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Monsanto Declared Worst Company of 2011

December 6th, 2011
Updated 11/08/2012 at 11:32 am
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monsantoworstcompany2011 210x131 Monsanto Declared Worst Company of 2011

Biotech giant Monsanto has been declared the Worst Company of 2011 by NaturalSociety for threatening both human health and the environment. The leader in genetically modified seeds and crops, Monsanto is currently responsible for 90 percent of the genetically engineered seed on the United States market. Outside of GM seeds, Monsanto is also the creator of the best-selling herbicide Roundup, which has spawned over 120 million hectacres of herbicide-resistant superweeds while damaging much of the soil. Despite hard evidence warning against the amplified usage of genetically modified crops, biopesticides, and herbicides, Monsanto continues to disregard all warning signs.

In a powerful review of 19 studies analyzing the dangers of GMO crops such as corn and soybeans, researchers revealed some shocking information regarding the safety of these popular food staples. Researchers found that consumption of GMO corn or soybeans may lead to significant organ disruptions in rats and mice – particularly in the liver and kidneys. This is particularly concerning due to the fact that 93 percent of U.S. soybeans are known to be genetically modified. Ignoring this evidence, Monsanto continues to expand their genetic manipulation.

Monsanto’s Genetic Manipulation of Nature

Outside of genetically modifying crops, Monsanto has also created genetically modified crops containing Bt. Bt is a toxin incorporated in GMO crops that are intended to kill different insects, however Bt usage has subsequently spawned insect populations which are resistant to the biopesticide. After being exposed to Bt, many insect populations actually mutated to resist the biopesticide. So far at least 8 insect populations have developed resistance, with 2 populations resistant to Bt sprays and at least 6 species resistant to Bt crops as a whole. Farmers are therefore forced to use even more pesticides to combat the resistant bugs.

What is the answer to this problem, according to Monsanto? To further genetically modify the Bt crop to make it a super-pesticide, killing the resistant insects.

Tests, however, have concluded that further modified Bt toxin crop provided ‘little or no advantage’ in tackling the insects, despite extensive time and funding put into the research. It seems that Monsanto’s solution to everything is to further modify it into oblivion, even in the face of evidence proving this method to be highly inefficient. The research shows that this will undoubtedly lead to insects that are resistant to the most potent forms of Bt and other modified toxins, resulting in the use of even more excessive amounts of pesticides in order to combat pests.

Superweeds Infesting Over 120 Million Hectacres of Farmland

Thanks to Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide Roundup, farms across the world are experiencing the emergence of herbicide-resistant superweeds. The heavily resistant weeds have an immunity to glyphosate, an herbicide that Roundup contains. These resistant weeds currently cover over 4.5 million hectares in the United States alone, though experts estimate the world-wide land coverage to have reached at least 120 million hectares by 2010. The appearance of these superweeds is being increasingly documented in Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Europe and South Africa.

Of course, once again, the resistant weeds are so resistant to roundup that they require excessive amounts of herbicides. It is no surprise that the company is refusing to accept responsibility for the escalating cost of combating the weeds, stating that “Roundup agricultural warranties will not cover the failure to control glyphosate resistant weed populations.”

The World Says No to Monsanto

France, Hungary, and Peru are a few of the countries that have decided to take a stand against Monsanto. Hungary actually went as far as to destroy 1000 acres of maize found to have been grown with genetically modified seeds, according to Hungary deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development Lajos Bognar.  Peru has also taken a stand for health freedom, passing a monumental 10 year ban on genetically modified foods. Amazingly, Peru’s Plenary Session of the Congress made the decision despite previous governmental pushes for GM legalization. The known and unknown dangers of GMO crops seem to supersede even executive-level governmental directives.

Anibal Huerta, President of Peru’s Agrarian Commission, said the ban was needed to prevent the ”danger that can arise from the use of biotechnology.”

France is the latest nation to say no to Monsanto’s GM corn maize, even in light of an overturned ban. It all began when France’s State Council overturned the ban on Monsanto’s GMO maize stating that it was not sufficiently justified. The organization then attempted to justify its decision by saying that the government did not give enough evidence to justify a ban. Under law, an EU country can only unilaterally ban a genetically modified strain if it can scientifically prove it is a risk to the health of humans, animals, or the integrity of the environment.

Even after the ban was overturned, it surfaced that French legislatures were planning to launch new restrictions regarding the use of Monsanto’s 810 maize on French soil. Even Nicolas Sarkozy, the current president of the French Republic, voiced his opposition to Monsanto’s GMO maize:

“The French government keeps and will keep its opposition against the cultivation of the Monsanto 810 maize on our soil,” Sarkozy said.

Worst Company of 2011

In nominating Monsanto the Worst Company of 2011 we are hoping to raise awareness over the threat that Monsanto poses to human health and the environment. Genetically modified organisms will only continue to threaten all living creatures if not stopped. It is through spreading the word that real change will come about, and declaring Monsanto the Worst Company of 2011 is a great way to highlight all of their reckless actions.

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  • paco

    i smoked some loud ass kushh and i just have to say this is a greaaaaattttttt website lmao x)

  • Green Juice

    If its not organic I wont eat it…because of all the pesticides and companies like Monsanto. I grow my own heirloom organic foods and shop at my local farmers market. Support local farmers over big corp, there foods are truly superior

    • Green Juice Recipes

      Looking to take your health to extraordinary levels check out —>

  • Angel Campbell

    Organic or nothing!!!

