Big: New York Inches Closer to a Mandatory GM Labeling Bill

A GMO labeling bill requiring mandatory labeling of food made with genetically modified organisms recently moved forward in New York.

VIDEO: HBO Series Highlights Problems with Genetically Modified Crops

The May 2015 episode of HBO’s VICE focuses entirely on genetically modified crops, showing undeniable proof of what genetic engineering has done to our planet.

The World Takes 4th Major Step Towards Creating GMO Babies in a Year

A panel of U.S. scientists and ethicists says that 3-parent embryos can be created safely and ethically, but right now the process is banned by Congress.

The World Just Got Another Step Closer to Creating GMO Humans

British researcher Kathy Niakan has been given approval to start editing human embryos. The decision is entrenched in numerous ethical issues.

Canadian Fruit Growers Say NO to Genetically Modified ‘Arctic Apples’

Fruit growers in Canada will ask the government to de-register the genetically modified Arctic Apple until further studies can be conducted.

Bernie Sanders Calls Out US Policy on GMOs, Slams Monsanto

Senator from Vermont and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders seems to be fighting for food freedoms, food sustainability, and GMO labeling.

Rejected: Country in West Africa Refuses GMO Bt Cotton

The African country Burkina Faso has abandoned genetically modified Bt Cotton crops in order to phase out inferior quality GM crops for non-GM crops.

Big Food Trickery? SmartLabels to Act as ‘Real’ GMO Labeling

The Grocery Manufacturers Association and Big Food companies are trying to trick consumers with SmartLabels to bypass GMO labeling.

Crawling Around Crop Fields, Chinese Spy Caught Stealing Millions of $$ Worth of GM Seeds

A Chinese spy was caught reverse-engineering GMO seeds in the United States, and attempted to steal millions of dollars’ worth of them.

FDA (…Sort of) Bans GM Salmon Until Labeling Guidelines are Finalized

The release of GM salmon to the market has been placed on hold as the FDA finalizes guidelines for the safe consumption of the fish.

As the Zika Virus Spreads, Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Become more Real

Biotech firm Oxitec says its genetically modified mosquitoes can help stop the spread of the Zika virus, but there are more risks than guarantees.

Pakistani Government Advises Farmers to Feed Livestock GM Crop Waste

The Pakistan government has advised farmers to feed livestock GM Bt cotton waste as a way to eradicate the pink bollworm pest, despite warnings.

Rhode Island Re-Introduces Mandatory GMO Labeling Bill

Rhode Island Rep. Dennis M. Canario is reintroducing a bill that would label foods containing genetically modified ingredients, ultimately allowing consumers to know what they are eating.

What the Illegal, ‘Rogue’ GM Corn in China Says About GMO Regulation

GM corn is already growing in China illegally, causing further distrust in the government’s ability to regulate GM crops. What does this say about regulation?

Are Genetically Modified Pigs up Next for Approval by the FDA?

Professor Bruce Whitelaw has produced swine fever-resistant pigs through a new gene-editing technique., which he hopes will become FDA-approved.

How Scotland’s “Organic Ambitions” Plan Will Shift the Future of Food and Farming

Scotland will launch an initiative next week aimed at boosting the country’s organic agriculture while stimulating the rural economy.

Huge News: Florida Launches 3 Bills for Mandatory GMO Labeling!

Due to the efforts of thousands in a grassroots campaign and some state political reps, 3 GMO labeling bills are being put forth in Florida!