Trial: Pesticide-Producing GMO Wheat Fails to Deter Pests

At the loss of $1 million, Big Biotech in the UK have found that a type of GM wheat made to produce an odor that repels aphids is failing.

New Study Finds GMO Corn Makes Rats Infertile

A new study released by Egyptian scientists found that rats fed a GMO diet suffer from infertility, among other health issues. Non-GMO corn doesn’t do that!

Lawsuit Begins Over Monsanto Polluting World With PCBs

Monsanto and other mega-corporations will soon be in court over allegations of negligence in the production of toxic, cancer-causing PCBs over many decades.

Is Bill Nye Monsanto’s Latest Sell Out?

Science educator Bill Nye did an anti-GMO segment on TV show a decade ago. Now, after taking a tour with Monsanto, it seems that his stance has changed.

Latest Biotech BS: ‘The First Biotechnology was Beer Making’

In an attempt to help sway the public into accepting GMOs, some news sites are claiming that the first biotechnology in action was beer making. Really?

Federal Judge in Argentina Accepts Class Action Lawsuit Against Monsanto

A federal judge in Argentina has accepted a class action lawsuit that would force GMO labeling and suspend the cultivation of genetically modified crops.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister: GMOs Will NOT be Tolerated

Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Arkady Dvorkovich, announced that Russia WILL NOT use GM crops to boost agricultural production.

Lamb Genetically Modified with Jellyfish DNA Sold as Meat in France

Lamb which was genetically modified with jellyfish fluorescent genes was recently sold and consumed in France. Action is being taken.

Senate Passes TPP ‘Fast-Tracking’ That Could Make GMO Labeling Illegal

The Senate has adopted a law that would give fast-track ability for the Trans-Pacific Partnership – a secretive bill that can restrict GMO labeling abroad.

Video: This is How Monsanto’s GMOs Could Be Banned

As part of a Q&A video series, Anthony Gucciardi details the factors that are required for Monsanto’s GMOs to hit the ‘ban’ list in the United States.

The Bill to Ban GMO Labeling Has Just Been Reintroduced

Mike Pompeo reintroduced another ridiculous bill that would prohibit states or counties from banning or regulating GMOs in any way. This is not freedom.

Genetically Modified Moths Released in New York

Biotech company Oxitec has released genetically engineered diamondback moths in New York as part of an outdoor trial, and New Yorkers are mad.

Natural Society Launches Organic Non-GMO Cookbook & Shopping Guide

We decided to release a new non-GMO cookbook so that anyone and everyone can escape GMOs for good with wholesome, nutritionally-rich meals.

Pope Francis Denounces GMOs and Pesticides

In a major environmental paper draft leaked a few days ago, Pope Francis calls GMOs and pesticides both environmentally and socially ‘significant’ problems.

Feds Still have No Idea How Illegal GM Wheat Got Into this Montana Field

It has been a year since illegal, unexpected GM wheat was found growing at a Montana State University test lab field. We still do not know where it came from.

Monsanto and Media Are Trying to ‘Re-Brand’ GMOs

As expected, the mainstream media is trying to re-brand GMOs so that the public thinks the food creations are completely safe.

Costco Decides to Sell Controversial GM Salmon

As major supermarkets refuse GM salmon, mega-store Costco plans on selling the genetically modified fish to its customers while attempting to dress itself as a big organic seller.