  • Martin Matej

    I hope all GMO will be stopped and we will go back to farming naturally ;)

  • rick

    I think this GMO Conspiracy is all very sad.. especially for me because I had some very unpleasant health issues starting from 1999 thru 2011 as a result of consuming gmo soy. I had No Idea what the government and Monsanto had done to the poor soy seeds, so I ate plenty of pad thai noodles with tofu at Thai restaurants, soy burgers and soy cheese pizzas at vegan restaurants and suffered from stomach aches and skin problems. I saw a few doctors regarding my stomach pain, and they just said it was stress and wanted me to take their medications, of course. I have only in the past 6 months discovered what is really going on with gmo soy, corn and canola! Yes, i am kind of upset. I suppose I should be grateful to facebook and Mike Adams from Natural news for informing me about all this gmo shenanigans. I recently watched the film "the future of food" and got even more upset. On a bright note, I have been keeping away from gmo's these past 6 months and dropped a good 30 pounds and my complexion is now very clear hallalujah! I feel bad for other people who are suffering as a result of ingesting these gmo's… I try to tell people what I have learned about gmo's, thou most don't seem to care. My housemate and co workers think I am being a silly alarmist. Oh well, I'm just glad my health has improved and I look so much better since learning the truth.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for sharing Rick

    • dobermommie

      well in defense of Monsanto, I seriously doubt that anybody there speaks or understands the English language. ya think ???

    • Heather

      Look at and then click on articles. They have tons of info on soy.

  • Sarah W.


    I bet that's not your real name.GMOs can be any living thing whose GENEtic material has been altered.

    P.S. Get a life. It seems like all you do is sit on your ass to reply to all these people who know that GMOs are horrific (which they are).

    P.S.S. Responding to my post will only make you seem stupider so I'll appreciate it if you do. ;)

    • ralph bellamy

      Let me respond for him, Sarah – and I am NOT Rick.

      You appear to be someone who is so socially deprived that you need to fulfill your needs for social interaction and conflict by picking meaningless fights with people who are posting vital health information on the internet as a free public service and act of good will. As usual, it is people who say "Get a life" who are the ones who actually need to do it. I find nothing in Rick's postings which make him "seem stupid", but I can honestly say that your posting has that effect in regards to YOU.

      Get a life, Sarah, and have a good day!

  • TerryFor

    For Gene, and all the others who think GMOs are so good.

    Ever been to monsanto's cafeteria? you know, where all the GMO scientists eat every day…

    well i have, and they have ALL organic NON-GMO food.

    the elites NEVER eat GMO… that tells me all i need to know.

    keep eating your GMO…. yup yup

    • Gene Modder

      Yea – right. And I have been to parties with the Union for Concerned Scientists, the hosts of the GM watch website, and the organic growers society of America and was shocked to see them laughing about fooling you bunch of organic saps, relishing all the money they are making off of your ignorance, and making up new scare stories to put your panties in a bunch. Not to mention that all the while they were downing shots of roundup and vodka and eating GMO bread dipped in fondue pots of cloned foreign DNA (you might appreciate this more if you were aware that concentrated DNA would be very viscous – I point this out because I doubt any of you know anything about DNA).

      • Jacob

        How would you know? GMOs aren't labeled. And don't say "they told you" because it is obvious that "someone told you" you were "smart".

        Just saying…

  • JMarra

    I don't need Gene's worthless Ph.D. to know that humans can't fuck with natural systems that have taken millennia to develop symbiotically and expect the results to be all doubleplusgood with zero unintended results. And no, you brain-damaged Monsanto suckers, GMO is NOT the same as plant husbandry. I know you try to plaster that all over the sites, sometimes many times on a comments board, but you'd have TO BE AS STUPID AS OUR BUDDY GENE HERE to believe it. But hey, cue up your derision, Gene, if that makes your worm wiggle a teeny bit. Probably all those Monsanto chemicals you play with made it pretty much worthless. Too bad for you.

    • Gene Modder

      Yes, JMarra, flaunt your ignorance and be proud of it. Why study objective reality when we can just make up stuff. Afterall it's so inconvienient when objective reality contradicts our faith based beliefs. And it's not like an embrace of science led to civilization as we know it, is it. I'm sure you would rather be grunting your message from a tree top, wouldnt you. It would probably make more sense.

      As Curly says, what a bunch of maroons.

      • Dennys Restaurant

        Hi, Troll. Be gone. Come back when you have something worth saying. Guess we won't be seein' ya, will we?

        • Elle

          Sometimes those who troll raise interesting questions. For example… when one goes through the school system and gets a Ph.D, they are taught by professors whose research and institutions are largely funded by mega-corporations who wield influence over what is taught.

          Ask a child which is better:

          1. Planting variations of seeds that reproduce naturally, thus being free, picking the strongest and most resistant to pests and diseases for next year's crops.

          2. Planting mono-crops whose seeds cannot reproduce and must be planted with highly toxic chemicals and pesticides owned by a single conglomerate whom you must pay annually.

          A child will likely answer one way. A Ph.D taught by corporate funded institutions will likely answer another way.

          Which is your answer?

          • Elle

            A child will likely answer one way. A Ph.D taught by corporate funded institutions may likely answer another way.

            • Gene Modder

              I see the ignorance quotient continues to pile up here. Very good for an occasional laugh. Yes, if only children were responsible for the worlds agriculture………spinach would be sustainable and taste like Oreos.

              Have stupid people ask questions and get stupid questions.

              For the life of me I can't understand what drives people like all of you to have such heartfelt beliefs based on nonsense and ignorance. But my lot is not to understand – it is to tell you that you are all ignorant and insane. You really should be embarrassed by your ignorance, not proud of it.

              Please post a few more insane rantings so I can get a good laugh the next time I stop by.

              • jen

                Yours Is Not To Understand? Sure, Just Ignore Facts & Spout Childish Name-Calling. You Work For GMO Company Eh?

