Tobacco Doesn’t Just Kill Smokers; It Kills the Environment

A WHO report details the environmental harms caused by cigarettes and by tobacco products in general, including deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions.

Common Pesticide may Prevent Bumblebee Queens from Laying Eggs

A common neonicotinoid pesticide may hinder the ability of bumblebee queens to lay eggs, potentially leading to colony collapse.

USDA Report: Bee Populations FINALLY Rising After Years of Decline

A recent report shows that the health of honeybee colonies improved in the first quarter of 2017, but bees still face many threats, including pesticides.

Is Glyphosate Making These Australian Toads more Deadly?

Glyphosate appears to be making Australian cane toads – an invasive toxic species – even deadlier, posing a threat to the native ecosystem.

United Nations Expert Admits We DON’T Need Pesticides to Survive

According to a new report, it is a myth that we need to spray pesticides on food to survive, and manufacturers have been lying to the people.

How Anxiety, Low Self-Worth may Spark Countless Individuals to Overeat

Two new studies explore the anxiety and stress associated with people living in poverty, and how it leads to overeating and obesity.

Uh Oh: House Passes Bill Nicknamed “Poison Our Waters Act”

The House passed a Republican-backed bill that would roll back pesticide protections for U.S. rivers and lakes, putting aquatic life at risk.

EPA Delays Rule That Would Help Prevent Pesticide Poisoning

The EPA is delaying a proposed rule that would ensure the restricted-use pesticides, atrazine and chlorpyrifos, are applied safely by adult farmworkers.

Pesticides Known to Kill Bees Found in U.S. Drinking Water

A team of chemists and engineers at the U.S. Geological Survey and the University of Iowa have found neonicotinoids (bee-killing pesticides) in U.S. tap water.

U.S. Bumblebee Gets Federal Protection … Finally

After a more than month-long delay and much concern, the rusty patched bumblebee has finally been added to the endangered species list.

Key Report: Hundreds of Native Bee Species Buzzing Toward Extinction

A comprehensive review of more than 4,000 native bee species warns that many species are on the brink of extinction due to pesticide use and other factors.

Don’t Forget About the 2017 Dirty Dozen List: Most Pesticide-Tainted Produce

The Environmental Working Group has released its annual report on the types of produce contaminated with the most pesticides and pesticide residues.

Thousands of Dead Bees Wash Ashore in South Florida

On February 7, people walking along the shore in Lowdermilk Park Beach in South Florida reported seeing thousands of dead and dying bees.

Non-Browning GMO Arctic Apples to Hit Store Shelves Soon

Genetically modified apples engineered to brown more slowly than traditional apples will hit store shelves next month, but they won’t be overtly labeled “GMO.”

Will Donald Trump Give Bayer and Monsanto His Blessing to Merge?

Bayer and Monsanto executives met with Donald Trump on January, 11 2017 to discuss the biotech companies’ $66 billion merger.

Trump Picks Dow Chemical CEO to Head Manufacturing Council

Donald Trump chose Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris as head of the American Manufacturing Council. Some fear Liveris could use his position to benefit Dow.

Fla. Everglades Dolphins Have the World’s Highest Mercury Levels

Bottlenose dolphins in the Florida Everglades have the highest mercury levels ever found in the species. Humans and other animals may also be affected.