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GMO Protesters Shut Down California Monsanto Office

Anthony Gucciardi
March 19th, 2012
Updated 11/03/2012 at 12:55 am
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gmorally2 220x137 GMO Protesters Shut Down California Monsanto Office

While proposed government regulation, previous legal action, and the threat of agricultural collapse does not seem to affect Monsanto’s daily operations, it appears protesters can and do. Dozens of protesters disrupted Monsanto’s California office in Davis, an area close to Sacramento, through vocal activism and calls to shut down the biotech giant with deep known ties into the United States government. Braving the rain, the dozens of protesters — not thousands — were successful in shutting down the entire office for the day.

The response to the activism presented by the protesters highlights just how powerful of a voice even just a few individuals have. If even a small group of anti-Monsanto grassroots activists can pause the entire business operations of a Monsanto corporation hub for the day, imagine what thousands or millions of concerned citizens could do. Monsanto is afraid of public outrage, which is why they are continually trying to squash labeling initiatives that would visually demonstrate to consumers just how ubiquitous their genetically modified ingredients are throughout the food supply. Many consumers now know and understand the negative effects of Monsanto’s creations, and oftentimes are consuming them unknowingly thanks to a lack of proper labeling guidelines.

“We were successful today in shutting down Monsanto,” said Steve Payan, the event organizer.

These developments have hit the news following two vital stories revealing the true nature of both Monsanto’s GMO crops and best-selling herbicide Roundup. Monsanto’s Roundup and a modified ‘biopesticide’ known as Bt were found to be killing human kidney cells by scientists, actually exhibiting direct toxicity to human biology. In the same vein, a group of 22 expert agricultural scientists warned the EPA that Monsanto’s GMO corn was extremely ineffective despite being toted as a method of increasing crop yields and reducing pesticide usage. Beyond the ineffective nature of the crops, the scientists warned that the GMO crops are developing mutated rootworms. The ‘super’ worms actually threaten the future of corn production as a whole, and could be a wrench in the agricultural wheel of progress.

It’s time for more than just a few dozen to stand up to Monsanto. If a small group can take down their office for a day from some mild protests, a few hundred thousand can take down the entire company — permanently.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail GMO Protesters Shut Down California Monsanto OfficeGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • gregfullmoon

    Hiya this petition on Avaaz to strip Monsanto’s Robert Fraley’s 2013World Food Prize. Fraley developed Roundup Ready Soy, and is the reason he was awarded the prize. Please share the petition on your networks, email to friends, make it go everywhere..…?



  • mike


    Page 1 of 2

    Global research consortium presents findings on long-term studies of genetically modified foods

    On Thursday, March 8th, the European Commission Framework 7-funded GMSAFOOD consortium will announce significant results regarding the safety of GM foods to members of the press, as part of a three day conference to disseminate the results of over three years of research by Austrian, Australian, Norwegian, Irish, Turkish, and Hungarian scientists. The press conference will be held in English.

    One study, conducted at the Medical University Vienna, refutes the findings of a 2005 study by Prescott et al., which initiated extensive controversy with the claim that field peas modified to inhibit alpha-amylase induce an allergic response in mice. After the 2005 study, development of the GM pea was immediately abandoned. The incident is regularly cited by those on both sides of the GM debate as an example of either the inherent dangers of genetically modified foods or the effectiveness of pre-market studies in identifying potential risk factors. The latest findings by the MedUni Vienna call for a re-evaluation of both positions.

    One of the consortium’s most urgent contributions is its proposal for a novel approach to post-market monitoring. Despite the 114,507 hectares of biotech crops planted in the EU in 2011 (, there is currently no adequate system in place for monitoring the effects of GMOs on animal and human health once a crop has been approved for market, with current emphasis placed almost entirely on pre-market testing. Given the inadequacy of a traditional epidemiological approach to monitoring GMOs in the marketplace, the consortium proposes a “clustering and neural network”-type machine-learning framework to identify potential biomarkers capable of detecting unforeseen health risks. Such biomarkers could also be useful in predicting immune responses of multiple species to future genetically modified organisms. This methodology, coupled with meta-analysis of data within a prospective public repository, would significantly complement current pre-market testing procedures.

    Other findings to be presented at the conference include those of a three year study conducted by the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Association in which pigs were fed genetically modified corn. The corn, modified to produce the insect-resistant Bt toxin, was grown in Spain.

    These and other findings from GMSAFOOD research teams will be presented at the GMSAFOOD conference at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria 6-8 March 2012, including:

    - Salmon feeding trials (Norway)

    - Investigation of human immune response to potential allergens in GM peas using human-SCID mice (Austria)

    - Food chain studies where rats were fed pork and fish which had been raised on Bt-corn (Norway)

    - Epitope mapping and antibody determinations (Hungary)


    Page 2 of 2

    Media are invited to attend the press conference on 8th March (9:30am-11am) as well as any of the other GMSAFOOD conference sessions.

    Internationally recognized researchers to present keynote addresses will include:

    - Gerhard Flachowsky, EFSA GMO safety committee member, will present a talk on GMOs in animal nutrition

    - Richard Goodman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, will present his work on the potential allergenicity of GMOs intended for human consumption

    - Gerard Barry, International Rice Research Institute, will review the experience and future of products from GM Crops

    - Anne Constable from the Nestle Research Centre and Alan Kristal, University of Washington, will discuss epidemiological issues surrounding post market surveillance for novel foods

    - Helmut Gaugitsch from the Environment Agency Austria, Sandy Lawrie from the Food Standards Agency in the UK, and Yves Bertheau from INRA France will join in a panel discussion on the 8th to discuss risk assessment and policy issues.


    Thursday 8 March, 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

    Medical University of Vienna

    Rectorate Sitzungssaal,

    First floor, Room 514

    Spitalgasse 23, 1090 Vienna

    For more information:

    Szilvia Steiner

    Medical University Vienna

    Department of Dermatology

    Experimental Allergy Laboratory Rm.4P90.02

    Währinger Gürtel 18-20, 1090 Vienna

    Tel.: +43 1 40160 63009


    GMSAFOOD Consortium: Medical University of Vienna, Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Central Food Research Institute, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, and Troyka, Techno-Park of the Middle East Technical University.

    Further details on the project and conference registration can be found here:

  • Len Aldis

    Any protest against Monsanto has my full support and I am sure the support of many thousands in other countries that know of the Monsanto products. In addition to GM seeds they also produced Agent Orange of which 80 million litres were used on Vietnam for a period of ten-years resulting in the deaths of many thousands and today leaving near to four million suffering from its effects.

    Readers wishing to know mofre can go to:

  • santa singe

    terminate the seeds for next harvest is great stopping of natural circle with poison is like multiplying poison ,it is sinister business with chemical,eliminating whole human race just for controling whole universe like finance companies for every purpose ,customer need finance and keep them working for entire life,it is good trick,

    • mike

      keep smoking the joints…….you know the saying an infinite number of monkeys

  • CF

    Good going, keep the pressure up, Hudge and Gudge have been in buisness for yrs…

  • danasaur

    Monsanto began as a seed co. Then it added other features to its products trying to raise food production. It began as a good co. But it turned to the dark side. Itsgmo crops now contain the Superstax genomes. These genomes train the corn. Soybean and other crops how toma.ufacture the Bt pesticide inside the very corn cells that we eat. Monsanto now knows that the pesticides are grown by the cells in my very own intestines. They said it could never happen.

    If monsanto would deign to provide us with an antidote to their poisons, would that make things better? Discuss among ourselves.

    • rika-mari

      They never were a good company… they started with chemical warfare, creating such wonders as Agent Orange, and then switched to food… somehow, I think they kept the same mission as their previous incarnation, and have been wreaking chemical warfare on nature, and us..

    • mike

      whoaa you are way out there -superstax (you mean Smart stax) The new Monsanto is a new compnay spun off from Pharmacia and given the name Monsanto becuase it acquires teh rights to RoundUP from Pharmacia wo had bought the old Monsanto. The chemical Monsanto was spun off to form Solutia. i don't blame the prsent day 20 year old US citizen decdent from germans for hitler – maybe I should ? Most peopel dont eat corn – 99% if either going to animal feed or ethanol (ethanol corn also goes to animal feed) Only about a few % of corn is sweet corn and syngenta has been selling Bt sweet corn for years without a wisper from the activists) I wonder why they can get away with it….maye they encourage everyone to gang up against monsanto because Monsanto beats them in the market place?

