamomile over a period of eight weeks were able to reduce their anxiety scores by 50%. This indicates chamomile tea or capsules could alleviate your anxiety or make it far more bearable.
  • 3. Lavender Oil – Aromatherapy is another method of natural anxiety treatment. Lavender oil in particular is useful in reducing feelings of nervousness and unease. It promotes calmness and can reduce other symptoms associated with stress like migraine headaches as well.
  • 4. Yoga – Any daily exercise will help you reduce anxiety and a whole host of other negative symptoms, but yoga in particular is able to combine exercise with meditation, both shown to reduce anxiety and depression. Several studies have linked regular yoga practice with lower anxiety scores and calmer moods.

Anxiety can be extremely difficult to cope with. Changing your eating and lifestyle habits can help. When you add natural treatments like chamomile, lavender oil, and yoga or meditation, you can skip the prescription medications and feel better naturally.