Reinventing the Wheel: Nestle Reformulates Sugar

Instead of simply cutting the sugar content in its candy products, Nestle has decided to reformulate the substance into “sugar lite.”

Nestle Seeks More Groundwater to Expand Michigan Plant

Nestle has been granted preliminary approval to increase pumping from 150 to 400 gallons-per-minute at 1 of its Michigan plants.

Outrage: Nestlé Buys Drought-Stricken Town’s Water Supply

People around the world are furious over Nestle’s latest escapade: buying a drought-stricken town’s water supply.

Campbell to Remove BPA Chemical from Canned Foods by 2017

3 major companies announced they will remove BPA from their canned products following a report showing the number of food products containing the chemical.

Big Food Is Still Fighting Vermont’s GMO Labeling Bill

Big Food is using DARK acts H.R. 1599 and S. 2609 to try to stop implementation of Vermont’s GMO labeling law and to stop all states from mandating GMO labeling.

After Flint’s Water Crisis, 47% of Americans Don’t Trust Their Water Supplies

A recent Associated Press poll has found that almost half of Americans no longer trust their water supplies – largely thanks to the Flint water crisis.

Child Slaves Receive Favorable Supreme Court Ruling Against Nestle, Others

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a bid by Nestle to throw out a lawsuit which holds the company liable for the use of child slave workers.

Brazil Slaps Nestle, Pepsi, and Others for Hiding GMO Ingredients

Six major food manufacturers are in trouble in Brazil for failing to include labels indicating the use of genetically modified ingredients.

Nestle can No Longer Claim Nesquik is “a Great Start to the Day” in the U.K.

Nestle has to remove its claim that Nesquik is “a great start to the day” after a lobbying group claimed it encouraged poor nutritional habits in children.

‘Cubosomes’ in Coffee Could Offer All-Day Energy in Just 1 Cup

Nestle claims to have created a way for people to get an all-day caffeine boost from a single cup of coffee via a slow-release method using cubosomes.

Lawsuit Seeks to Halt Nestlé from Stealing 1,838,451,342 Gallons of Water in CA

Environmental groups filed a suit against the United States Forest Service, demanding it stop Nestlé from taking the water.

Indian Government Sues Nestle for $99 Million After Finding Lead in Instant Noodles

The Indian government has filed a $99 million class action suit against Nestle for selling contaminated Noodles and ‘trading unfairly.’

Nestle CEO Says He Would Profit More from CA’s Drought if He Could

Nestle CEO Tim Brown was asked if Nestle would stop taking water from drought-stricken California. His answer may not be what you’d expect.

Almost 200,000 Signatures Have Made a Difference: US Forest Service Puts Nestlé on Warning

As of now, 189,000 activists have signed a petition telling the US Forest Service that they need to halt Nestlé’s illegal takeover of California’s water.

US Forest Service Ignores Nestlé’s Illegal Take Over of Water Supply

Did you know Nestlé has been illegally pumping water from a Southern California national forest for its bottled water with an expired permit for 27 years?

Nestle Still Bottling 80 Million Gallons of Water Amid CA’s Crisis Drought

Nestlé has continued its water bottling practices even while California has struggled though its worst drought in history, sparking widespread outrage.

Nestle Drops Artificial Colors and Flavors – But Still Wants to Own the Water

In a tactically-influenced move, mega-food corporation Nestle announced a phase out of artificial flavors and colors from its candy bars by 2015.

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