    • mike

      So lets the facts out there:

      1. Monsanto started 100 years ago as a classical chemical company names after teh founders wife. MAde a lot of aspirin. Made carpet fibers. Agent orange at the request of US government. MAde PCBs to stop tramsformers exploding. Made RoundUp. Went into pharmaceutical. Made bovine growth hormone (same hormone the cow makes to replace toxic steroid hormones). Then starting intro seeds. Sp[un of all chems except RoundUp and then got bought by pharmacia and Pharmacia become Monsanto. Then Pharmacia spun of ag products into a new Monsanto and then Pharmacia (the old Monsanto) was bought by Pfizer.

      So new Monsanto doesn't have anyone working or as a significant shareholder who worked or owned old Chemical- so blaming them for old Monsanto is like blaming a 10 year german for Hitler.

      Monsanto is the biology version of the old Monsanto – changing chemicals into safer biological solutions, Using organic Bt to protect plants

    • mike

      what makes you think "

      Monsanto now knows that the pesticides are grown by the cells in my very own intestines. "

      Bt protien has been considered by the USDA, EPA and FDA as so safe there is safety limit e.g. there is no specific high level that is toxic to people. That's is why it is used in organic farming although the GM Bt is purer. the organic farmers use a crude mix of bacterial extract

  • Doug Thomas

    Congratulations Steve Payan & protesters….we need more like you the world over….!!! This great world is now becoming a better place.

    Best rgds,

    Doug Thomas

    New Zealand

  • T Bagg

    Agent Orange never killed anybody! What's the big deal? Right Mike!

    • mike

      Todays Monsanto didn't make agent orange – you realize that don't you?

  • organic dream

    This is happy news, way to go California. you make me very happy, lets have some fun this summer and exposed the evil monsters Monsanto and all the stupid dork sticks that work for them, go get real job and stop killing mother earth.

    Bush song "destroy the world that we took so long to make"

  • Emery

    Good work. Now lets shut them down forever!

  • monstersanto sucks

    mike is a monsanto troll so pay no attention to him. he will try to lead you off topic. no one anywhere could be that stupid, or pro monsanto and still be alive.

  • http://FarTooMuch.Info JRuss

    Just as some people are allergic to peanuts, I am allergic to the Bt-toxin. The combination of Bt-toxin and glyphosate in the foods I was eating almost killed me until I found out what they were doing to me. I went non-GMO and in 4 months I saw my doctor who saw my lab reports and said that I no longer needed all the meds I was taking. I had regained my health. I told my dad and he recovered. But it was too late to save my oldest son who died. He was eating fast-food between his two jobs and most fast food is loaded with GMOs. All the doctors he saw had no idea what was killing him.

    • CF

      great recovery/success story!

    • mike

      I don't believe you – if you truely were allergic to gm foods (i am not sure how you would know)then you should sue. Corn and soy Gm crops are not more allergnic due to GM but corn and soy do have allergens in them and those allergens are not higher. Again I don't believe your story. what did you eliminate and what makes you think it was the GM component?

  • krispynoodlez

    Mike you ignorant slut. Why would you want to eat artificially enhanced veggies drenched in weed killer. Yuck!

    And oh yeah those farmers pay, they know they'll be locked up in penitentiaries if they don't, especially after Monsanto has illegally infiltrated their fields with their copyrighted biocrop.

    You should get out more Mike, the real world is waiting for you.

    • mike

      Farmers don't get sued if they accidently get the seed in their field this is why a federal court judge threw out the suit brought by organic farmers. There is no history of Monsanto doing this. Also there are close to 200 corn seed companies in the US farmers have a choice. If they want low yielding crap seed they go to those that provide that seed. also dupont sells the same amount of gm seed as Monsanto but you don't complain about them. Alos Syngenta sells the same seed and ven makes more money from chemical insecticides and long lived EU banned atrazine – you are the one who needs to get out

  • phil

    Hey mike, how much do you know about Monsanto? Doesn't sound like you understand exactly the negative effects their products have. Replacing one evil with another evil isn't a good idea. Maybe plants you eat aren't supposed to be drenched in poison.

    • CF

      for centuries, man grew food, cultivated, herded and was healthier, w/o all that chemicalcrap–now? increased memory issues, increased kidney failure, GI issues…..hmm???connection?

      • mike

        when people hearded cattle we all lived in tents get real. I ll give you a choice a cup of chemical isnecticide (a nerve poison similar to seren gas) and a cup of GM corn grain with Bt in it (bt is also used in organic farming – now what would you chose? Good luck if you don't chose the Bt corn – that is the choice that most farmers have Bt crops are far better than the only real alternative

    • mike

      I know a lot of Monsanto employees and I can tell you not one would work for them if they thought their products were harmful

  • mike

    Maybe you should get the facts straight. Anyone can give some employees a friday off from work. But when was teh last time you did something useful with your life? When was the last time you made something useful that others used? At least Monsanto makes products that their customers want and use. Billions of acres of crops made by Monsanto are in use. and farmers are willing to pay for them despite what you say. That is becuase what you say is not correct. They are a bunch of lies and scare tactics. I'll give you one example of the effect you can have. For decades farmers have used atrazine as a herbicide (corn is naturally resistant to it). RoundUP replaces atrazine. Atrazine is longer lived and more toxic than roundup. Atrazine is made by Monsanto's competitor Syngenta. What do the anti-Monsanto people like you do – encourage people to stop using roundUP and go back to using atrazine that the EPA would like to ban (the EU has banned it) even the EU doesn't ban RounndUp chemical. Much more atarzine gets into water and people than roundup and roundup is safer than table salt (look up its LD50). and if you don't know what that means maybe you should stay out of things you haven't got a clue about.

    • J0

      @ Mike, here is something you should watch… just so you can catch up with the real world.

      • mike

        The problem with this is:

        1. Mercola makes a business out of selling people crap with no testing to support his products.

        2. Huber has been discredited and not supported by his own university professors.

        3. he is a retired old scientist who unfortunately doesn't have his scientific skills any more he wrote to the USDA and they are probably embarassed to deal with him.

        4. As his own collegues say there is nothing to support his claims – these are not claims backed by any scientific studies that mean anything

        read this

        These researchers are trying to let Huber down gently I wouldn't have been so generous but we have to have a heart

    • Freedomfalcon

      I use fly tape in my wonderful garden as the only measure for pest control. I grow a wide variety of veggies. I give away lots of food as well. I plant three kinds of corn. The very reason I started gardening five years ago is because most store bought food kills you. I knew it then and scientists verify it today. Monsanto is pure evil along with most other consolidated corporations. I am healthy and strong now. God help you if you ever have to back me into a corner. I could shake the bones out of your hide. Monsanto and many other corporations must fail. With each decision one makes he has the power to do battle economically against such evils. I never eat fast poision metering pump "food"( I called it food. It ain't.) it is a super carefully designed group of toxins that look, taste, and smell great. Our food has been weaponized by the dark armies. Learn to test soil. Kits cost $10 at the feed and seed. Chickens are a must. Their manuere is premium fertilizer. A compost tumbler. A tiller. Top soil. Seeds. Water every morning early.

      Get a juicer for collards. It's fun. You get sun. Women notice you and smile because you look like a movie star in your exuberent new health. Farming is a lifestyle but, a very enjoyable one. It's a great passtime full of pleasure. Start small. Read some books from the library to bone up on gardening wisdom. The envelope of knowledge one must have to grow is small and easilly and quickly understood. It ain't a mystical skill. It will save your life.

    • CF

      Mike, speaking of work-who do YOU work for???

    • CF

      "Much more atarzine gets into water and people than roundup and roundup is safer than table salt (look up its LD50). "

      so, its just salt, then? No other chemicals? how does the salt get made/refined???

      • mike

        Its as toxic as table salt – more is required to kill 50% of rats than table salt – that means its safer than table salt. Its a salt but its not NACl obviously.

        It gets added to detergent to wet the plants. Soaps irriate skin if continually exposed. Irritate eyes. Organic isnecticides use soaps to kill insects but put it into cell cultures and it will kill kidney cells whether its soap, table salt or glyphosate

        • anti-mike

          Insecticides are not the answer at all. The Real answer is in the soil. Ask any farmer and he'll tell you this. Without healthy soil the plants may look, taste, and seem healthy, but in reality they contain extremely poor amounts of nutrition. This poor amount of nutrition is responsible for the health crisis in america.