Talk: We Are Achieving Victory Over Monsanto and GMOs

We are achieving major victories against Monsanto and GMOs. In my latest speech at March Against Monsanto 2015, I break down our many victories.

Be Patriotic: Return Your Cancer-Causing Roundup

Here is an idea for Memorial Day weekend. Return any Roundup to the store you bought it from and tell them that carcinogenic chemicals are NOT patriotic.

Hillary Clinton: Monsanto’s Next Poster Puppet

Hillary Clinton is becoming known as the presidential candidate that will push genetically modified foods and biotech creations through faster than ever.

March Against Monsanto: Global Protest Movement Takes Down GMOs

There are many reasons why Monsanto has been targeted by a rapidly growing global protest movement, and why they will soon fail.

Live March Against Monsanto 2015 Update: You Are The Answer

Hey it’s Anthony Gucciardi, live from March Against Monsanto 2015, with a key update on how YOU are the answer to defeating Monsanto.

Conventional Food is Sprayed with Monsanto’s Carcinogenic Chemicals Just 3 Days Before Harvest

According to a ‘pre-harvest guide,’ Monsanto’s Roundup should be sprayed on food just 3 days before harvesting. This does not sound safe to eat…

Major Monsanto Lawsuit Completely Blacked out by Media

Efforts to publicize a class action lawsuit against Monsanto for false advertising it’s best-selling herbicide Roundup have been rejected by the media.

Media Hit Piece: You’re ‘Ignorant’ If You Want GMO Labeling

Are you in favor of labeling Monsanto’s Roundup-drenched genetically modified crops? Mainstream media says you are ‘ignorant’ and ‘hysterical’.

Major Lawsuit Targets Monsanto for Selling Cancer-Linked Herbicide

In a recent, potentially significant lawsuit filed in California, Monsanto may pay for deliberately lying about glyphosate’s harmful effects on all life.

Are Scientists Exposing Bee Death Epidemic Facing Censorship and Threats?

A formal letter to the USDA reports that scientists are being harassed, and their research on bee-killing pesticides is being censored or suppressed.

Colombia Bans Glyphosate from Being Sprayed on Coca (Cocaine) Crops

Colombia, known the world over as a center of illicit drug trade, recently announced that it will remove glyphosate chemicals from their coca crops.

The Government Decision That Could End Monsanto

Here’s how the latest announcement by the government on the subject of GMO labeling could change our food supply and eliminate Monsanto completely.

Is ‘Glyphosate Drinker’ Patrick Moore a Monsanto Lobbyist?

Forbes and others retracted the identification of Patrick Moore – who said you could drink glyphosate and be fine – as a Monsanto lobbyist. But is he…?

Brazil’s Public Prosecutor Wants to Ban Monsanto’s Chemicals

The Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency is being urged re-evaluate its stance on the ‘likely carcinogenic’ herbicide ingredient, glyphosate.

Bermuda Suspends Glyphosate-Ridden Roundup Indefinitely

Sorry Monsanto, but Bermuda has decided to suspend any importation of glyphosate/Roundup until further research give reason to lift the suspension.

Victory: German Retail Giant Removes Glyphosate from 350 Stores

While US garden and DIY stores are still selling cancer-causing poison in a jug, a German retail giant will no longer carry glyphosate-containing products as of September 30, 2015

Still Losing: Creditors Change Monsanto’s Investor Rating to “Negative”

Moody’s has recently downgraded Monsanto’s rating from neutral to negative following Syngenta’s announcement that it has refused Monsanto’s unsolicited bid.