4 Healing, Healthy Fruit: How Fruit Can Protect Against Disease

4 Healing, Healthy Fruit: How Fruit Can Protect Against Disease

pile of blueberriesThey’re some of the first foods we eat as children, and should certainly be some of the most popular. While America and much of the world need to increase fruit consumption, fruit are still well-liked because they are naturally sweet, not to mention highly portable, juicy, and easy to prepare. The benefits of fruit, however, go far beyond tactical enjoyment and convenience (though they are the original “fast food”). They are packed with crucial vitamins and minerals, and have immense healing properties. Here are just a few of the most popular, healthy fruit and their benefits as your natural medicine:

1. Healthy Fruit – Blueberries

Berries are rich in antioxidants and have an incredible amount of proven health benefits. The health benefits of blueberries in particular include slowing of the aging process, fighting cancer, lowering blood pressure, protecting the heart and cardiovascular system, and keeping the liver healthy. They can even assist in weight management.

2. Papaya

Known as the “fruit of the angels” by Conquistadors in Central America, papaya are loaded with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins A,C, and E, and folate. Papaya leaf is one healthy fruit known to prevent cancer, encourage a healthy heart, and promote good digestion.

3. Lemons

Most people don’t eat lemons whole, but add lemon juice to things like tea, water, and alcoholic beverages. While the latter won’t deliver any health benefits—having lemon water each day could. Lemon juice or water with lemon can boost energy levels, improve digestion and detoxify the liver. It can also combat stress and promote a strong immune system.

4. Coconut

Many people are now turning to coconut water as a great hydration helper after tough workouts. Though it’s just gaining popularity in the states and can now be found at convenience stores combined with HFCS and other questionable ingredients, islanders have been enjoying the benefits of natural coconut water for a very long time. While mostly water, the nectar in the coconut also contains cytokinins to fight cancer and aging, as well as amino acids, enzymes, and antioxidants.

And along with coconut water, you can also start using coconut oil. The health benefits of coconut oil include weight management, diabetes management, improving skin health, promoting dental health, and much more.

It’s pretty safe to say that every natural and whole fruit or vegetable has some health benefits. They are a natural source of nourishment that needs no processing to enjoy. In other words, enjoy these healthy fruit as close to their natural state as possible. If you can grow them yourself, that’s the best option. Next, is finding someone local who is growing them. Finally, if you can’t find your favorites locally, hit the grocery store but make sure to buy organic when your shopping among the “dirty dozen”.

Need more convincing that foods can help allow your body to naturally heal itself? Here is compiled proof that healthy fruit and natural foods lead to natural healing.