    • Ferrari Jackson

      How do you know Mr. or Ms. Gene Modifier really has a Ph.D? I doubt it. No Ph.D who ever did a dissertation worth salt would troll this page.

      But i do hear you can buy a Ph.D cheap for $10 online. Maybe that's what our fatbelly troll is talking about.

  • JMarra

    Hey, Gene boy, how much are you getting paid from some cat's-paw PR corp to swarm the anti-Monsanto sites and articles and post your "GMO and Monsanto are doubleplusgood" comments?

    • Anonymous

      Nothing, next question.

  • John

    This article did not even mention the new breed of sheep that they came out with recently, that is 10 percent human. Anybody want some sheep meat for dinner real bhaaaaad.

  • maria

    Monsanto is the worst company EVER. Poisoning the world for over 100 years. IT's time to close its doors before they destroy everything.

    • Sylvia

      Revoke their incorporation. Now.

  • Gene Modder

    I didn't know there were so many retards in the world. Given your collective low IQ, it is amazing you folks can even read a web page. Perhaps you should all take some remedial science courses – in about 10 years you might be competent enough to craft a semi-scientifically literate sentence.

    • debunker

      What is your point? What is your background? What is your IQ? What leads you to believe that you have anything to say? Judge by your comment alone, you seem like a complete moron.

      • Gene Modder

        My Point: this site is full of ridiculous nonsense

        My Background: PhD in Biochemistry, 25 yrs working experience in biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology

        My IQ: not sure, but I would wager higher than all of the stupid posters on this site. But that is irrelevant. Even with your lower IQs, presumably you have enough intelligence to inform yourself on topics, you just choose not to.

        Why I have something to say: I actually know something about the topics I comment on, unlike the readers of this site

        Logical fallacy: I don't waste my time with the organic, anti-GMO, anti-Monsanto crowd for the same reason I don't waste my time with flat-earthers, creationists, etc. The mere act of "discussing" would give some level of credibility to your "arguments". Since your "arguments" are not credible, anti-scientific, and full of inaccuracies I believe ridicule is the proper route.

        • Caleb

          Ha! I love the angry Biochemistry nerd who felt compelled to join a "discussion" to "discuss" with everyone the many ways in which he is way too smart to “discuss” anything with us regular half-wits (I'm going to assume the writer is male since females tend to make more compelling "arguments", many of which include "facts", sorry if I'm mistaken). It gets even more entertaining when he wagers that his IQ is higher than the rest of the "stupid posters", while noting that this is an irrelevant fact/fiction. The writer then really caps it all off by invoking the ever-present logical fallacy, although I'm not entirely familiar with the fallacy of "I don't waste my time". Am I the only one laughing about this clown? Anyone else find it laugh-out-loud hilarious that this person just committed multiple logical fallacies while wasting the time that he swore he doesn't waste by posting completely irrelevant facts about himself in a "discussion" that he is definitely NOT having with us…ANYONE? HAHA!!! This is awesome! You are too much Gene. But since we're making shit up…

          LOGICAL FALLACY: Doing all the things you just claimed you wouldn't do while simultaneously sounding like a complete prick and making me wonder how many cocks you had to suck before they let you have a "PhD". (AHAHAHAAHAHHA! You're killin' me Gene!)

          HAHA! That's just priceless right there. If I hadn't gone to college with so many angry nerds just like this one, I might find this odd. However, I did go to school with angry nerds just like this one and most of them are about as well-versed in communicating their thoughts in writing as my buddy Gene here. Thanks Gene! Who better to give lectures on the nuances of the written English language than a science nerd?!? HAHAHA! Really great stuff right there!

          Now let me ask you, do they ever let you out to play in the sun, Gene, or do they keep you locked in the lab all day? Well, if you get a chance to get outside, maybe you could do something crazy like, say, volunteer to be a test subject for experimental GMOs, just to reassure us stupid people that it's 100% safe. I know that would completely assuage most of my concerns. The rest of the weight of my trouble will be eased off my shoulders when you feed that shit to your kids from the second they are born until the moment we decide a sufficiently long test period has been allowed, and conclusions can be made. Then we can play a fun game called "How long will your kids live?" It's a real blast for the whole family, providing entertainment for us, and a fun new science experiment for you! That's what I call a win-win. Actually shit, you also get the experience of concurrently teaching your kids about some "topics" you "know" about. That, my friend, is a win-win-win! HAHAH.

          Or maybe we could skip all that and you could just enlighten us all with some amazing "fact" that you "know" that proves your point (even though we all understand that you are not having this "discussion" with us). Surely it couldn't be that hard for someone with a PhD to present a "fact" to help illustrate a "point", right? Oh Shit!…I almost forgot!!…You didn't make a fucking point!!! Well played, sir!

          LOGICAL FALLACY: Telling people "Why you have something to say" in a "discussion" that you are "allegedly" too smart to participate in.

          You may in fact know "something" about the "topics" you comment on, the problem is, you haven't commented on any fucking topics here, except for how stupid everyone else is and how smart you are. And I can't help but feel like that makes YOU the "retard". But I'd personally like to thank you, from all of the "retards" out there, for teaching us the delicate art of crafting such "semi-scientifically literate sentences" as "I didn’t know there were so many retards in the world". That was my favorite gem out of the whole litany of "semi-scientifically literate sentences" we were presented with for case study. FYI, using hyphens does not qualify you as "semi-scientific", but placing phrases in quotation marks and using them condescendingly may qualify you as a "semi-douche". Being a scientist however, I have not yet ruled out the possibility that this may in fact qualify you to be a "complete douche". Maybe you would have better luck trying sciency things like, "hypotheses", "facts", "conclusions", or some combination of those elements. Personal attacks are so…5th grade? 3rd grade? Newt Gingrich? Pathetic? Hilarious to hear from a 25-year "alleged" "PhD" recipient? That's irrelevant though really, those are just my silly "retard" thoughts. I'm sure they don't cover that stuff at PhD school. Gene, I now believe you may be the sole reason that engineering firms hire separate people to handle customer relations and leave the engineers out of sight in the back of the building.

          And real quick, since we're having fun making broad generalizations about people, it is no secret that all engineers and scientists are socially awkward, introverted, insecure, cowardly little weirdos that can't write to save their own lives and require extra sets of arms to help punch their way out of wet paper bags (OOOH, that felt kinda good Gene, I totally see how name-calling makes you feel better about your close-minded little nerd existence) HAHAHA. Sorry, sorry…I digress.

          Alright, I promise I'm almost done puking my fucking guts out laughing (sooo close)…

          Here's my suggestion Gene (and bear in mind, I'm still just a "retard"): take a little time off, relax a little bit, refill your medication(s), breath, laugh, talk to a person, talk to two people (get crazy), spend some time with your friends (assuming you have any), maybe try getting yourself a little pussy (I know, talking to girls is scary, but you're smart, you'll get the hang of it), go outside, …and GET A FUCKING LIFE! A life is a great thing to have. I know the concept of "a life" is something completely foreign to most angry nerds who suffer from pent up sexual frustration with a side of small dick insecurity and a touch of "mom pays for everything" snobbishness, but a lot of us "retards" have been doing it for years now, and it's fantastic.

          AHHHH! This has been fun and informative. But Gene, to be fair, I always give praise where praise is due. I haven't ever read some ridiculously over-the-top stupid shit from a supposedly smart person like that in my entire life, and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my "retard" heart. I only wish there were more of you so I could stay constantly entertained every night.

          Oh! Gotta run Gene! I gotta go live that life thing I was telling you about earlier! If you get too lonely up there on your cross, let me know and I will come keep you company!

          P.S. If you are a woman (yikes!), Gene, I apologize again. Just replace all the hes with shes, hims with hers, dicks with pussies, and vice-versa. You're smart, you'll figure it out!

          And if anyone found this offensive in any way, and missed the humorous parts —> WOMP! WOMP!! :`( There's my sad face shedding a tear for you. Lighten up. Get over it. Laugh more.


          • Gene Modder

            Caleb, I see being confronted with the fact that you are not taken seriously really bothers you. It appears to have triggered a temper tantrum in your small brain. But this is good – all of you people need to look in the mirror and realize you sound like a bunch of ignorant inbreds. Before reverting back to ridicule, I will engage you seriously for a moment in the slim hope I can reach at least one person who reads this crap. I am going to guess that most of you are concerned about climate change and that you are happy to wrap yourselves in the flag of science on this issue. You probably ridicule climate skeptics and possibly point out the often heard fact that 97% of working climate scientists believe the earth is warming and that this is due at least in part to human activity, and therefore anyone who doubts this is a deranged luddite. We would share common ground on this issue. Well here is something else you should know: we know a lot more about GMOs than about climate. I would confidently estimate that 99.99% of working plant biologists (most of who would be at Universities) support agricultural biotechnology and believe it is safe, needed, and poses no inherent dangers. They would also characterize the vast majority of anti-GMO propaganda as nonsense. You people need to look in the mirror – you may be one step above a creationist, but you are several steps below a climate skeptic. I refuse to engage in discussions about lies and misinformation. For example, here are a few random things from the comments on this article:

            -This article did not even mention the new breed of sheep that they came out with recently, that is 10 percent human. 

            -Monsanto is the worst company EVER. Poisoning the world for over 100 years

            -if you can not pronounce it, you can not eat it

            -Former Monsanto vice president Michael Taylor may be responsible for more food-related illness and death than anyone in history

            -Let the soil bacterias peacefully rest in soil and come do something better, then play for a GODS with the cells a chromozoms.

            -Ever hear of CCD? Many insects ARE extinct or are going extinct because of systemic pesticides.

            -Has anyone mentioned that this explains the fact the bees are disappearing

            -What this article doesnt mention is that Monsanto owns Whole Foods

            MonSanto (“My Satan” in Spanish)

            There is nothing to discuss. These are rantings of morons. Wake up and smell the cheese. I have nothing but disdain for people like you who lie and attack an industry I believe in. Get it through your heads – when you spout this nonsense people like me put you in the same category as creationists. Fools happy to wallow in their own ignorance.

            • andy

              Gene, it's YOU who nobody takes seriously on this thread. Caleb's post was awesome. You really love shooting yourself in the foot. I'd so love to see your PEEhDEE, lololololololol

            • Ruth

              Gene Moldder,

              You seem to think that you are superior to the whole of the rest of the human race!, SURPRISE! YOU ARE NOT!!

              You specialize in insulting anyone & everyone who dosen`t agree with you, resorting to calling them `retards` & `morons`, (I doubt that you even know the origin of these insulting terms, & if you do, more shame on you for using them, but then maybe you also really believe `that all the Jews went to America, & that there was no HOLOCUSLT) If you`d been born in Germany,& were an adult during the Nazi regime & there was money to be made for you personally, I have little trouble in believing that you`d have been experimenting on the Jewish people, & other `undesirables`, like those diagnosed as `morons` etc.

              You don`t deserve my wasting anymore of my time on you, but just one question, exactly how much are YOU PERSONALLY PAID? (incidentally at such a time as all your fellow `moronic` Americans are suffering so much economically)

              At least you can`t be the `Anti-Christ`, you come across as far too unlikable!!

              You probably don`t have children either, or at least not, I hope, because this world does NOT belong to YOU, we borrow it from our children, & have a moral duty to LOOK AFTER IT!! So that its in A FIT STATE FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS.

            • C

              Gene–totally agree with you. These people are morons.

          • genemodder's ar

            Caleb, i couldn't have said it better myself …

          • Anonymous

            Um Caleb I love you. Don't waste your time with people who were told what their opinions should be instead of truly doing research and having their own.

        • Sylvia

          Hope you're being paid for flaming this opinion list. Revoke Monsanto's incorporation. It can be done. We'll get them, just wait.

        • Ferrari Jackson

          It's interesting when one uses invective and name calling. What's interesting is all tht invective and name calling generally applies mostly to the individual who's doing it.

          Folks do this because they simply can't or won't come up with well thought out arguments to support their positions. It's much easier and safer to spew nasties. Like blowing a nose, puking one's guts, shootin' brown from their arse. It would be so easy to just spew tripe out at anyone I disagree with, call them foul names, try and demean them as much as possible.

          Times are changing. These weak moves no longer carry much weight. They only show the speaker to be poorly spoken and pretty much irrelevant.

        • TLC


          Do you have any explanation as to why the GMO modified field pea might cause allergic response in animals and either:

          1-no other GMO developed would

          2-other animals but NOT HUMANS would be affected?


          I bet your 20 yrs in biochemistry will come in handy with your response.

          If you cannot provide me with an educated response, please do not even bother. I don't give a hoot if you call me stupid, uneducated or whatever. I am merely posting this study so that I can arm the other people here with facts.

          Other people, please bookmark and also save to your hard drive. This gem turned me from one of these pro gene modifying people, to someone who believes in organics.

    • LandLubber

      Logical fallacy: Appeal to ridicule. Instead the "Gene-Modder" explaining how permanantly altering the biosphere is perfectly safe, they just call you stupid for having concern. You might not be a scientist and therefore should not have opinion. Science is never dangerous. There is no need for clinical trials of biopesticides. High altitude aerosols are good for you.

    • Chris

      Hi Gene,

      Rather than spewing your arrogance, Why don't you provide us some hard facts, on why this article is wrong.

      If you can't provide any logical reasoning, how are we all to know your intelligent, and not like the masses that you condemn?

      Half of the people on internet have a PhD when it serves them.

      You've put yourself on the line, now prove it. I want to hear your great arguments, and get a glimps of your godlike biochemistry knowledge.

      Enlighten we peasants, oh great Gene Modder!

    • andy

      Retards? Wow, so you're a Youtube troll to boot. Must feel good to troll here and not get one single positive reply. You are an idiot and a failure

  • monica

    omg this is not good …Monsanto sucks

    • monica

      i meant this is good that they are bringing attention to how rotten they are ..all about the money …

  • Hirsty

    If you can not pronounce it, you can not eat it……… this is how I have to feed my children as we have food allergies and all the GM make it even harder for us to eat….. talk of crossing rice and wheat to ensure better crops and yields is scaring the living daylights out of people who have wheat allergies…. what do they eat then….. Do we really need to do all of these modifications or are we just being way to clever for our own good…. learnt how to GM and now we have to apply it to everything…. Don't we need to re think our whole approach to how we eat and what we eat to ensure a healthier life for us and our future generations……. By the way have we nit learnt anything from our previous mistakes in the scientific field of bugs and crops… In Australia we have lovely weeds and things like Cane toads introduced by scientists to make our lives better………. Scary what is done in the make of science………

  • Len Aldis

    I only have to see the name Monsantoi and the danger signals start flying, in this case I'm pleased that it has again been named the worst company of 2011, however, I would say worst company ever and extremely dangerous due to its products GMO seeds and the power it holds over many governments, including the US, where some former! employees hold important posts.

    But for am and many millions Monsanto is a company that should be on trial for manuafacturing Agent Orange used with devastating effect on Vietnam. If proof is needed, ask the four million Vietnam suffering today from its effect, ask the US Veterans and Australian, New Zealand and South Korean who served in Vietnam and also became afected as have their offspring. For the Vietnamese it has reached into the fourth generation.

    But, anyone who wants to get a message to Monsanto's Chairman and its board members, get along to St Louis on 24th January where Monsanto will hold its annual general meeting.

    For more information, click on:

    • John

      Monsanto is probably not much worst than big pharma when it comes to killing people, and the two working together are six times as effective.

  • Toby

    The fall of Monsanto is what I live for. They stand for everything that is wrong in this world.

  • bestrader

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  • Anonymous

    Super-weeds? Resistant insects? GMO crops?

    Get ready for the coming famine. Just saying…

  • Happy Bacteria

    Monsanto's director of corporate communications expressed it "Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech foods. Our interest is in selling…Assuring its safety is the FDA's job."

    NIce dodge.

    • b_dub_s

      The reason why Monsanto can say that is because they have their own representatives working with the FDA. They don't have to be the least bit worried.

    • Steven

      Former Monsanto vice president Michael Taylor may be responsible for more food-related illness and death than anyone in history. Yet he has recently been appointed by Obama to be the U.S. food safety czar.

      • Vegas-(mid-cont)yea

        What about Donald Rumsfield?

        • Vegas-(mid-cont)yea

          Read the info on old Donald—then you will know a few things. As an FDA employee for 6 months he put Aspartame back on food shelves–unilateraly

          • Vegas-(mid-cont)yea

            after leaving Monsanto–after they took it off the market–knowing what he would do 6 months later

            • Vegas-(mid-cont)yea

              can't sue the feds

  • Martin

    We CAN NOT know the all hazards, that WILL occure (not could) by our stupid game with cells. Let the soil bacterias peacefully rest in soil and come do something better, then play for a GODS with the cells a chromozoms. Please, stay homo SAPIENS.


    Be realistic. Don't you know the simple fact that pesticide consumption dropped significantly ever since bt crops were introduced.Don't you know that bt is a soil based bacteria which co exists with other organisms in the soil?If it is really harmful to other organisms they should have been extinct by now.If atall you want to make some allegation use your common sense.

    • Najma Sadeque

      What nonsense. Reports from all over show pesticide use consistently rising. Bt is indeed a soil organism, but it wasn't meant to be forcibly introduced as to poison the entire plant. You need to use your own common sense. NS

    • babygirl

      how much is Monsanto paying you?

      • Anonymous

        How much you got from pesticide indusries?

    • Anonymous

      Someone goes a trolling. Either your getting paid well or you have become a programmed parrot.

    • Emily Copeland

      Ever hear of CCD? Many insects ARE extinct or are going extinct because of systemic pesticides. Sorry you haven't been paying attention.

    • TLC

    Don't you guys realise the fact that, pesticides usage has droped significantly ever since the bt crops introduced! Why can't you be impartial in your judgement.

    • bob

      You said almost the exact same thing as RAVICHANDRAN. Are you two sleeping together?

  • shano

    After showing them photos of damaged organs from lab rats fed GMOs,

    skin rashes from farm workers picking GM cotton, and dead livestock that had grazed on the cotton plants;

    when they saw rodent studies showing a 5-fold increase in infant mortality, smaller babies, sterile babies, and severe immune responses;

    when they realized that genes inserted into GM crops can transfer into the DNA of bacteria inside our intestines and possibly continue to function,

    and that the poisonous insecticide engineered into Monsanto's corn is found in the blood of pregnant women and unborn fetuses;

    when they learned how industry rigs their research to hide dangers and attacks independent scientists and their studies;

    when they discovered that FDA scientists had repeatedly warned of serious harm from GMOs, but the political appointee in charge―Monsanto's former attorney―allowed GM foods on the market without any required safety tests;

    and when they discovered that the same doctors' organization that first identified Gulf War syndrome, chemical sensitivities, and food allergies, now urges physicians to prescribe non-GMO diets to everyone;

    I asked the audience to rate themselves how vigilant they would be next week to avoid GMOs.

    80 to 100% said they would avoid GMOs in their food.

    • babygirl

      Has anyone mentioned that this explains the fact the bees are disappearing…no bees, no pollination, no crops, no food!

  • T BAGG

    Monsanto ain't yer friend, friend.

  • Chad

    Organic Pesticides are equally as terrifying and harmful. Finding loopholes to poison foods and still put the "organic" sticker on foods because that has cut into your bottom line is not/was not the purpose of this movement.

    Buy local! support your local farmer. know where your food comes from.

    • Amitabh Patra

      Organic pesticides – like neem oil in India, is a medicine; it helps kill the bad stuff, and good for human and animal health, but harmful pests do get cleaned by the same.

      If you do not know which one to use at what place, then you should learn first hand, and then implement.

  • Tan

    Monsanto is owned by the rockerfeller family. They are Eugenists so this kind of makes sense.

  • Chris

    What this article doesnt mention is that Monsanto owns Whole Foods & have been lobbying to change the definition of "Organic". Also stated that people dont want organic foods. Monsanto is also responible for Agent Orange used in Vietnam which continues to poison the earth in that area. Type in Monsanto with just about any countrys name after it in google to see how many places they have pushed thier GMO crap on farmers & governments. They want to kill us for profits. It is a purely evil company.

    • paul

      Do your homework. Monsanto does not own Whole Foods. You can research on Wikipedia.

    • Chuck

      Fully agree brother. The sad fact is that the term 'organic' is really the way humans have produced food for tens of thousands of years, until the chemical industry boom that came out of WW2. I suggest ALL Of You watch the film "FOOD, INC." The evil that men do…you will never look at food in the U/S. the same

  • Lynn

    MonSanto ("My Satan" in Spanish)along with BP and the military industrial complex using HAARP technology to scew with our weather and purposely allowing toxic radiation to continue to pour into the Pacific (Fukushima) will be the direct culprit for the worldwide famine and misery that is prophesied in the Book of Revelations.. It's coming folks, you can "bank" on it. (pun intended)

    • Oliver

      Not that I'm disagreeing with you, but Santo means Saint.

  • Anonymous

    This company has always made me sad. There are very few of us who understand genetic engineering and this is also a relatively new science. I think producing genetically engineered seeds for consumption is irresponsible. Because its a new science it could have detrimental impact upon the environment, the wildlife, the animals and the people. If we knew more publically about how the crops were genetically engineered. How was it done. What kind of gene manipulation was done. Their thought process. Their purpose. How the seeds are being created. etc. And a panel of certified scientists overviewing their product to make sure we, the environment, wildlife and the people are safe. I do not think this company or its regulators are acting in the best interest of the people.

    • Vic

      I agree with Anonymous re: motives for implementing GMO. I learned how to do some of this tech in college, but when I first heard that the corn seeds were sterile, I saw a whole other, sinister, market-cornering warfare aspect that lost all the science. My main concern when I first heard people calling GMOs frankenfoods was that they would cause problems for people with specific food allergies (peanut gene in tomato, etc…). Now, I'm glad I never inadvertently ended up in the recombinant biotech industry. Further, I'm convince that the rise in "gluten" allergies are due instead to Bt DNA recombining in our gut with our gut bacterias. Or some sort of plasmid vector shit. I don't know enough to know what's possible, though. I quit before I finished those studies. More people I know seem to have had to have spleens or gall bladders out recently. Mice with organ damage anyone? These aren't wacko scenarios of scared people who don't know the tech. They are very real possibilities. I hope some r&d fold who aren't in market-addict biotech's pocket will step up and do the research.

  • Greenmoon

    Obama is appointing them into big gov't positions this year. Bastards ARE the 1% !!!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent website, campaign, and information!

