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‘Euthanasia Rollercoaster’ Hailed by Anti-Human Scientists

Anthony Gucciardi
February 27th, 2012
Updated 11/04/2012 at 8:25 pm
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euthanasiacoaster 210x131 Euthanasia Rollercoaster Hailed by Anti Human Scientists

With the designated purpose of ‘euthanasia and execution‘ , the “Euthanasia Coaster” is a concept for a real steel roller coaster that has been created to “show the future of humans and technology.” The creator of the coaster, Julijonas Urbonas, says the machine is engineered to take the life of a human being with “elegance and euphoria.” The idea of the coaster is to send out 24 people, all of which come back dead. A number of anti-human scientists are now hailing the concept as a method of execution that ‘highlights the issues that come with life extension’.

The coaster design begins with a steep-angled lift to the 1,670 foot top, which would take 2 minutes for the 24 passengers to reach. Afterwards, there would be a 1,600 foot drop that would bring the coaster up to 220 mph. Flattening out, the coaster would then begin the process of cerebral hypoxia, or lack of oxygen to the brain. The ride’s seven total inversions would last for 60 seconds, starting with tunnel vision, black out, and loss of consciousness. After first or second inversion, the coaster would cause cerebral anoxia, leaving the passengers brain dead.

After the execution ride, the passenger train enters a straight in which the unloading of the brain dead bodies would take place.

Execution Coaster ‘Flagship Exhibition” In Dublin Science Gallery

Transhumanism science organization “HUMAN+” displayed the concept of the Euthanasia Coaster at the Science Gallery in Dublin from April through June 2011. Presented as the flagship exhibition, HUMAN+ said that the ride “highlights the issue inherent in life-extension.” Praising the ride, the stated application of which on the designer’s official site is euthanasia and execution, the director of the Science Gallery Michael John Gorman said it allowed people to leave live in a ‘euphoric state’.

In an article published on the Guardian website, Gorman stated:

“Some of the works exhibited in HUMAN+ highlight the issues inherent in life-extension. Euthanasia Coaster by Julijonas Urbonas is designed to deal with the ultimate boredom of longevity by allowing people to leave life in a euphoric state through an amusement park ride designed to kill.”

HUMAN+ is a major advocate of the transhumanistic agenda, though founder Gorman frequently romanticizes death. Coaster designer Julijonas Urbonas also appears to have a deep relationship with death and mental illness. On his website, another listed ‘project’ is a tool that allows bulimics to more easily induce vomiting. Along with a photo of an obese woman using the tool, Urbonas says the bulimia tool is “designed for the elegant ritual of the eviction of the contents of the stomach.”

Urbonas goes on to describe the project in further detail:

“For those enlightened, still believing in the possibility of dissolving the body into the weightless photons, the ritual of vomiting, both symbolically and physiologically, might help to achieve this dream. Some are already practicing it, people like anorexics and bulimics, celebrating the abandonment of the body. “

You can watch Urbonas’ description of the Euthanasia Coaster in the video below:

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Euthanasia Rollercoaster Hailed by Anti Human ScientistsGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • Emmz

    Well, if I was terminal, I sure as hell wouldn’t take a ride on this. Crazy.

  • Brooksnow

    Don't go on that roller coaster he is trying to kill the human race!!!!!

  • hanspy

    What a nut.1 :Killing a human against its own will must be punished with 100y prison.

    2 : I wil use an opium derivate Nice go to sleep and never wake up.

    Does he realy thinks that an old sick person is intrested in a coaster ride before he/she dies?Or a baby with some terible illnes?And where it stands?Sick old ppl must travel far?No , its the most silly,stupid idea. Espected more from a german.They know how its done to well.Remember Zyclon-b?

  • are you JELLY?

    Why don't you guys create something? Yeah, I thought so.

    Hey True Love Mission Centre, run A spell check first before you fuck with Jesus. Lots of JEALOUS AND LOSERS IN HERE LOL.

    • hanspy

      And you are?

