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Quit Smoking Naturally by Consuming More of These Foods

Mike Barrett
June 11th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 8:34 pm
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Not every smoker is interested in quitting, but for those of you who are trying to quit smoking, implementing simple dietary changes may be the way to go. While smokers try everything from hypnosis to electronic cigarettes, research is showing that if you simply eat more fruit and vegetables, you may have an easier time staying tobacco-free for longer. The research should be of even greater interest to those who want to quit smoking naturally.

Quit Smoking Naturally

For the study, which was published online by University of Buffalo public health researchers, authors from UB’s School of Public Health and Health professions surveyed 1,000 smokers aged 25 and older from across the nation. Fourteen months after the survey, the authors followed up with the respondents to see if they stayed tobacco-free during the previous month.

What they found was that those who consumed the most fruit and vegetables were 3 times more likely to abstain from tobacco for at least 30 days than those consuming small amounts of fruit and vegetables. In addition, those consuming more fruit and vegetables smoked less often per day, waited longer  before having their first daily cigarette, and scored better on a nicotine-dependent test.

“Other studies have taken a snapshot approach, asking smokers and nonsmokers about their diets,” says Gary A. Giovino, PhD, chair of the Department of Community Health and Health Behavior at UB. “We knew from our previous work that people who were abstinent from cigarettes for less than six months consumed more fruits and vegetables than those who still smoked. What we didn’t know was whether recent quitters increased their fruit and vegetable consumption or if smokers who ate more fruits and vegetables were more likely to quit.”

So how could increased consumption of fruit and vegetables help people to quit smoking naturally and save people from the detrimental effects of smoking?

  • Less nicotine dependence.
  • High fiber content makes people feel fuller – since smokers sometimes confuse hunger with smoking urges.
  • Unlike meats, alcohol, and caffeinated beverages, fruit and vegetables don’t enhance and may even worsen the taste of tobacco.
  • Engaging in a healthier lifestyle could consciously and subconsciously cause smokers to further shift out of an unhealthy lifestyle involving smoking.

While not everyone wants to quit smoking, most agree that quitting can be extremely difficult. For those who want to quit smoking, and especially for those who want to quit smoking naturally, this research should be a positive boost. If you don’t want to quit, but want to want to quit, then see what happens when you quit smoking – it may be enough to ignite that mental shift you’re searching for.

“We may have identified a new tool that can help people quit smoking,” says Jeffrey P. Haibach, MPH, first author on the paper and graduate research assistant in the UB Department of Community Health and Health Behavior. “Granted, this is just an observational study, but improving one’s diet may facilitate quitting.”

Additional Sources:

University of Buffalo

About Mike Barrett:
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  • Mandy

    shit I just quit smoking and it’s my first day! I feel like I want to climb the walls. I have chewed on grass, hey and gum and I am just curious does this shit get better or do I live like this forever? I have quit meth and crack and didn’t feel this shitty. I am just saying???

  • Franky Freedom

    Aside from the reasons mentioned in the article it is also likely that some of the phytochemicals in the fruits/vegetables have biochemical effects on the neurotransmitters which are involved in the cravings (ex. dopamine).


  • X Puffer

    I stopped so easy and after trying so many times I found the fail safe cure – I had a heart attack!

    When this happens – you don't just want one more puff – you want one more day. But's that's me.

    The point I'd like to make here is – I just wish they'd stop using the term 'I don't want to stop' Of course, you don't bloody want to stop – who ever wants to stop something they enjoy doing. If you are waiting for that to happen – forget it – it's not going to.

    That's what makes it so damn difficult – you're doing something you don't want to do.

    Those who stop for good and stay off them didn't want to stop either – they were enjoying it 'FACT' if they didn't enjoy the addictive habit they wouldn't have been smoking in the first place.

    View it like losing an old friend – it was good while it lasted. You don't want to lose old friends but hey sometimes you have got to. Good luck!

  • Noah Sweat

    Does the danger come from smoking nicotine or from smoking Roundup? Tobacco get's a bad rap for all the wrong reasons. Tobacco reduces stress for both first and second hand smokers reducing the calorie intake of both. AS the number of smokers decrease, the numbers of obese increase with much more dangerous health problems. My mother died at 95 and never smoked. My uncle died at 94 and smoked 3 packs a day. There were 15 siblings all lived from 91 – 104 except 1 and she never smoked but died of cancer at 89 (she was a lesbian and fat), my grand mother died at 98. My point is, smoking had little or no effect on the siblings who smoked. Like food, the dangers of smoking is the pesticides the plants are treated with.

    • Anonymous

      "she was a lesbian and fat" — correlation is not causation.

  • TF

    I would never stop smoking now. It might be only thing protecting lungs from all other nasty crap being sprayed on us.

    • Suzanne

      Take organic sulfur. It will push out the chemtrails.

    • Dave

      I've heard of that… Can you please post the source on thanks.

  • Pdaddy

    Lol, no doubt!

  • Ron Jeka

    Monsanto is probably working on a nicotine-like alternative built into some of their modified organisms in some of their crops.

  • jim

    No s#^t!