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Flashback: Researchers Propose Eating Insects Instead of Animal Meats as Dietary Staple

Anthony Gucciardi
May 23rd, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 6:38 pm
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eating insects 235x147 Flashback: Researchers Propose Eating Insects Instead of Animal Meats as Dietary Staple

Researchers from Wageningen University in the Netherlands have proposed that the world begin eating insects, as opposed to traditional animal meats. The reason? The researchers claim that bugs produce less greenhouse gases than animals such as pigs, and therefore we should all begin chowing down on crickets and locusts. While this sounds ludicrous, and it is, real problems could arise if the United Nations or other powerful organizations begin backing this ridiculous ideology under the guise of environmentalism.

Eating Insects to Save the Planet

Published in the journal PLoS ONE, the Wageningen University researchers compared the greenhouse gas emissions of mealworms, crickets, locusts and pigs. Particularly with methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), the insects produced far lower emissions than pigs did overall. The study also examined ammonia emissions, which were lower in bugs. The true insanity of this study can be found in the fact that the researchers are actually advocating a worldwide adaption to the ‘bug diet’. Instead of mentioning the fact that the global climate changes in regards to the solar cycle, the study goes on to pretend that animals emiting carbon dioxide is the main reason for global climate change – and thus people should being eating insects. Yum.

What the researchers did not examine, however, is how producing bugs for human consumption could affect the environment. In addition, it was not mentioned how the farm animals were raised. Organic farms that do not use antibiotics and hormone injections lead to more environmentally-friendly results. Besides the lack of information in regards to how eating insects might affect the environment, the study also forgets to mention that CO2 is vital to plant life. Plants need CO2 in order to survive, and when they take in CO2, they release oxygen for humans and other mammals to breathe. Bringing CO2 emissions down to extremely low levels will lead to less plant life, and thus take a toll on the environment as a whole.

While real environmental preservation efforts exist, such as targeting the pollution of toxic gases in major cities worldwide, forcing the world population to begin eating insects due to lower CO2 emissions is not real environmental change. The insanity that goes along with pushing such extreme “green” practices is quite astounding. On a consumer level, oftentimes many “green” products are loaded with even more environmental contaminants than other products on the the shelves.

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  • Rick

    Analysis of fossilized human stool shows that bugs were 40% of the human diet. Almost all bugs are edible. Also, the bible doesn't say the earth was given to humans to "use", it says man should be good stewards/caretakers, not a plague. Do bugs have Vitamin B12? What is so bad about eating a bug compared to slaughtering an animal and eating it's muscles & organs?

  • Mr. Mojo

    Makes that tofu burger more appealing.

  • Spaz

    Um, I think I'll stick with plants and critters that divide the hoof and chew the cud, some poultry and swimming things with fins and scales. locust, crickets and grasshoppers, may at some point become a dietary staple but it will never ever be because of my global foot print. YHVH gave us this planet to use and told us what was good to eat and what is not. The UN and it's ilk does not and will not have power over His authority though me. Never.

  • Gerald Sills

    Another issue forgotten in this Socialist diatribe is: what do you do with the pigs, especially the wild ones that have prolific birth rates. I can hear the steady ring of gunfire already.

  • james

    Whats with the war on meat all of a sudden?

    • hereward

      It's not all of a sudden really, it started with Ancel Keys' bogus attack on saturated fat as the cause of heart disease (a lie) back in the '50s, and continues. They want to bring back the "good old days" when the rich and powerful ate well-marbled meat and were big and healthy, while the serfs ate bread and vegetables and were little and scrawny.

  • Steve W.

    Ew! This is disgusting ha!