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Grape Seed Extract Superior to Anti-Diabetes Drug in Recent Study

Elizabeth Renter
October 21st, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 5:22 pm
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grapes in hand 263x164 Grape Seed Extract Superior to Anti Diabetes Drug in Recent StudyIn a recent study published in the Journal of Cell Communication and Signaling, researchers tested the effects of a popular diabetes drug (metformin- MET) and compared them with the effects of grape seed extract on rats susceptible to insulin resistance. They found grape seed extract to be superior to the diabetes drug.

Insulin resistance is a physical condition where the body fails to react to the hormone insulin, created to manage blood sugar levels. In response, the pancreas creates more insulin, multiplying the problem and ultimately leading to a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.

In the study, rats were prescribed a high fat, high sugar diet designed specifically to encourage insulin resistance, and while the results indicated that both MET and grape seed extract reduced high blood sugar levels and elevated blood insulin,  grape seed extract was superior in one specific way.

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Metformin is a synthetic drug whose “mechanism of action are unknown.” This means scientists know it works but aren’t sure how. Worse, the drug is toxic to the cardiovascular system and has been linked to increase death by cardiac events in several studies. Grape seed extract, on the other hand, carries no such risks.

“Clearly, the weight of evidence suggests that grape seed proanthrocyanins hold great promise as a metformin alternative and/or anti-diabetic agent. Unfortunately, the law forbids the medicinal use of natural substances, and lacking the $800 million plus required on average to fund the clinical trials necessary to file for FDA drug approval, health consumers are left almost entirely without guidance from conventional medical practitioners who lose their FDA-underwritten liability shield when they deviate from the drug-based standard of care” -

This is far from the first study to link grape seeds and beneficial health outcomes. Just last month we reported on a study from the University of Colorado Cancer Center which found grapeseed extract to prohibit cancer cell growth while promoting cancer cell death. Most interesting, that “it required less than half the concentration of GSE to suppress cell growth and kill 50% of stage IV cells than it did to achieve similar results in the state II cells.”

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Bottom line: grape seed extract could provide numerous health benefits that we may never get the chance to see, all because of this system of capitalist interests that values lab-created synthetic drugs more than nature.

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  • naturalhealing

    An extract of the red wine grape known as Transmax Resveratrol has been shown in several recent human clinical trials to lower the unhealthy LDL, Trigylceride fats, and an even more damaging form of cholesterol called ultra Low Density Lipoprotein. The trials were designed to explore Transmax’s ability to control Type 2 Diabetes and prevent metabolic syndrome from evolving into Diabetes. Transmax also prevented the peroxidation of existing arterial plaque, which is an important benefit. Also, in the trial
    the subjects (humans not mice) experienced a reduction in blood pressure and body weight.

  • cpmt

    CINNAMON doesn’t work in some people, certain types of cinnamon don’t work, it is better bitter melon, nopal or other natural remedies. The best is to try to see if it works for you or not.

  • Ann

    BIG PHARMA, Monsanto, Dow Chemicals, and all the other Demonic Organizations are paying off the FDA and Government Officials with BIG KICKBACKS. The very people who are supposed to be looking after the health and welfare of American citizens are the Problem.
    The American Government says that there are terrorists around the world, when they themselves and the people who they have hired to look after the health of Americans, and citizens of all nations are themselves the Biggest Terrorists of all.
    It’s all about money. Human Health means nothing to these terrorists.
    These people should look at themselves in the mirror!

  • DrKeteDC

    Capitalism is not at fault. Cronyism is. Too much government intervention and too many mandates are the problem.

  • Randy

    Don’t blame capitalism. It’s the frickin’ government (FDA) that won’t let manufacturers or medical personel make any health claims about supplements, The FDA is the Mafia wing of Big Pharma protecting their profits. A free market capitalist system without this kind of strong arming government interference would allow equal competition between supplements and drugs, and obviously supplements would do much better as they are safer and just as effective