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Genetically Modified Cows Created to Produce ‘Human Breast Milk’

Anthony Gucciardi
July 10th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 4:29 pm
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babyformulaspill 235x147 Genetically Modified Cows Created to Produce Human Breast Milk

It appears genetically modified babies, lab monkeys, genetically modified mosquitoes, and even human-hybrids are not enough for some geneticists who continue to modify the very genetic coding of nature more and more each day. In the latest creation unleashed by scientists, human genes have successfully been inserted into genetically modified cows that now allow them to produce ‘human’ milk — milk that has the very same properties as human breast milk.

Genetically Modified Cows for Human Breast Milk?

This human-cow hybrid milk is now being lined up as an alternative milk formula for babies, with scientists envisioning ‘herds of genetically modified cows’ to ultimately provide the human breast milk needed to feed newborns. The announcement is reminiscent of Monsanto’s genetically modified bovine growth hormone known as rBGH. Now banned in over 27 countries (but still sold widely in the United States), the synthetic hormone is created using molecules and DNA sequences that are a result of molecular cloning. A large amount of peer-reviewed research has identified rBGH as a risk factor for both breast and gastrointestinal cancer, yet many US ‘officials’ and ‘scientists’ continue to claim it is safe. Remember, it is banned in over 27 other nations for legitimate health concerns.

According to the lead researcher Professor Ning Li, this modified human milk is set to hit the dinner table within 10 years or so:

“We aim to commercialize some research in this area in coming three years. For the “human-like milk”, 10 years or maybe more time will be required to finally pour this enhanced milk into the consumer’s cup.”

It sounds like a science fiction novel in which morality and reason is but a thing of the past – human milk from genetically modified cows – however, it is actually a daunting reality. You see in the past, after it came out that ‘underground’ labs were actually creating human-hybrid chimeras using the genetic imprint of humans to breed disturbing and horrific ‘creatures’, scientists began to speak out over the serious ethical and moral implications. There is also a great concern of preserving the ‘genetic integrity’ of not only human beings and living animals, but the environment as well.

As one spokesperson for the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals notes, cloned animals have in the past demonstrated serious health conditions that have alarmed researchers. So why are these scientists ready to roll out this genetically modified ‘human breast milk’ into grocery stores nationwide? She said:

“Offspring of cloned animals often suffer health and welfare problems, so this would be a grave concern.”

An example of such a genetic threat can be examined with the introduction of genetically modified salmon. Pushed by the USDA and major biotech corporations, AquAdvantage salmon (the modified brand), was just moments away from approval when Congress blocked the FDA from approving the salmon for consumption due to serious health and environmental concerns.

The fact of the matter is that not only does research exist showing that consuming genetically modified food products is hazardous to your health, but they threaten nature as a whole. Both the genetically modified babies and salmon, if unleashed to the public, can effectively change the very genetic structure of future generations — changes that can cause serious long-term consequences that we do not even fully understand.

The question is how long will scientists continue to endanger public health and the welfare of all living creatures involved with rampant genetic modification of nature before the consequences present themselves in such a manner that invokes serious repercussions.

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  • FOUNDUPS® Michael J Trout, CEO

    I think this is a brilliant idea! As long as it doesn’t involve any toxic GMOs or has any negative effect on our planet and living systems is find with my standards

  • Sam

    This is amazing actually, of course it needs to be tested before use in infants, but this could save the lives and improve the health of thousands of babies who either have no mother, their mother did not produce milk, or their mother refuses to breastfeed, or is born to a mother with HIV (HIV+ mothers cannot breastfeed). Breastmilk is far superior to formula and if we can genetically modify a cow to produce an equivalent source than this is amazing. Natural does not always = Good/Best, HIV is natural, polio is natural, malaria is natural, but they are killers and destroyers of humans and civilization. We in the wealthy/advanced world (if you are on the Internet that means YOU!) don’t see how lucky we are, we look back to the “good ole days” that never were. We are living in a golden age of medical and technological advancement. Modern medicine has its flaws yes, but an all out rejection is not rational. Working to improve it should be our goal. This is done through good science and human compassion. I understand many find the idea of genetic manipulation reprehensible, but it has yielded wonderful advances such as insulin (developed through DNA recombinant technology). Physicians, nurses, and medical scientists are not the enemy looking to destroy the world they are working to make the world a better place, don’t vilify them as if they are not ordinary people like yourselves who want the same thing, happiness and health for themselves and their families.

  • Name

    next thing we know cows will give birth to our children saving women the hassle!

  • Heather Thomson

    Interfering with nature-wrong.

