VIDEO – Monsanto Technology Lead: ‘We are Proud of What We Do’

In this video, John Purcell, Hawaii Business and Technology Lead for Monsanto explains why he chose to work for Monsanto. But there’s a big problem.

Huge News: Monsanto to Pay $80 Million for Misrepresenting Round Up Earnings

Monsanto must pay an $80 million settlement to the US Securities and Exchange Commission a penalty for lying about earnings for its herbicide, Round Up.

VIDEO: HBO Series Highlights Problems with Genetically Modified Crops

The May 2015 episode of HBO’s VICE focuses entirely on genetically modified crops, showing undeniable proof of what genetic engineering has done to our planet.

Huge: Monsanto Sues California to Keep Round Up Off Carcinogen List

Biotech giant Monsanto is now suing the state of California to keep Round Up off the state’s list of carcinogens.

Bernie Sanders Calls Out US Policy on GMOs, Slams Monsanto

Senator from Vermont and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders seems to be fighting for food freedoms, food sustainability, and GMO labeling.

Grain Company Refuses to Buy Glyphosate-Treated Oats, Citing Crop Concerns

Citing crop growth issues, Grain Millers, Inc. announced that it will avoid buying western Canadian oats that have been treated with the herbicide glyphosate.

Crawling Around Crop Fields, Chinese Spy Caught Stealing Millions of $$ Worth of GM Seeds

A Chinese spy was caught reverse-engineering GMO seeds in the United States, and attempted to steal millions of dollars’ worth of them.

Letter Urges EU to STOP Re-Approval of Glyphosate Herbicide

Citing numerous concerns, 67 Members of the European Parliament are asking that glyphosate, an herbicide ingredient in Round Up, NOT be re-approved.

Breaking: Seattle Joins Major US Cities to Sue Monsanto for Toxic PCB Contamination

The city of Seattle joins 5 other major US cities that are suing Monsanto over PCB contamination in 20,000 acres that drain to the Lower Duwamish.

European Office Revokes Monsanto’s False Patent for GM Melons

The European Patent Office (EPO) is revoking a patent Monsanto has held on non-GM melons, as Monsanto falsely claimed to engineer a virus-resistant melon.

Monsanto’s Greed Continues to Threaten 59 Indigenous Corn Varieties in Mexico

Monsanto faces opposition from government and citizens in Mexico, yet the company continues to put 59 unique, indigenous varieties of corn at risk.

Send a Message to Obama: Ban ‘Likely-Carcinogenic’ Glyphosate-Herbicides!

Citizens of the United States are urging president Obama to act on ‘likely-carcinogenic’ glyphosate-containing products such as Round Up immediately. Be heard!

VIDEO: How Monsanto’s Glyphosate Attacks our Core Cellular Functions

Monsanto’s Round Up herbicide, containing the likely-carcinogenic glyphosate, is causing widespread mitochondrial dysfunction – and this is why it matters.

Monsanto Works Hard to Evict Argentinian Protesters

Monsanto is trying to evict a bevy of protesters who are aiming to stop a massive GMO seed plant in an agricultural province of Cordoba, Argentina.

USDA Study Confirms GM Contamination Between GM and Non-GM Crops

A USDA study has confirmed the agency’s own original forecast that GM alfalfa would promiscuously contaminate the non-GM crop.

Monsanto Scraps $90 Million GM Corn Facility Plans Due to Declining Profits

Monsanto’s plans to construct a $90 million GM corn processing plant in Independence, Iowa have reportedly been scrapped due to a ‘struggling farm economy.’

Huge: Berkeley, CA Joins in Suing Monsanto for Toxic PCB Chemical Pollution

The city of Berkeley, California has decided to hold Monsanto legally liable for polluting the land and water with PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls).