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Millions of Pounds of Toxic Dioxin, 2,4-D Herbicide, to Flood US Farmland

February 21st, 2012
Updated 11/17/2012 at 4:31 pm
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By: Cassandra Anderson

gasmasksmoke 210x131 Millions of Pounds of Toxic Dioxin, 2,4 D Herbicide, to Flood US FarmlandThe EPA announced that it has completed the first part of its study on dioxin, after more than 25 years of stonewalling. Dioxin is the most caustic man-made chemical known.  Dioxin is a general term for hundreds of chemicals that are produced in industrial processes that use chlorine and burning. Disturbingly, it has a half-life of 100+ years when it is leached into soil or embedded in water systems. Dioxin was the most harmful component in Agent Orange (the recipe for Agent Orange is 2,4-D herbicide and 2,4,5-T herbicide).

The EPA says that air emissions of dioxin have decreased by 90% since the 1980′s, but dioxin is dangerous at any level. The study appears to omit any analysis of dioxin transmission in water and land.  The danger is growing because Dow AgroScience has received preliminary USDA approval for its 2,4-D herbicide resistant GMO corn. This means that dioxin contaminated 2,4-D herbicide will drench US farm land and pollute water supplies if the crops are widely planted.

EPA Dioxin Assessment Report

The EPA’s press release on dioxin’s health effects trumpeted the lie that current exposure rates “don’t pose significant health risks”. But the EPA does admit that there is a cancer risk, although they are not releasing their study on cancer at this time. Perhaps the delay is due to the fact that 95% of Americans have measurable levels of dioxin in their bodies.

The EPA’s claim that current levels are not a health risk is contradicted by another webpage on the EPA’s own site says that dioxin accumulates over a lifetime, persists for years, is likely to lead to an increased risk of cancer, and that the current exposure levels are “uncomfortably” close to levels that can cause “subtle” non-cancer effects. These so-called subtle effects may include birth defects, reproductive problems and immunosuppression.

There were 500,000 victims of birth defects in Viet Nam that can hardly be considered subtle.  Dioxin is bad at any level especially since it accumulates in the body.

Humans are exposed to dioxin primarily through food sources. The EPA’s press release fails to mention that people who eat animal based foods like meat, dairy and eggs will continually increase their dioxin levels.

If dioxin is so safe, why does the Veterans Administration make automatic payments for a wide range of claims that include several types of cancers and leukemia, liver disease, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease and diabetes? American taxpayers are footing the bill for veterans’ Agent Orange dioxin injuries that are estimated to cost $42 billion over the next 10 years!  Monsanto and Dow, the top 2 Agent Orange producers, should pay for all damages — not taxpayers.

While the EPA’s press release does acknowledge “certain industrial activities” as a cause of dioxin pollution, they omit any reference to chemical herbicides and pesticides. The EPA doesn’t mention that herbicide 2,4-D (half of the Agent Orange recipe) is the seventh largest source of dioxin in the US. Dow Chemical is the biggest 2,4-D manufacturer, and Dow is also listed as the #2 and #3 biggest industrial dioxin dumper in the US.  Herbicide 2,4-D is polluting groundwater.

Shocking EPA Omission and 2,4-D Herbicide

The most disturbing omission by the EPA is its complete lack of oversight of a specific type of dioxin, 2,7-DCDD, that is one of the most potent kinds of dioxin.  It is reported that DCDD is an inevitable by-product of 2,4-D herbicide manufacturing. The EPA doesn’t even regulate or monitor DCDD!

Therefore, the EPA’s report is incomplete and the true levels of dioxin are unknown.

Agent Orange GMOs

The sun is setting on Monsanto’s empire as their glyphosate herbicide is losing its effectiveness due to super weeds that have developed a tolerance to their glyphosate poison.  Dow is slated to produce the next generation of GMOs which will include 2,4-D resistant corn, soy and cotton.

Farmers who don’t want to take the trouble to use targeted weed control and hand picking weeds prefer GMO products because they can just spray their crops with huge doses of herbicide and forget about them until harvest.  From 1996 to 2008, GMO crops were responsible for 383 million pounds of herbicides sprayed on farmland in the US. These are the same genetically modified foods sold on grocery store shelves worldwide.

Therefore, we can expect a dramatic increase in dioxin production and pollution because Dow’s 2,4-D herbicide resistant crops will be saturated with the tainted herbicide.

Dow AgroScience & Monsanto

Dow AgroScience and Monsanto have struck up a partnership to produce stacked trait crops that will be resistant to Dow’s 2,4-D and Monsanto’s glyphosate poisons. It appears that Dow and Monsanto may be creating a cartel arrangement by joining forces to eliminate competition.

Monsanto and Dow have been able to skate away from accountability for damage caused by their products because diseases like cancer can take years to incubate.Victims are required to prove their injuries were directly caused by exposure to a carcinogen years after the exposure. This is nearly impossible to do.  Monsanto and Dow should be made to prove their products are safe.  Federal agency (EPA, FDA, USDA, etc) regulations are profoundly ineffective.

Remediation Clean Up

The EPA’s assessment will hopefully lead to remediation (clean up) of the environment in areas with high dioxin levels. The costs could be staggering because the proper process for soil remediation is to block tainted soil with concrete barriers to prevent water runoff into steams and then incinerating the soil.  Water remediation is even more difficult.

Dow Chemical appears to be worried about this because they just agreed to buy dioxin contaminated homes near their Michigan dioxin-emitting plant.

If Monsanto were forced to clean up their pollution, they would go bankrupt.


The EPA omitted critical information in its assessment, and current dioxin levels are a significant health risk. Dioxin levels will increase when Dow’s Agent Orange 2,4-D resistant crops are planted.

The EPA’s lack of interest in dioxin DCDD is disgusting.  Dioxin DCDD that contaminates 2,4-D herbicide is not tested, measured or monitored by the EPA, or even regulated.  A Canadian research paper states that dioxin DCDD may have large public health implications due to its prevalence in our food and environment.

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  • Mario Croix

    That's one flood that should really be prevented from ever happening. The usual overflowing water is bad enough. Throw in dangerous chemicals into the mix and you just make a disaster even deadlier than it already is.

  • cindy

    I would have to say that those who NEVER SEEM TO HAVE ENOUGH MONEY OR POWER: are actually MENTALLY ILL! They seem to suffer from FEAR IT SELF!! FEAR THAT THEY WON'T HAVE ENOUGH! So that NO AMOUNT WILL EVER SATISFY THEM!

    Ironically that attitude ends up DESTROYING THEM! In a strange way I feel sorry for them! They are BLINDED to

    the REAL MEANING OF LIFE!! And in the end THEY LOSE!!

    We however become closer and BOND and HELP each other, which gives us POWERFUL SPIRITUAL STRENGTH!


  • Judy

    The only way we can stop Monsanto and the chemical poisoners is to stop eating the crap they dump on us! People must be informed NOW! People won't eat poison if they really know all about it and what it does to them! Or will they?

    These corrupt terrorists are demon-possessed just like it talks about in the Bible back in Jesus' day! They have no minds for real logic.Their minds are gone. Satan rules them! They ARE insane! There is no other explanation! If there is–tell me what it is!


    • Susan


      I've shared information with my daughter as I'm concerned about her family and her beautiful blue eyed strawberry blond 18 month old son and the way they constantly eat at in Austin, Texas without really knowing what they are eating. Her attitude is that her family is not going to lose sleep over it.

      My husband is the same way. I feed him organic everything at home, but when he's out he eats genetically modified crap! And, I become the villain because he closes his ears and mind to me.

      I forward information to people who shop at the health food store, that claimed to want to learn and take action against GMO's, but I seriously doubt that they've done anything. So many people find this hopeless, while I'm doing everything I can, considering I have a spinal fracture and cannot get out to pass out pamphlets.

      Therefore, I protect myself the best I can by eating vegan, plus 2-3 servings of wild, Alaskan sock-eye salmon a week. And everything is organic –grown the way my grandparents grew food.

      I pray that Ethan will be able to go to Montessori school and later get into a good university, if he survives toxic food poisoning. Right now, he's okay and no one can tell what the future will hold. But, when his parents won't take precautions, there is nothing more I can do.

      The terrorists oversees that young men went to fight, is nothing like the terrorists that lobby and win with the Obama Administration, and with Congress. That 2012 food bill looked like it was written in Monsanto's hand!

      God help us!

  • Judy

    When is terrorism going to be recognized as “TERRORISM”! Do we let them poison us and kill us just because they threaten to sue us?

    We must all be insane! There is no time to play around and see what happens. If the laws prevent actions, we better soon find a way to circumvent the laws or make new ones. We better get rid of the EPA, FDA. And the USDA! Only our lives are at stake! That is all!

    It is so frustrating. Tomorrow I am going to place this article (printed) in my US Senator’s hand, Bernie Sanders.

    He will be speaking in Montpelier, our capital.

    Keep up the good work!

    Judy Persin

    Bethel, VT

  • KEN

    All the focus on the PHYSICAL WORLD has obscured the fact that we have a SPIRITUAL NATURE also. The Psychopaths are poisining the farmland to the point that it will be USELESS for growing food; and thus the BANKSTER's are holding Mortgages on WORTHLESS LAND. And if the PSYCHO's are successful in starting WW 3 and a few nukes get lobbed around, that will turn Earth into a virtual WASTELAND for centuries, and so the PSYCHOS will die a miserable death in their well stocked bunkers. These issues, and the solutions, are addressed and discussed throughly on the website

  • charles ramos

    when is the movement starting?