  • awoken

    I for one can not wait to leave this planet science and technology is a joke a slap in the face of all that is right it goes against nature with every stupid idea it comes up with , are we that arrogant to think we are smart enough to think we can screw with mother nature and not pay an ultimate price in the end our own health is at risk if we let these losers and i mean losers do this , I love my life and my children and my family and neighbors and my fellow humans ,animals and plants , I love the freedom to breath oxygen into my lungs and eat unpoisoned foods and fish and plants and vegetables and drink un healthy milk which i do not anymore or even unhealthy flouridated water , I grow my own garden I have stopped eating all meat ,and mostly I have stopped watching their stupid propaganda machine the television , I read books I educate myself I go outside and I live a pure life and I m not even religeous

  • Carol

    Does anyone remember the "Boys From Brazil?" Gregory Peck was the investigator who discovered that little boys were cloned from the genes of Hitler. Well, that movie was probably made in the 60's…..but you should watch it. And fast forward to the 2000's… has come to fruition. Sadly, I never thought in a million years as I watched it back then, that it really could be done. The sky's the limit, if scientists are pulling this off, then the next experiment will be cloning your parents, your children, brother's, sisters. We already know that they are cloning dogs and cats.

  • Toni

    This has GOT to be the most disgusting thing I have ever freaking heard!

  • Deb Liguori

    Our government is out of control! We all need to be informed and take to the streets and protest all this ge of our food and now all these other areas. I can not believe how far they keep pushing the ge -we are about to lose our voice on these issues if we don't do something more proactive.

  • Eliot W. Collins

    The great thing about human breast milk is that babies can consume it directly from a human breast. It is never necessary to use a bottle. Dads need not be woken in the middle of the night; moms can take care of everything themselves. My son was breast fed until he could drink other liquids from a cup entirely on his own.

    • Carol

      So, are you are implying that it is ok to use breast milk from a cloned cow?

    • awoken

      the only problem with this Eliot W.Collins is that your singular vision is astonishing not all are like you and your son we are all humans not individuals here , my son was breast fed also but was allergic to breast milk there for he needed to be put on formula specifically designed for babies , now my second son was not allergic and breast fed fine .Wakeup change your thinking from selfishness to human kindness , this is not about breast fed babies this is about a war on mother nature and if we let these people do this we will lose in the end because mothers will no longer be breast feeding their babies for they will be poisoned from the genetically modified food they consume your point of view is singular and stupid , And I dont want to offend you but your ignorrance offends me

  • Samantha

    Crazy! Sometimes I feel helpless with all this going on…then I remember, that more and more people, like me, are "voting" by buying only organic everything, and supporting local organic farmers…… the more people know about this kind of thing, the more impact we will have as a mass consumer group…

    Action still needs to be taken though, agreed….

    Is there a petition or action group on this specific GM catastrophe – I would like to join (I already sign things everyday against GMO's, Monsanto, etc etc)

    • awoken

      Thank you Samantha I really do love intelligent people keep up the fight as much as you can

  • Jeff Wise

    This is just crazy, psycho science. It is unnatural and unhealthy.

    The scientists must have no conscience.

    However, when the people don't stand up against this it will continue at even deeper levels.

  • star

    why are we allowing this to take place? Some people need to speak up about wht is going on..soon we wil have no more humans we keep fucking with dna and modifying people! this is out of a science fiction movie! I will not feed my kids milk nor will i consume it. they are trying to obliderate us all and there is more of us than them' glad Natrual society is speaking up about these seriosu issues. I wish some big wig would give a damn ie bill fkn gates" but hes all part of the show with eugenics. feels like a endless battle!

    • awoken

      Hi star thanks for your point we are allowing this to happen any youre right we as little people will never have our voices heard , and youre right also Bill Gates is all a PART OF THE BIG SMOKE AND MIRROR SHOW, hes against somthings but for others that do just as much harm , I am glad you no longer consume milk but my friend you are also a big part of the problem for not consuming milk is just the tip of the whole problem , first stop watching tv , stop eating meat , stop supportting big money industries stop drinking flouridated water stop letting your mind be poisoned ,now when you are able to giuve up these unhealthy things and can conveince others to do the same then you are changing the problem , Take the bull buy the horns and speak out yourself against what you think is wrong or like everyone else do you just moan then go back to oyur television and dance with the stars ? I am sorry for sounding mean as you make some very valid openning remarks but your debate gets very weak at the end , again my appologies thank you

      • jessie

        I stand up and talk to every one about the wrongs I dont drink flouride water, dont, eat meat or processed foods shop at flanneries and buy from farmers grow my own and use alovera for face creams and hemp oil for cancer NO to engery drinks and Vaccines, NO NO Now.

        try to live as close to nature as possable. dont susport new world order and privatisation and Bill Gates as he is a idiot on the loose. 47,500 children were abused with the Polio Vaccine many died.

        It dose matter and our australian goverment now are offering $700 at the end of the tax year for parents who vacinate their children. we must band togeather and people are denied the right of water NO water if you cannot pay for it. Australia you need water and it must be paid for you must pay if dont we will sell you up, i have asked for disconnection and they say no but I am out of work and cannot afford it I use tank You must pay so the council says We have no freedom rights are dissapearing.