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Genetically Modified Potatoes Emerge as Newest Food Abomination

Anthony Gucciardi
September 28th, 2010
Updated 11/16/2012 at 5:18 pm
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potatos 210x145 Genetically Modified Potatoes Emerge as Newest Food Abomination

Just when you thought that genetically modified salmon was the final straw in the genetic manipulation of nature, a new food abomination has been created. Researchers in India have developed genetically modified potatoes, filled to the brim with genetically altered amino acids.

Genetically Modified Potatoes – A New Creation

It seems as if scientists are aiming to re-create nature entirely. From genetically altered fish threatening the genetic code of fish on a global scale, to genetically modified canola spreading into the wild, it is apparent that a tidal wave of genetic modulation has hit the environment very hard.

These genetically modified potatoes now threaten the purity of potatoes internationally, as it can grow into the wild in a similar manner that the modified canola did. All it takes is a careless farmer to allow his modified crop to be planted elsewhere, without properly identifying the crop as modified. This is how the food supply is thoroughly endangered.

The environment is of course important to preserve, but modified food also effects our bodies. If you are unfamiliar with the risks association with modified food, please read Killing The Food Supply: The Dangers of Genetically Modified Food, or read excerpt regarding the process in which it is created below:

The bioengineering process itself is quite ridiculous. Billions are spent each year to genetically modify the food supply, tainting it with genetically modified frankenfood. Genetically modifying foods requires one to tamper with the very genetic coding of the crop and/or seed.

The process entails the  transfer of genes from one organism to another, such as taking particular genes from a pig and transferring them to a tomato. Not only does this defile nature, but it leads to a host of health problems.

Due to the complexity of a living organism’s genetic structure, it is impossible to track the long-term results of consuming genetically modified food, including genetically modified potatoes. Introducing new genes into even the most simple bacterium may cause an array of issues, highlighting the complexity of even the simplest organisms. Introducing new genes to highly complex organisms such as animals or crops is even riskier.

When introducing the gene to its new host, it is essentially impossible to predict the reaction. The genetic intelligence of the host could be disrupted with the introduction of the new gene, creating an adverse reaction. There is truly no way of knowing the long-term effect genetically modified food, as there are too many variables. There is simply no room for science when Monsanto is involved.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • Mindy

    Try explaining the dangers of Genetically tampered with foods to someone…most of them respond with "impossible" that "can't" happen or "take off your tin-foil hat". Those words might be true of "normal" crops, but the word normal doesn't apply to GMO's. Soon there will be nothing left on this planet that is safe to eat. Then what? Will we die out like the dinosaurs or will we mutate into something "other" that what God made us?

    • Ian MacLeod

      Most people insist – with no more real knowledge than the scientists involved – that genetically altering foods is no different than what we've been doing for ages by breeding; it's just more direct, they say. they don't understand that often, the money-hungry, careless and scientifically careless corporation Monsanto uses a process that ends up still active in the results so that when the frankenfood gets eaten, the process used to transfer genes from one organism into anothers genome goes along with some of it. For instance, an e.Coli that has been altered to produce BT toxin can end up in human gut, and when it arrives, it can exchange genes with our own intestinal e. Coli, whereupon our OWN bacteria begin to produce BT toxin. They don't know what they're doing, and they don't CARE as long as they can make money from it.


  • Roman

    Could you provide a link to your source? I would like to know more details about what was done to those potatoes.

  • Mary

    Thanks for the info. Time to put the entire board of that company in jail and feed them exclusively on genetic food for 10 years. – In the interests of science, of course.

  • Anonymous

    Dumb dumb dumb

  • Anonymous

    Staying away from these…

    • Ian MacLeod

      HOW? How will you know when Monsanto goes to such lengths to hide it from us? We've been eating GMOs for almost 20 YEARS now, and the only reason we know ANYTHING about it now is because it was leaked in Germany! A CEO over there commented that, "Americans have been eating GMOs for 15 and NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON HAS EVER GOTTEN SICK FROM IT!" of course he never mentioned that no one ever actually checked to see if anyone WAS getting sick from it.

      What's happening here is that businessmen are making decisions that belong to scientists! The businessman's criterion is, "Can we make a profit from it? and "How MUCH profit can we make from it?" The fact that a scientist would likely say, "Oh no, I would never feed these to PEOPLE! We have no idea what it might do in the human system! For that matter, GMOs should never be grown out-of-doors, lest it contaminate the natural plants!" That's if any scientist ever actually thought about it. Most of them seem to think that whatever they do in the lab is totally isolated from everything else. I wish it was. It really isn't so far-fetched that GMOs might contaminate the entire biome. Then what? we either adapt or we die, along with everything else. It's an IDIOT chance to take!


  • Anonymous

    Yet another GMO food weapon. Avoiding this at all costs.

  • bob

    this was helpful thankyou for the great post :D