Chilling: How Monsanto’s Agent Orange is Still Used Today

Are you eating America’s left-over chemical warfare used as agricultural poison on our food supply? Here is how toxic warfare chemicals are still used today.

Meet the Senator Who Just Stood up to GMOs and Said ‘No Way’

Gary Hooser, city council member in Kaua’i, is standing up against biotech giant Syngenta – company which is drenching Hawaiian islands in toxic herbicides.

6 FDA-Approved Foods Banned in Other Countries

Did you know that various food ingredients and foods found in the United States are actually banned in other countries? Here are 6 of those foods.

Thousands of Farmers in India Rise up Against Monsanto

Thousands of farmers in India have risen up against Monsanto and biotech in a massive grassroots movement that shuns genetically modified crop farming.

Prediction: New Monsanto-Backed Study to Find GMOs ‘Perfectly Safe’

I’m predicting that Monsanto and agricultural lobby groups will release a massive study that ‘scientifically proves’ GMOs to be ‘completely safe.’ Will people fall for it?

How Fukushima may be a Greater Threat than Monsanto’s GMOs

Genetically modified foods are a hotly debated issue in our food supply, but what may be as concerning is something we forgot about – Fukushima aftermath.

This City in Oregon is Set to Become a ‘GMO-Free’ Zone

Citizens in Benton County, Oregon will soon vote on a measure that would grant more food freedom and halt genetic modification of crops within the county.

26 Organizations that Support GMO Labeling

While GMO safety is debated, GMO labeling is still desired. Here are 26 organizations that believe genetically modified foods (GMOs) should be labeled.

Two Major Biotech Companies May Soon Merge into ‘Mega Monsanto’

Reports are saying that biotech juggernaut Monsanto is looking to take over another big player in the biotech field, Syngenta. What would happen?

EPA Placing Blame on Farmers for Monsanto’s Cancer-Causing GMO Crops

The EPA set up a program for farmers that claims to help prevent pests from developing resistance, but it will just get farmers in trouble with Big Biotech.

Monsanto Secretly Gave Money to Farmer Caught Contaminating Organic Farms with GMOs

Monsanto revealed that it had secretly given money to a conventional, GMO farmer who was sued for contaminating another farmer’s organic crops.

New Study: Goats Who Eat Monsanto GM Soy Produce Abnormal Milk

Monsanto likes to say that its GMOs are similar to non-GMOs, but a new study proves that GM-fed goat milk is completely ABNORMAL. Is human milk next?

Chipotle Removes GMOs from Food in Unprecedented Move

One of the nation’s largest restaurant chains, Chipotle Mexican Grill has stated that it has successfully phased out GMOs from its food.

Panera to Remove All Artificial Ingredients by 2016 – But What About GMOs?

Panera plans to remove all additives, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, and more from its food by 2016, but what about GMOs?

30,000 Doctors in Argentina Demand that Glyphosate be Banned

Joining millions of citizens around the world, more than 30,000 doctors and health professionals are asking that glyphosate be banned.

Activist Groups Slam Brazil’s Approval of GM Trees

Activist groups from Brazil say Brazil’s decision to approve genetically modified (GM) eucalyptus trees for commercial growth is an illegal one.

Texas Pushes for GMO Labeling with Introduction of New Bill

A GMO labeling bill was recently introduced in Texas that would require all foods containing genetically modified ingredients to carry a GMO label.