  • Kauni

    Help me here…what I can't how do THEY (the psychos that run the world)..escape the poisons, the chemtrails, etc…? Are they both suicidal and homicidal? Just curious … I too believe there are shadow govts..and that the CIA, Dow, Monsanto..and all other corrupt agencies, corporations need to be shut down..absolutely..BUT, could all this just be stupid, bungling attempts to create what they perceive could be a utopia? I've lived in the Fiji Islands..and I've seen paradise..and it's possible. People are not conditioned there to buy, buy, consume… I think we need that mind-set in the West.

    • Connie

      You are perfectly right, we have to STOP the conditionning of the people throught T.V. movies, media etc,etc. can we live our live freely, the way we want, we have imagination and do not need them to set a sick example.

  • Guy Fawkes

    Codex Alimentarius made this and something like 12+ other horrible chemicals legal after they were agreed to be so bad that no one could use them for many years.

    Research Codex and crap your pants, it does like 5 other equally horrible things.

  • Finkster

    Folks, we are contending with Homicidal, Suicidal, Psychopaths, Malignants, Sociopaths, Lizard based Mindsets, Moral Imbecils, and Megalomaniacs.

    These creatures are dangerous, highly intelligent, greedy.

    They thrive on and enjoy destroying people and property. (This is what entertains them.)

    They are desperatly ill, and there is NO KNOWN TREATMENT OR CURE for these conditions.

  • Anonymous

    Thge Nazi's were never stopped!!

  • ericswan

    Our next door neighbour adopted a Vietnamese baby girl who's parents had been directly exposed to Agent Orange. The baby did not have a nose or a roof to her mouth.

    • BuzzBee

      is that why alot of those kids over there have cleft palettes?

    • vietnam veteran

      If you got to the vietnam agent orange and agent blue. You will see the direct exposure and the most horrible defects you ever saw in YOUR LIFE!!!! God Help Us All!

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    It has become obvious we are dealing with psychopaths hell-bent on the destruction of a healthy America. Good thing they built all those FEMA camps. Now we have a place to keep them between days cleaning up their messes.

  • ColoradoMountainMan

    Washington–in bed with Corporate America–has become the scourge of America.

  • Rob

    If not this stuff then, what are the board members of Monsanto & Dow feeding their kids? Just how do these two (along with all the other greedy corporations involved) plan to survive this ongoing poisoning of the ecology and destruction of enviroment?

    I believe it was Arthur C. Clarke who once said that 'the fate of mankind will be to perish in his own waste.'

    • Evelyn Case



      Franklin D. Roosevelt

      • David Llewellyn Fost

        Profound, prophetic words Evelyn

      • Susan

        Great bumper sticker! Tell me where I can buy it!

        But, PVC also creates dioxin when it's manufactured and ultimately once it's discarded.

    • heweeps

      It is the mindset that I matter today and I am gonna do what I think is best for me. If my monkee ancestors could see me now they would be proud.

  • pazzmo

    It's obvious the anti human public private partnership is waging asymmetrical warfare.Who cares about the money end of it.The money is just a bonus.They are the biggest racists of all.They hate every race and are about death and destruction.I hear the Antihumans have a new TV show to show you the exploits of the charming Silence Of The Lambs murderer EVERY week.He is disarming because he's charming and his murders make Josef Mengele look like Dr Nice.They are sending you a message.

    They want to kill you like ants under a magnifying glass and seeing how stupid you are trying to use the corrupted legal system to stop their social,psychological,physical,cultural attacks while poisoning you to death.

    They are the public private anti-human mega-racist schizo's.What ya gonna do about ?

    Crying like little girls is music to their ears.

  • durbandon

    I am a Rambo fan and my wife bought me a 4 DVD set of Rambo for Christmas. I watched number one, First Blood, and found that the reason Rambo visited the town was excised from the DVD. My recolletion is that Rambo visited the town to see the family of the only other survivor of the team who had died from exposure to Agent Orange.

    Sanitizing US and Dow Chemical war crimes in Viet Nam?

    • ssgardengirl

      Wow Durbandon, that's disturbing. I wonder how much was paid for that little purge.


    The objective of chemicals within the NWO Monsanto is depopulation and produce illness in humans! New Illness within the population creates large profits for the medical Cabal!! It's a win-win deal don't ya think?????

  • Angie Johnston

    They're interested enough in dioxin… I'm sure there's a boatload of money behind it. They're interested in making sure they say what they need to say to get to the money. :(

    • Susan

      Remember, Bill Gates has said that there are too many people on Earth and that there is no way they can all be fed. So he is working with Monsanto, perhaps to reduce the population of the planet with genetic engineering.

      What does he think he's going to eat when the GMO's travel all over the planet, which they eventually will?

      Perhaps, no one cares about the right to life, perhaps they have blinders on and only think about the abortion issue? But, so much damage can be done to animals, and the human animal, before death relieves animals from their misery.