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Scientists Confirm Bacteria is Essential to Proper Immunity

Anthony Gucciardi
March 25th, 2012
Updated 11/03/2012 at 12:34 am
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Scientists are now confirming what many natural health advocates have been saying for years regarding the role bacteria plays in the body. Bacteria, and exposure to bacteria on a daily basis, is essential to a proper immune system. With many parents ensuring that their children are virtually never exposed to enough bacteria through sanitizing everything they touch with triclosan-containing antibacterial wipes and gels, children worldwide are not being exposed to an adequate amount of immune-bolstering bacteria in the environment.

Adults are also being effected, as many individuals feel that virtually all germs or bacteria are bad and make a large effort to scrub them from their daily life. The new research, which simply enforces what has been known for centuries, shows that problems can arise when your exposure to germs is decreased. In fact, it could make you sick. The concept is referred to as the ‘hygiene hypothesis’, which essentially says that diseases affect more individuals in the modern world where hygiene and mobile sanitizers are king.

The new study comes from the Women’s Hospital in Boston, and shows just how drastically bacteria exposure can affect the health of you and your entire family. Researchers examined two groups of mice with very different outcomes. The first group was exposed to a normal bacteria environment, while the second was completely germ-free. The scientists then compared the immune systems of both groups, finding evidence that powerfully demonstrates the importance of bacterial exposure.

Not only did the mice which were exposed to microbes have stronger immune systems than the germ-free mice, but the germ-free mice had significant inflammation in their lungs and colon — similar to asthma and ulcerative colitis in humans. One immune cell in particular, the invariant natural killer T cell, was particularly hyperactive as well.

“There is a very beneficial role for microbes in health,” senior study author Dr.  Richard Blumberg said.

While it can be a challenge in modern society, it is important to allow yourself natural exposure to bacteria in the environment. Something known as ‘grounding’ may be particularly beneficial. Grounding is simply the practice of coming into contact with the earth while barefoot, which has been shown by peer-reviewed research to help remedy a number of conditions. It is also highly important to consume an adequate amount of probiotics in food or supplement form, also known as the ‘good bacteria‘. Fermented food items such as sauerkraut, tempeh, miso or kefir are all rich sources of probiotic bacteria.

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  • Anonymous

    Yes triclosan is known to be avoided, but not all soaps contain it. How do you think staph infection spreads? It’s because humans aren't washing their hands correctly. Bar soap and water are not enough to clean thoroughly. I’ve seen studies stating that the best time to be exposed to various bacterias is during childhood. That’s the critical stage of immune system development. Once it’s developed, that’s it, no more bacterial exposure is needed. From there on forward, cleanliness is determined by habit. I’ve also seen studies proving that people that wash their hands often combined with consistent use of hand sanitizer rarely get sick. Did you know that the biggest problem hospitals have is doctors not washing their hands often? Did you know that the biggest thing they highlight in med school is constant hand washing including the frequent use of hand sanitizer? Not killing cross contaminated bacteria from your hands is insanely inconsiderate. Because you’re spreading disease around in the common things you touch like doorknobs, gas pumps, shopping carts etc. Don’t even think about shaking my hand either. If you can provide a record of the things you’ve touched, and if you washed your hands correctly then maybe I’ll shake; I’d still break out the hand sanitizer shortly after. Unless we’re making a business deal, keep your dirty hands to yourself, a simple nod will do :)

  • dr john

    I have a daughter in law that is beserk on bacteria free stuff, reads every label and the kids are always sick. I try to get her to start taking a colostrum extract, natural killers cells, but she won't budge.

  • Tammy

    Love the article and agree with everything Mark says up there. My question is, why is raw milk so expensive? I can't afford paying $6-$8 a gallon for milk with 3 kids and a husband that go through up to 2 gallons a day!

    • dr john

      I don't know why either but to combat the high price you can get a family milk cow, which I sell, and get a coop going as some of my customers are contemplating.

    • Lisa

      Raw milk is more expensive because it cost more to produce. Rather than asking why raw milk is so expensive, ask why pasteurized, homogenized milk cost so much when the value is so minimal. Since I was a child I thought I was lactose intolerant until I recently discovered and started drinking raw milk. Come to find out, probably like many people, I wasn't lactose intolerant, the problem is the process used to kill the bacteria in milk also destroys the lactase enzyme which helps to break down lactose. Then they turn around and sell you the lactase at a high price to put back in the milk.

      Milk used to make me nauseous, since I started drinking raw milk I've had none of the symptoms I've experienced my whole life. Think how the lack of milk may have affected my bone development as a child. And on top of that the soy and other crap they feed cows so they can fatten them quickly doesn't allow them to build the nutrients we seek from that food.

      It is more expensive and won't last for a month in the fridge, but your kids will get the protein and other beneficial properties you buy milk for. The pasteurized, homogenized stuff that may include traces of the genetically modified grain the milk cows were fed certainly isn't healthy–it's just advertised that way.

  • mark mcafee

    This is the science that confirms why more and more consumers choose Raw Organic Milk instead of dead highly processed milk.

    Raw milk is a wild food with a biodiversity of benficial bacteria and the specialized Oligisacharide sugars that feed them in the GUT to allow for colonization.

    Raw milk is also extremely delicious. In CA raw milk sales are on fire…crazy excitement. Kids thrive on state inspected tested organic raw milk.

    With Raw Milk…no more lactose intolerance, No more allergies or ear infections, asthma and IBS go away. Raw Whey proteins also keep MAST cells in tact and stop the histamine reaction. Nature had it right until processors profits and shelf life came along to screw over the common ( nearly extinct ) dairyman and the consumers both.

    Mark McAfee

    Founder CEO

    OPDC Raw Milk producer in CA

    • Crunchy4Life

      That's right Mark! Let's keep spreading the news, fight for our food freedoms, push back when being pushed on subjects that have real value, buy local, get to know your farmers, grow your own produce, raise chickens…natural everything is the new black.

    • Melanie Murray

      Mark, we have been drinking your raw milk for almost three years ago and the health benefits have been tremendous. Just this last month, almost half of my sons class was out with various forms of stomach flues, regular colds, coughs….and neither of my boys caught any of it! They sailed right through all the bugs going around. I credit it to a great diet that includes daily whole raw milk. Thank you for all you do!

      I love these articles because I love cold hard factual science backing up what I know to be true!

  • OraWellness

    Great article here! Thank you for posting it.

    We completely agree. In fact, the second principle of creating greater whole being health is to re-introduce healthy bacterial populations in the gut.

    Many people don't realize the impact that oral health plays in whole being health. After all, the good as well as bad bugs in the gut start their journey in the mouth!

    There is so much we can do to create greater oral health on our own and therefore directly support the health of our whole system. We offer lots of video tutorials and free downloads to help folks take control of their oral health.

    To your health!