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Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis with Vitamin D

Elizabeth Renter
July 23rd, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 4:06 pm
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It’s believed that up to 350,000 people in the United States have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Each week, around 200 new cases are diagnosed. But scientists may have found an easy solution to help in the prevention of this disastrous disease. Luckily, overcoming multiple sclerosis may be as easy as soaking up some sun.

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis with a Vitamin

MS is an autoimmune disease; it affects the central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord. While symptoms vary widely from person to person, many people with MS suffer from muscle weakness, spasms, and cramping, problems walking, speech difficulties, hearing and vision loss, memory loss, pain, and depression.

A group of Canadian and British scientists have found hope for people who have yet to be diagnosed in the form of vitamin D. This vitamin— obtained naturally through the sun, through fortified food and supplements— is said to affect the gene that increases MS risk, ultimately helping individuals in overcoming multiple sclerosis.

This isn’t the first time vitamin D and multiple sclerosis have been linked. And because there is no clear cause of the disease—medical professionals, scientists, and patients alike will take any new revelations as progress.

A gene variant, known as DRB1*1501, significantly increases your chances of developing MS. According to the BBC:

“While one in 1,000 people in the UK is likely to develop MS, this number rises to around one in 300 among those carrying a single copy of the gene variant – known as DRB1*1501 – and one in 100 of those carrying two copies.”

Vitamin D activates proteins in the body. These proteins are found to bind to a DNA sequence next to the gene, changing how it functions.

The study indicates that vitamin D may be key to overcoming multiple sclerosis, as the vitamin deficiency could lead to multiple sclerosis.

So, how can you increase vitamin D consumption?

  • Get some sun every day. Remember to go outside while the sun is strongest, and don’t shower after bathing in the sun as the vitamin D will essentially wash off.
  • Eat salmon. (Salmon is the richest natural food-source of vitamin D)
  • Take a supplement if you don’t think you are getting enough through your diet and sun exposure.

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  • KIp

    It is interesting to read that the DRB1*1501 gene is regulated through Vitamin D.
    DRB1*1501 is actually a so called HLA class II molecule, which is is member of the specialized proteins involved in the regulation of immune responses. Now, MS is an autoimmune response, meaning that the immune system of MS patients recognizes certain self-proteins, which it shouldn't recognize. It is also known that Vitamin D3 is negatively regulating immune responses in general, maybe through the down-regulation pf these HLA class II molecules. Interesting stuff :)

  • Ted Hutchinson

    I think we should be a little more realistic about the amounts of Vitamin D3 that may be required to prevent or delay the onset/progression of MS.

    The natural vitamin d3 level humans naturally attain/maintain living NAKED, OUTDOOR, lives in tropical sunlight is 50~70ng/ml 125~175nmol/l. Only when we get to that level is human milk a complete (vitamin D replete) food. UK adults (normally clothes normally indoors for most of the day) only range from 12~ 30ng/ml (30~75nmol/l)at best half of that human DNA functions best with.

    CityAssays Birmingham NHS path lab do postal Vitamin D blood spot tests for £25 UK or £30 international. If you've a family/friends/online buddies you can buy a 10 pack between you and share them so you pay only £20 each.

    Ideally you will need to be naked at noon for 20~30 minutes at least but NEVER let your skin burn. That should produce 10,000iu providing you have a reasonably high total cholesterol level. (people who are cholesterol lowering or older will make less vitamin D, the precursor molecule 7 dehydroCHOLESTEROL is in the cholesterol metabolic pathway blocked by statins/sterols) Bigvits and Amazon UK do 5000iu/vitamin D 3 drops (Healthy Origins) but these are probably cheaper if you buy in the USA from Iherb or Vitacost, Initial discount codes are available for both if you look online.

    Most people will require 1000iu/daily for each 25lbs they weigh. Up to 10,000iu daily is safe and a 25(OH)D test after 3~6months will show if you've reached 125nmol/l 50ng/ml the level associated with fewer new lesions and lower levels of disabiity.

    Vitamin D3 circulates in the body as calcidiol and the active hormonal form is calcitriol. To perform that switch requires the presence of MAGNESIUM. Many people's diets don't contain the RDA for magnesium. There are online calculators that enable you to check you are getting sufficient. Any magnesium chelate is fine for supplementing with except magnesium oxide of which only 4% is absorbed. Both magnesium and vitamin d are best absorbed with food.

  • Turner

    No clear reason for Multiple sclerosis has been established yet several links to multiple sclerosis have been made –> Has anyone measured the stomack's acide levels for theses people ? ( low acidity means lower than normal absorbtion of nutrients . How about sodium fluoride ? or about the devestating effects of laurel sulftates previously a major ingrediant in toothpastes ??

  • lara

    Steve you're a fucking drogadict♥

    • Zeke

      Iara, you really are the "Tool of the Day"!!!

  • Steve W.

    What about cannabis? It's also been proved to be the best combatant against MS