  • True Love Mission Ce

    The LORD our God who knows all of these events has permitted it so as to righteously judge evil & all his human agents. Jesus is the final athority that can deliver any from the terrors of this satanist. Watch & Pray as well share the msg of love in Christ to those who have not heard. Glory to God.

  • Name Witheld


    Didn't you hear what this Nazi said? He SAID that this 'roller coaster' was for either over population or if YOUR life goes too long. MAY HE BE THE FIRST TO VOLUNTEER TO GO! This is a sick, sick, sociopath and to merely listen to this monster or entertain the idea in the slightest is Anti-Life, Anti-Christ, Anti-God. Who put this guy up to this??? Where do these antii-human fascist monsters come from? We should all start praying right now…for removal of their genes from the human gene pool. God help us.

    • hanspy

      Huh??What is that having to do with killing others.Is it against God's wish?Nice. Why do Americans kils bad ppl?Thats stupid.

      But euthanasia and ppl that are sick and want to die is totaly from an other level.And when your against it,ok.But you may not condem others for wanting it.Its there life,not yours.

  • dan

    It's the spirit of Hitler mixed in with a video game mentality and total stupidity and ignorance. No suffering, indeed !

  • Anonymous

    everyone who thinks the new world order is a threat needs to stop bickering amongst themselves on forums, stop putting each other down and indulging their egos by trying to make out their more intelligent or more informed than others and come together to make change! Incase you hadnt noticed these corrupt, greedy people in positions of power are wiping the floor with us and all we do is argue amongst each other, they must think we are fucking hilarious

  • Lightseeker

    I have never understood why mankind is relentlessly bent on self destruction. Oh, he will get what he

    is seeking but he wont be here to SEE his dream come true.

  • Alex W.

    Dude, check out this coaster. It's killer.

  • veritas

    This is a grisly example of sociopathic insanity. This man's hatred of life, his fellow man and anti-christ spirit informs his inventions. Much like the evil villains in dark comic books, he appeals to those individuals in higher learning who enjoy the novel death systems proposed.

    • Mike

      Your ignorance is best illustrated by the inventor's own words: "Many people consider it positively and would love to die on it, were they terminally ill or bored of their too long life in some distant future. However, there are almost equally many skeptics and people who are extremely disgusted by the idea. The majority of the latter motivate their negativism saying that the project encourages suicide and euthanasia. Those are usually people who are either too naive to think of it as a real project, underway to be built, or they lack a sense of humour. I agree, the topic of death is a sensitive area, but I want to emphasise that I do not encourage suicide, nor do I discourage. I just take the fact that euthanasia is legal in some countries and it is executed in an extremely boring fashion, and "humane" voluntary death could be more meaningful, personal, ritualistic… On the other hand, the project could be just a sci-fi story, not much different from the cinematic or literary ones."

      It's called "knee-jerk". Reacting to something without knowing or investigating the true facts of the situation. It's also a form of manipulation to induce your knee-jerk reaction by publishing incomplete information. You should shy away from these sources of information that do this to you.

  • Crystal

    Wonder how many tax payer dollars supported this "research" in the form of government grants?

  • Ashy1

    I believe the world became overpopulated when Mr. Urbonas was born. Perhaps he should be the first to try out his machiner.

  • vmv

    The inventor of this roller coaster appears to be brilliantly insane–brilliant enough to invent it but insane at the same time. At the end of the video he says it could be used for "depopulation" or "if your life is 'too long'." How does one decide that their life is "too long"? People named in the beginning of the Old Testament lived for many hundreds of years.

    It seems to me that the world has gone mad–at least the scientific world.

    Also, overpopulation is a myth. The earth has the capability, especially using technology (I do not mean genetically engineered foods), to support everyone. People are starving due to politics–the third world countries have not been allowed to develop.

  • sophie

    Anyone here remember the movie "Logan's Run"? The concept is basically the same. We have truly entered into an era of insanity if we think this is acceptable!

    • Drew from Oz

      True. Not to mention Soylent Green….

  • ABC

    Wow, anger issues. Labelling everyone a 'retard' is somewhat limited, no? Sounds as if the New World Order 'elite' media have done a real number on you – your programming is complete! Please don't think that when the round-up begins your views will mean that you'll be spared the fate they have in store for us all.

    • transientdreams

      Just a thought…killing people HOWEVER they do it is WRONG! If we have to endure this psychotic nonsense, then a roller coaster would be chosen by the majority of those condemned to die! Hell, I would. Roller coaster versus tiny room with angry people watching me surrounded by clinical sterility and doctors and fluorescent lights while I count the moments. If I am THAT much of an asshole who deserves to die at the hands of the state…Give me the fucking roller Coaster!!~

  • Pat Anjali

    Now if they made it so that only, let say 6 or so died out of the 24, then a line would wrap around the block and lines would form just to watch. Sad commentary on what today's brainwashed, drug induced, iphone obsessive, youth would do for that proverbial "high", i.e. one more way to stay out of the body/mind.

  • jc

    Jones covered this like 6 years ago on one of his shows because some other douchbag artist like this was selling art that was portraying childrens skulls and blood splattered everywhere and the painting sold for like 20 million or some crazy amount like that.

    Stuff like this to the luciferians that run this planet is almost aphrodisiac to them. When they have motifs like this in their home they feel it brings them power, there are plenty of artists like this though and some actually use bodily fluids painted on things that defame others, like I said they have dead children, people, the popular "piss christ" painting from two years ago, and some others that they used sexual bodily fluids in their paintings as well. go google search these things you will find it as well as the radio show where jones covered the one painting with kids and blood that sold for millions

  • JD

    Ah, this seems to be the "carousel" from 'Brave New World'.

    I'm shaking the head about how the shadow forces push their plans despite the developments in reality.

    This garbage is accepted as science? This implies we need a new word for science or twist it back. Protect our language!!

  • smoke for good

    I'm lithuanian ,and deeply ashamed of thid guy.Very dirty and sick way to earn a million.I just tought of something interesting,that has definitely to do with this from my personal experience – every person,that committed a suicide that I know personally was LITHUANIAN.Well ,you could tell me – you are from there,naturally you know more lithuanians then anybody could say.But during my life I lived in 4 different countries,got to know many different cultures pretty well,have tons of friends from all over the world,different social classes and so on…But all 5 persons ,that ended up taking their own life were lithuanians.Statistics also confitm that – my paesanos are always in one of the leaders in the world for a suicide rates.

  • Raphael

    Let the inventor try his invention first and do a great service to humanity.

    • Paul

      agree totally,,this is evil

  • ryan

    Bankers and Governments should be the first to ride it.

    • Sirhan Sirhan

      The "artist" mentioned Depopulation.


      start with Bankers, corrupt Judges, corrupt Cops,corrupt social workers, psycho baby-killer soldiers, parasite Bailliffs, Royals, Goverment psycho's,corrupt council officials, Bent Freemasons, weird kiddy fiddling Priests……………..

      How depopulated is that up to now?

      • Jurtsen Obluvlov

        You forgot "artists" with ridicule inspiring names and vapid appearances.

  • organic dream

    Strange freaky artiest with crazy imaginations. What I don't get is how come Julijonas Urbonas is getting all this attention from there art work, when there are so many lovely others works out there that express love. Maybe its just us humans who seek the disturbed dark side of humanity. What ever it is i,m sure Julijonas Urbonas is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Gracie

    This is the funniest thing – in a sick kind of way. But we live in a sick society so …. why not?

  • Anonymous

    The man who created this ride is mentally deranged and certified insane.

    • paul

      Awsome! how much are the tickets going to be, Alton towers are already in discusions with the creator.

      A super day out with all the family. I wonder if Disney land would be interested.

      I reckon at the end of the ride the cars automatically shoot the bodies into a furnace and staright into a pree paid plastic urn with a snapshot photo of you going down at 200mph,,,what a scream!!!.


  • Anonymous

    You people are really stupid. This is a ride designed to euthanize people. So, terminal patients can opt to die on a roller coaster instead of dying in a sterile hospital bed.

    Or we could put child rapists and murders on the ride. Seems more human than gas chambers, pentabarbitol, or fucking electrified chairs. Jesus christ. Idiots.

    ….He's not trying to trick unsuspecting people into riding it. Or forcing anyone.

    • Mitch

      Look at this slave, he will LOVE the New World Order.

      Hope you enjoy!

    • Jake

      Nazi depopulationist loser.

      • XYZ

        Better than a retard like u.

    • Anonymous

      lethal injection or electric chair is more dignified for a criminal than some perverse thrill ride – it's the conglomeration of fun and death that's twisted

    • MySaskCan

      The minute we start examining the remote possibility and worse, attractiveness/justification for something like this, we have lost a part of our soul, our humanity. I feel very sad.

    • Glenn

      First the terminal, then the rapists and murders,then who. Granted at 24 people a ride it would take years to kill ohh let's say 2 million unwanted humans. But I personaly know of Costers that have been in operation more then 60 years.So who becomes the "riders " once the list has be cleared? You,Me,Your parents,kids? WHO???

      • Glenn

        and what keeps the POWERS THAT BE from building thousands of these "killing machines"??

  • Steve Johnson

    The truly misquoted statement I have heard for the last 20 years is the dwindling resources to support such a booming global population …. BULLSH*T.

    Theres enough of everything to go around for everyone… Only the powers that be dont want to tell you that. Nor do they want to balance it out equally. Profits are affected when too many get too much. Dumping foods at sea to maintain stock prices and dumping good foods and commodities in trash bins is also rampant.

    Mismanagement by criminal governments and Corporations is the problem. Definitely not dwindling resources. I say we call this the "Corporate CEO and Politician Rollercoaster ride" and force all these assholes onto it… That might solve a few "world problems" instantly…

    • Anonymous

      decimating our entire planet for the purpose of keeping 7+ billion stupid Homo sapiens fed is not a good thing. There's a reason populations generally grow and then shrink and then grow and then shrink ad infinitum in the wild; In the natural world, everything is divided up and these dividends are the inherent limits on species population. It fluctuates. But generally the population doubling time is long enough to maintain, but not actually constantly increase, a species.

      We are taking over every resource and literally sucking our home dry with moron attitudes like yours.

      • Jake

        Depopulationist mindset that is ruining the entire globe with mass genocide and soft kill.

        You sound like a Nazi officer.

        • XYZ

          What do u know about Nazism, brainwashed moron?

          • Pete

            He obviously doesn't know as much as you :)

      • ryan

        So you think everyone is stupid except you? You are an ignorant fool to think we are sucking the planet dry. Why don't you stop consuming all the shit that actually is destroying our planet and start doing something positive so we can all thrive on this vast and very giving Earth.

      • Aaron

        Some people have so little faith in the greatness and ingenuity of man. First off population growth has been decelerating since 1990 and many experts predict the population to stabilize in the next 4 decades at 9-10 billion thanks to development decreasing birth rates to replacement levels or decline, like is currently the case in most of the West.

        Second, burning only a fraction of the fossil fuels we have left at our disposal will allow the development and deployment of a global grid of clean energy systems within our lifetimes. These technologies will allow us to harness vast amounts of energy that will make fossil fuels look like child's play in comparison.

        Third, new technologies and unprecedented availability of cheap energy will allow us to expand into space. This will allow the deployment of yet greater energy systems (space based solar arrays) and will also allow us to shift our resource extraction off world.

        The incredible reserves of energy and resources gained from our expansion into space will allow us to embark on the grand project of restoring the environment to its former vitality.

        The only foolish course of action would be to slow scientific, medical and technological progress right at the time they will be needed most. The solar system has more than enough resources to supply for 9-10 billion people. Stop thinking so small friend, we won't be contained to this planet much longer.

