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Europe, Nations Around the World Rejecting Monsanto

Elizabeth Renter
June 5th, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 10:17 pm
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Likely the most hated corporation in the world, Monsanto definitely isn’t winning any popularity contests. But like the delusional “mean girl” in high school, they still think they have a chance at being crowned prom queen purely on the basis of their money. According to MarketWatch, Monsanto announced last week that they will not be seeking approval for new genetically modified seeds in Europe because no one there seems to want it.

A spokesperson for the huge company says it makes no sense to fight for approval when there is such little demand for their products in the region.

“As long as there’s not enough demand from farmers for these products and the public at large doesn’t accept the technology, it makes no sense to fight against windmills,” said Ursula Luettmer-Ouazane.

In reality, we are seeing major movements against Monsanto like never before. As Anthony Gucciardi detailed last week after he was the only one covering the March Against Monsanto in Philadelphia, activism has hit new highs against Monsanto and GMOs — the media just fails to cover it! But, Monsanto—not surprisingly blind to the extreme dislike the majority of people have towards them—seems to think Europeans just need more time to warm up to the idea of genetically modified, tumor-causing crops.

“It’s obvious that Europe needs more time, while other regions have embraced our concepts more readily,” added Luettmer-Ouazane.

The decision to not seek approval isn’t new, really. As a matter of fact, Monsanto hasn’t sought approval in Europe for two to three years due to the same lack of interest. And with protests against them taking place around the world, the needed-demand isn’t likely to rise anytime soon.

Eight governments of the E.U. have banned Monsanto’s GM corn and other forms of genetically modified crops. In Europe, the corn is only being grown in Spain, Portugal, and a few Eastern European countries. As a matter of fact, Europe only accounts for 12% of the company’s $13.5 billion in global sales.

Monsanto isn’t the only company in the genetically-modified game, however, their competition is also feeling the cold shoulder overseas. BASF, Syngenta, and Bayer AG’s CropScience unit have all “largely pulled out” of the markets of Western Europe.

One thing these countries have going for them are governments who see the dangers of these franken-foods and are standing by their citizens. In the United States, on the other hand, we can’t even get our government to tell us which foods contain GMOs and which do not. Monsanto is getting the feeling they aren’t welcome in Europe, but when will they get the same vibe from Americans?

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  • Kenzie Rhodes

    Yup, unfortunately leaving the continued survival and profits of these companies to rest entirely upon the consumers of the good ole USA….prepare for complete domination, people. Soon GMOs will be all that are available to us.

  • Robles

    Be Knowledge last days events letter 258, 1907
    Miasma GMO

    • skinnycat


  • suss

    Yeah their whole "satanic global empire" depends on this gmo FAKE PHUD they are hoisting on all of us you think they arn't going to hoist in on us by stealth: think again by having unregulated field testing here in the us they are contaminating everything that is the plan so even if we get them out so to speak it will be too late everything will be contaminated w/ this stuff!!!! Also these evil cretons always have plan b,c,d etc. It just amazes me to see anyone so stupid to not see this by standing on their side they are quite literally helping to kill their own family's and the future of mankind. Absolutely takes my breath away!!

  • Steve

    Keep up the hard work pal!!! great to see this happening all over the world :D

  • Susan

    The US is negotiating a ‘free trade’ agreement with the EU that will force gmo’s into their union. The WTO tried to force it which failed. The matter is not over. Be aware and advised of their alternative plans.

  • Pascal

    Well informed Europeans are only against growing GMOs in thier countries .
    All the while the Europeans have access to all the precious poisons by simply going to thier favorite grocery stores :)
    Access to natural food is maintained by millions of gastronomists .
    That's freedom of choice !

  • Debi

    Excellet interview. I ask myself why our government needs to ban soda in some states and yet will not label GMO food? I am fed up with our American government and the lies that seduce the public for votes. I refused to vote in the last election because of those lies and all the money spent on their advertising. It is no wonder that major coverage of news media will not disclose any marches unless they too are paid. Very sad that the American People who pay these taxes have NO voice anymore.

    • ptsherm

      the money trail is in the USA

  • Emmaline Barnett

    ban & boycott is USA

  • MortenB

    Monsanto backing off only means they temporary redraw and start planning how to come back in another way, and in another time frame when people are occupied with other issues…

  • Thomas

    no worries Obama will next be appointing Luettmer-Ouazane to run the FDA along with all the drug company insiders already there.

  • johnnyknox

    Good piece, good interview i managed to catch via RT.

  • MajorTome

    When will they get the vibe? When we as a nation stand up and vote out every politician who supports GMO. When we as a majority care enough to act. Sooooo….. never?