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Fracking Linked to More Tremors, Sinkholes than Media Wants to Admit (Video)

Lisa Garber
December 6th, 2012
Updated 12/06/2012 at 10:36 pm
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It’s becoming increasingly difficult for the media to pretend that fracking is the diet of choice for our voracious appetite for energy. The controversial practice of injecting water, sand, and other materials into fissures to exploit natural gas is known to cause earthquakes, contaminate water and therefore lead to human and animal illnesses, and even create sinkholes 4 football fields wide.

Six-Fold Rise in Quakes

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has an ugly past reaching back to 1947. It’s only been earlier in 2012, however, that seismologist Cliff Frohlich of the University of Texas at Austin confirmed what the public only recently began suspecting (and what corporations have been ignoring): fracking causes earthquakes. (Bloomberg, in fact, reported in April that fracking is the likely suspect in the cause of the sixfold rise in seismic activity between 2000 and 2011.)

Using mobile seismometers, Frohlich studied the seismic activity in about a 23,000-square mile area in the Barnett Shale of the northern part of the state between November 2009 and September 2011.

“We found a lot of events that weren’t getting reported,” Frohlich told LiveScience.

Indeed, he identified 67 earthquake epicenters of 3.0 or less magnitude that hadn’t been reported by the National Earthquake Information Center. Although the Barnett Shale is home to over 100 wells that monthly inject 150,000 barrels of water and were not associated with nearby quakes, Frohlich noted that most of the quakes he found did occur around such injection wells.

He hopes to study the East Ford Shale in Texas, the Bakken Shale in North Dakota, or the Marcellus Shake on the east coast to confirm his theory that when fluids during the fracking process relieve friction on a nearby fault, earthquakes ensue.

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Flammable, Radioactive Sinkholes

Lesser known in the mainstream media, however, is fracking’s link to massive sinkholes appearing overnight and leaking radiation across the nation. Virtually no mainstream media outlet has published an investigation connecting fracking, drilling, and mining (as with Texas Brine) with the appearance of these massive anomalies.

Not only are these sinkholes devastating entire swamps and forests, many people have been permanently displaced by their appearance, their contamination of food and water, and their highly flammable—explosive, really—nature. The frustrated cries of ousted residents goes unheard, and likely will until these earth-changing events do something even greedy corporations can’t cover up.

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  • Mom442

    How far down are the tectonic plates and lava ?

  • Debra

    That insane formaldehyde, lead, and diesel fuel! Thanks for the education Anthony will for sure tell other people! Sink holes and earth quakes! Strange cataclysmic events…..the average person knows nothing about this….keep on with the documentation…..lf you see your tap water light up …maybe its time to answer this. C'mon we know about chemical soup by now, to harvest natural gas. Jill your probably involved in this crap. l'd bet on it, why would you stick your head in the sand..?

  • Jill

    I'm not buying this pseudo science! There are methods out there that do not use water for fracking and recover all the material used in the process. (LPG). This crap that is being pushed down the throats of US citizens is more unresearched phony nonsense. Fracking goes much deeper than the water table and does not affect it in any way. Do your own research. These grads with 4 and 6 year degrees all got "A" in their courses; but then, so did everyone else. Colleges today teach little in the way of science. Most simply want the high dollars an education costs.

  • Jacie

    LiveScience is propaganda. Reference reliable sources and maybe someone will listen.

  • moe

    Large Corporation & Government know FRACKING poisons ground water forever. Most of us drink water from wells, rivers, springs. At the same time the Govt. is slowly phasing in laws (that regulate out of existence) Water Independence ,outlawing collecting rain water or onerous regulations on private water wells. The goal: only water provided by big business, made legal by Government. Get ready for water @ $5.00 a gallon. use this search term on the internet "illegal to collect rain water"

  • Jonathan Knight

    That insane formaldehyde, lead, and diesel fuel! Thanks for the education Anthony will for sure tell other people! Sink holes and earth quakes!

  • bertie

    Greedy corporations – im just fighting one – it produces the worlds most deadly pesticide (calls it harmless if used correctly) Corborufan or furadan – has been fined 25 million euros for running a price fixing cartel, 13 million dollars for fraud, 11 million dollars for pollution in the us and is currently scraping seaweed off the bottom along the entire length of the Norwegian coast. The Norwegian government thinks its safe.

  • Guest

    Corporations waving thousands of dollars and blowing smoke up the butts of the landowners about how "safe" this is as well as greed all plays a huge part in blinding folks that live in these rural areas. As a former resident of NE PA I am deeply saddened and appalled by the inevitable destruction of what use to be a wonderfully scenic place. God bless the folks that choose to give up their future for monies that will no doubt be gone in a years time and they will be left with the poisonous terra they call home….:((

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, in some areas you can light tap water on fire. As Anthony says in the vid… they use diesel, formaldehyde, and other carcinogens.

  • Morgan

    Fracking is a serious concern, thanks to careless corporations with zero regard for health or overall safety.