    • XYZ

      Yes, idiot, lets breed recklessly and see ourselves as masters of this poor planet. Lets rob it, who cares, it can feed us forever. Its like a fairytale, resources never end. Ure a poster child for eugenics.

  • NG

    Won't take many more decades before euthanasia is encouraged in our quickly population planet. Wouldn't surprise me if you bought someone else a few years by signing up for the most terrifying ride in the world voluntarily. I see by the comments everyone is disguisted by 'death culture' and 'morons'. Just because you don't want to think about the inevitable squeeze of the globes resources; don't put those who do think about these issues in with the crazies and loons.

  • T Bagg

    Get over yourselves people. Just ask Human + to volunteer to be first on the coaster.

    Btw, Monsanto and the pharmacists of the world are killing you, and you pay them to. Just like me. bahhhhhhhh!

  • Aria Milan

    This is horrific. Art should not be directed at finding novel ways to kill people, but rather to make this world a better place to live in for the people who do.

  • BallsCapone

    Praise to the Great Milenko! This guy should win the award for the worlds smartest Juggalo. The Insane Clown Posse would be so incredibly proud that someone finally actually came up with a deadly carnival ride.

  • JC

    Clearly this person has too much time on their hands….

  • Tom Lowe

    Such ‘ghoul art’ is in very poor taste.

  • Jason_Wise

    I see Logan's Run and the Carousel in the near future if we let this sort of thing to continue.

  • Barney

    It is imperative for the designer to test his creation first, before anyone else. After all… is the socially responsible thing to do! Maybe he can perform the original experiment and collect the outcome data for his doctoral dissertation. He can write two conclusions based upon the outcome– in advance. If it works out as advertised he can at least receive his PhD post-humously. PETA and Humane Societies will be happy because no animals would be used for testing.

    Alternative test subjects, but really not a substitute, may be illuminati scum, attorneys, bankers, politicians etc.

  • Joe Bassett

    The SLavs which are white have been killed by the tens of millions in wars and under Communism. The whites in all western countries have been killed by the hundreds of millions. T he politicians act tough and they think they have nothing to fear from couch potatoes. They do fear the Israelis just because they can do what they want and they do. They can come into America and commit 9/11 and none of them are arrested. Only when this country falls apart if the politicians and the rich folks had to pay for their crimes, but the couch potatoes are not going after them.

  • isnamthere

    Too disgusting for amerikans. They'd rather die on the roller coaster of never ending consumerism, work-a-holic stress syndrome, reality-based television watching, unnecessary hyper-competitiveness, empire building and incarcerating each other in privatized, industrial prisons. Oh yeah, and McDonalds.

  • Deb


    • Ken D. Webber

      What kind of idiot would create such an amusement park ride and no mention of treats? Just totally bad marketing to not mention where the soylent green chips are going to be sold for the ride. ;0

  • adam

    I agree the creator of this evil monstrosity should be required to ride it first and foremost. This guy is another complete evil, moron in the world, where are all these insane humans coming from? In fact my question is, "Are these people human, or are they the clones we keep hearing about as these clones would have no soul and would not be

    a sentient being with human empathy" Read about trans humanism and cloning, these creatures would have no humanity what so ever. On the other hand perhaps he is a human, but one of the ones completely immersed in the death culture I keep hearing about. The question then becomes,"Does the culture of death and destruction destroy ones humanity completely and irrecoverably?"

    Either way I am ready to be beamed up Scotty, time to find a new world on the Starship Enterprise, because with morons like this guy, the old one sure it going to hell in a hand basket as the old timers used to say!


  • medea

    He should definitely be the first one to use is… The Lithuanians were great Nazis.

    • XYZ

      How much history do u know, retard?

    • Anonymous

      Your a cock

    • Smb910

      I am telling you don't go on that coaster HE IS TRYING TO KILL THE HUMAN RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!