Health Benefits of…

  • organic express

    There isn’t an edible dark chocolate bar on the market anymore. They’re all too bittersweet. The manufacturers are reluctant to sweeten them properly for some reason. They can keep their baker’s chocolate.

  • foeniod

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  • Anonymous

    Call it what it is, "cocoa" not chocolate!

  • Diana McCalla

    I agree Mike. The closer to the natural form to better. I eat 3 pieces a day of a high antioxidant, all natural dark chocolate that is vegan and diabetic friendly. As a result, I no longer have to take pain pills for the arthritis in my hips. Prior to that I was taking pain pills twice a day for years. More important than the percent of cocoa content is how the chocolate is processed. There is a great article on the difference between "good" chocolate and "bad" chocolate at