  • Jason Tweed

    My biggest problem with Monsanto isn't their genetically modified crops, is the stranglehold they hold on farmers. It's illegal for farmers to clean their own seeds because of Monsanto. Farmers who use Monsanto seeds can't harvest new seeds from their own crops, because Monsanto stakes claim to the patents inside the DNA of the seed.

    The reason they control a huge segment of the market is that once a farmer uses their seed, the genetic material gets into the soil. Even if the farmer buys seeds elsewhere, some Monsanto seed may still grow, and Monsanto has been known to force farmers to plow their crops or pay retroactively for the seed.

    Even if a farmer never bought their seed, seed spores from neighboring farms can be carried by the wind.

    Monsanto is a monopoly because of their strict enforcement of patent laws. Furthermore, they slightly modify their seed every year, not to make it more robust, but so they can reapply the patent.

    • Anonymous

      Bleepin bullshit!!!

    • Anonymous

      So many errors in your post I don't even know where to begin.

      Monsanto is not a monopoly. There are many other varieties of seeds farmers can buy.

      Seeds blowing from one field to another is very rare.

      The seeds monsanto develops cost large amounts of money to research. How would you like it if someone stole all your hard work?

      I'm not a big fan of GMO crops either, but at least get your facts straight before trying to join the discussion

      • Anonymous

        True, seeds blowing from one field to another is rare. But seeds being intentionally blown from one field to another by Monsanto goons so that the company can sue the crap out of farmers who do not work with them is totally commonplace. I guess they need the money they squeeze out of local farmers to pay for their "research." Monsanto is not a monopoly, true–they're more like a mafia.

        • Tannim kryaxx

          Pollen can be blown for miles and miles and infect perfectly good crops with GMO genes

        • Vic

          Respectfully, I do think Monsanto's end intention is to become a seed monopoly. True, They are not officially a monopoly now, but it's what they want. Otherwise why the sterile seeds _and_ the sneaky legal tactics? The act of suing a farmer for seeds they didnt' buy is bad enough, but the fact they won in court? That's what's worse. Right now it seems there is no policing _government_ agency willing to go against Monsanto in the U.S. (Yay Perú)Thankfully, all over the world, people are wising/rising up. Too late for some, though. Ask Vandana Shiva about basmati rice farmers in India. But also, Vandana has a type of seed savers organization to counteract the lunacy.

      • Amitabh Patra

        you may not be a big fan of gmo, but will you feed your family with gmo food ?

    • M

      The patent should only protect the selling of the seed itself.

      The seeds which grow from the plant are a result of the originally purchased seeds.

  • Anonymous

    Great article, down with Monsanto!

  • Nick

    wait.. everyone here knows that Bt is an organic pesticide right?

    • Roy

      Wait… you eat that organic pesticide right? You spray it on your kids cheerios before they eat them? When the DNS of the crop "grows" BT into the plant… where does it grow it? only on the skin of leaves? On the roots? ONLY on the skin of the fruit? or is BT all over and inside the plant–which would mean you can was that corn all you want… you are going to eat some BT with every munch of corn on the cob. More than enough to let farmers not spray anymore… because that's the point. Farmer doesn't spray, cause it is IN the crop.


      • Anonymous

        Arsenic and cyanide are 100% natural … but not really too good for you. Just because bt is not "natural" doesn't mean it's bad. Just because it harms insects doesn't mean it necessarily harms people. Just because rodent organs were harmed in studies using these crops, doesn't mean we'll ever in a lifetime consume similar concentrations of herbicide to cause any harm. One has to put this information into perspective and exercise common sense. The benefits of GMO products may indeed outweigh any perceived risk. Why are people so afraid of it? Is it just the idea of manipulating "nature?"

        • Andyw


          No, it's not just the idea of manuipulating nature, but that is one aspect I do find bloody terrifying!!

          Playing god, with a giant outdoor experimient which, if it does go wrong could upset our whole eco-system, or make vast swathes of the population sick, or deform babies or anything. The risks are unknown.

          Your attitude of 'suck it and see' I find apalling. Would you have willingly tried eating Arsenic when it was first discovered, because 'it may kill other animals but not necessarily humans'?! You can be the guinea pig bro, but I aint buying it…

        • Simon

          While Arsenic and cyanide are "natural" they both come in different forms and all are extremely poisonous but some forms are more readily absorbed after ingestion than others.

          In the case of Bt in GMOs this pesticide is definitely a poison to any animals that consume it including humans. You can rest assured that if something kills bugs it will certainly be detrimantal to the health of ANY life form further up the food chain and in fact humans are ingesting MASSIVE amounts of Bt in every mouthful.

          Have a think about how many bugs would 1 GMO Bt corn cob kill if it was totally consumed by insects, 100, 1000? And you are happy to consume that corn cob full well knowing it has the potential within it to kill so many insects? And then keep eating more GMO Bt cobs day after day…..

          • Anonymous

            It is entirely false to claim that something that is toxic to insects must also be toxic to humans. You need to understand biochemistry before you make such a claim. That is simply not true.

            Antibiotics are toxic to bacteria but safe for humans to consume, selectively killing pathogens that infect us.

            This is because of differences in our enzymes, which in turn affects how we metabolize any given compound. Whether or not the compound comes from a "natural" source such as a so-called organic pesticide, or whether it is from a genetically modified plant makes absolutely no difference. The real issue is whether or not eating it harms us. Its origin is not the point.

            • shano

              Bt is toxic to the bacteria that live in our gut. We all have 6 pounds or so of beneficial bacteria in our digestive system, these GMO plants alter that bacterial flora.

              Some doctors think this plays a role in the autism epidemic. As well as all the auto immune diseases that are epidemic in US populations.

            • Chuck

              Are you serious?? Antibiotics certainly have saved humans in the past, but now, they are losing all worth based on the development of super bugs like MRSA, Necrotising Faciitis, etc. Of which I have had both, been on Vancomycin 6 times, ruined my hearing, etc. All medical evidence now is that total resistance to all antibiotics is around the corner. Over prescription of them, especially by pediatricians, has brought this about. Just because something worked for a time doesn't make it good for human health in the long run. Most holistic doctors will prove that even using antibiotic soap is bad for human health today. The human body is an amzing machine in it's own way to heal itself. Adding pesticides and GMO's and antibiotics and a host of other man made chemicals have only weakened humans. Don't pretend to know what you are talking about until you have done real research and found the truth. What you expouse is all the party line of corporate profits.

            • TJ

              BT stands for Bacillus thuringus. It was developed by the Israel defense complex. I have used it for many years. It is a bacteria. It says right on the package to use gloves and treat it as a toxic substance. To not put it into the water supply. Seems like crops have survived for thousands of years without monsantos help. WHY would we need it now. GENE MODDER IS A TOOL. Why don't you break down the specifics of genetically modifying pants to us Gene? Is it because you are really a clown that you do not. Isn't it funny how morons like Gene will talk smack here but in person they are mostly ALL little cowards? Gene I wish I knew you, I could show you some REAL lowbrow behavior. Anyway moron we are all waiting for your pea brain to enlighten us with your wealth of knowledge. Please don't say you don't want to waste your time with us, YOU are lucky I do not charge you for mine.

            • eternal seed

              Anonymous, Have a glass of Roundup and go to bed. You will then gain true anonymity.

        • shano

          No. the Rat studies on GMOs show effects not only in the first generation fed these plants, but even worse effects in subsequent generations- ie- infertility, organ damage, inability to carry offspring to term, etc.

          A study at Purdue University showed that cattle fed GMO wheat had a 50% abortion rate. Ever wonder why the US has so many fertility clinics these days?

          • Andy

            Again, let's be clear: you cannot directly compare rodent studies to human beings. Typically, studies of toxicity using rodents use concentrations that are orders of magnitude greater than humans would ever be exposed to.

            It is ridiculous to state that Bt in the quantities that we ingest could have any effect whatsoever on our gut bacteria. Even if a human were to ingest a far greater concentration than we ever do in actual practice, you have to take into account that few substances remain intact by the time they make it to our gut flora, which live only in the large colon, downstream from all the digestive enzymes and breakdown processes of the stomach and small intestine. How can anyone possibly say this substance kills gut flora in real life? That's what's referred to as "in vivo" as opposed to "in vitro" which is a lab environment.

            Furthermore, it is completely irresponsible to say that GMO crops are implicated in infertility or autism. Both of these conditions that have been more readily or formally diagnosed and treated in recent decades are not caused by our environment. Neither is caused by what we eat, nor by getting vaccines. Neither of course are autoimmune disorders.

            Autoimmune disorders, infertility, and autism have one thing in common: they are more easily diagnosed in modern medicine. This is the sole reason why the incidence is seemingly higher now. Infertility never used to be a medical diagnosis; it was just something that a couple struggled with and doctors had no soluton for. Autism was poorly understood and most cases until the modern era were just lumped in with any other nonspecific mental retardation. Most sufferers were institutionalized, never diagnosed. But the patients were was always there. Our society just wasn't aware of them. Autoimmunity, similarly was usually not well diagnosed, and most cases until relatively modern lab assays for antibodies were developed, remained mystery cases, unknowns. Now we can easily diagnose and in many cases treat all of these. And our society is much more aware of those conditions.

            But to place blame on what we're eating for the increased incidence is unproven, reckless, and a waste of our efforts. We ought to be waging an effort to put pressure on an overly powerful company such as Monsanto to take responsibility for putting an unfair burden on our farmers and our economy. To make money by tweaking the "recipe" just slightly for the sole reason of a new patent ought to be criminal, particularly if the product is not any more superior.

            Just keep in mind that the argument against Monsanto is weakened when you use unproven and false arguments that are just plain silly.

            • Chuck

              And YOU do have the truthful scientific evidence proving this statement? How much Bt's do we consume each day, how much is harmful to human health, gene altering, etc.? Long term geneticl mutation generations down from consumption of same?? ANY man made chemicals has eventually proven bad for human health, often generations later. Speaking of Monsanto, how long before Agent Orange was truthfully proven to be deadly to humans? I know Vietnam Vets whose children and grandchildren have enourmous health defects from exposure to this chemical alone. Done any research on the genetic mutations of the Vietnamese people, most likely forever? And most likely to all who were exposed to it from the U.S.?

      • Chris

        Are you willing to bet your life and the life of your kids on that?

        Care for a $10K bet?

    • Vic

      I think the confusion about Bt could be (I _am_ just speculating–I need some real science here) that, while it _is_ used, as a whole, intact, bacteria, as an organic pesticide, I think, when you break the DNA apart and take just a little piece that's been cut by enzymes at specific base pairs, that little chunk can separate and become part of things it was not meant to be part of. (our gut bacteria? do the rat studies show exactly what's going on at the molecular level?). Or maybe it's the plasmid they use as a vector that floats around causing havoc? Again, I don't know enough to solve the problem, only enough to worry about it, I apologize.

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  • Anonymous

    Genetically modified crops contain Bt, which is now ineffective.

    With Bt crops, high selection pressures are being placed on target insects to adapt, especially considering their widespread cultivation. Resistance is not a controversial issue, but an acknowledged evolutionary process. Even Monsanto stated that [13] “resistance is natural and expected, so measures to delay resistance are important.”