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Barbarism: Doctors Now Encouraging Patients to Remove Body Parts to ‘Prevent Cancer’

Anthony Gucciardi
September 30th, 2012
Updated 11/18/2012 at 2:17 am
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removebodyparts 235x147 Barbarism: Doctors Now Encouraging Patients to Remove Body Parts to Prevent Cancer

Glorified as a heart warming ‘preventative’ trend by the mainstream media, doctors are now recommending that patients who are found to be ‘more susceptible’ to certain cancers based on genetic testing actually surgically remove body parts that could be affected. It sounds insane and beyond barbaric (as it is), but apparently the mainstream medical community thinks it is quite the heroic feat to perform bodily mutilation in the name of phony cancer prevention.

In a recent CNN article entitled “My preventive mastectomy: Staying alive for my kids,” a mother removes both her breasts and ovaries despite not testing positive for cancer. Stating that the did so at the urging of her gynecologist, Allison Gilbert surgically removed her ovaries in 2007 and her breasts earlier this year. Gilbert explains how she decided to remove her breasts and ovaries after her doctor highly recommended doing so despite the fact that nutrition and lifestyle actually can alter your gene expression dramatically:

The decision to have surgery without having cancer wasn’t easy, but it seemed logical to me. My mother, aunt and grandmother have all died from breast or ovarian cancer, and I tested positive for the breast cancer gene.

Nutrition is Known to Dramatically Affect Gene Expression

This new trend signifies a complete and utter failure to recognize legitimate science regarding the effective prevention of cancer through nutrition and lifestyle. In fact, research has repeatedly shown that what you eat directly affects your genes. As information from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology shows, nutrition can create or alleviate inflammation levels through altering gene expression. Inflammation, of course, has been linked to a long list of diseases — including cancer. As a lead researcher from the study explained:

“This affects not only the genes that cause inflammation in the body, which was what we originally wanted to study, but also genes associated with development of cardiovascular disease, some cancers, dementia, and type 2 diabetes — all the major lifestyle-related diseases.”

Beyond this information, we know that countless natural substances are highly effective in the prevention of cancer across the board. Super nutrients like vitamin D, spices like ginger and turmeric, and antioxidant-rich superfoods have all been shown in peer-reviewed research to fight cancer at a genetic level. As researchers at Jefferson’s Kimmel Cancer Center found, antioxidants help to both prevent and fight cancer:

“Now we have genetic proof that mitochondrial oxidative stress is important for driving tumor growth,” said lead researcher Michael P. Lisanti, M.D., Ph.D.

Apparently Gilbert’s gynecologist was completely unaware of this research, or perhaps the other several thousand pieces of information that exist on the subject. But sadly it is not just Gilbert’s doctor who is recommending patients chop off their breasts, ovaries, and other areas of the body that present a ‘genetic risk’ of cancer. Sadly, this trend is not only far-reaching but being touted in the media through laughable sources like CNN as a heart warming and touching display of affection for friends and family.

Current Health Paradigm Promotes Sickness, Surgery, and Death

And even as patients like Gilbert experience the life-crushing results of listening to their ignorant and downright unqualified doctors who originally insisted they mutilate their bodies unnecessarily, they unfortunately continue to re-assure themselves that they made the right decision.

Psychologically, it is similar to why many E-mail scams succeed in which fake princes and princesses ask for you to send them money overseas. Once you have sent a phony Prince John thousands of dollars overseas, you are almost forced to believe the lie. After all, if you accept it as a lie, then you have lost. It is much easier to believe that Prince John exists and is having trouble sending you the millions promised than to accept you have been scammed.

Gilbert details the aftermath of her ‘preventative’ surgery in which she removed her breasts and was thrown into menopause at age 37 with severe side effects, yet explains how she still believes that the surgery was the right decision:

The most difficult part of the operation came in the months that followed: I was thrust into menopause at 37. Despite age-inappropriate night sweats and hot flashes, I was relieved to have the surgery…

What this practice is in reality, however, is the result of a horrendous medical system that has engulfed the United States. Costing over ten times the amount spent in 1980, United States healthcare costs currently near $2.6 trillion as of 2010 as disease rates continually climb and the life expectancy among the poor who eat processed foods are being reduced across the board. It’s time to escape the old health paradigm of sickness, barbaric body part removal, and pharmaceutical medication.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • Rick

    makes me wonder if some of these hospitals are participating in some black market organ dealing!

  • Anonymous

    Phytolacca oil – poke weed oil.

    • Anonymous

      Poke weed oil took care of benign breast lumps I had. This was recommended to me by my NDMD,s . Cured my dear 66+ yr old friends breast cancer also. Use topically. Spread this info far and wide- it is a cure.

  • Rachel

    As someone who has lost a family member to the BRCA mutation, I think your article has some merit but is also flawed and subjective. I have spent countless hours researching this topic and I think it is imperative to eat properly etc., all in the name of prevention. However, it is very much still a gamble. For people with such a mutation, the risk of ovarian cancer is 40 percent, breast cancer is 60-80 percent, and also a 7 percent risk of pancreatic cancer for men and women, and prostate risk as well. If a person doesn't want to play these odds I feel it is their personal choice to have preventative mastectomy or ovaries removed (of course it's better if they had menopause already!) . But answer those who have a strong family history with those odds that take care of their health! Many women should really ask themselves, is it worth the risk if they are diagnosed with ovarian cancer? How many people do you know that survive ? Also the people that know what it is to have had cancer may exercise their choice again to not risk getting it again in a secondary location. Perhaps you can call this barbaric, Mr. Gucciardi. I think it is more barbaric to let one go through endless pain and vomiting and terrible procedures until they die and leave their families to suffer. Besides, as much as there are some that keep a perfect diet and exercise, realistically there will be others that are not able to. There are also women that get the lumpectomy with avoidable radiation(which we know is toxic, but we must weigh the risks!) instead of a well indicated mastectomy, because they rather be attractive to their significant other. Maybe we need to ask these women how they will be attractive if they

    arent alive? Barbaric? I don't think with these high statistics that it is barbaric, especially when people have lost several family members in such cases. If it was your life, would you really want to play the game if you know you could totally prevent these odds. Nutrition or not, mutations don't always discriminate!

    • Diana Meow

      I think that you are VERY UNAWARE that the body regenerates its cells quite a few times a year. Your WHOLE BODY to a cellular, genetic level. You should read more about Genetics. Doctors DON'T take these courses in the U.S. I am a Biochemist. You should INFORM yourself before you mislead people more than they are

      • Rachel

        I am well read that the body regenerates but then please tell my dead sister how her healthy eating helped prevent her death!

      • Evan

        Doctors don't take these courses in the U.S. huh? Weird, I've had full courses on biochemistry, genetics, and cancer. Apparently you are wrong?

  • June

    Starting in the early 1930s, removal of the male infant foreskin was promoted to eliminate the potential for developing penile cancer. It took six decades to debunk that myth, but some people still believe it today.

  • anonymous

    Unfortunately it is a prime example of sheeple just following what their doctor states & not looking up facts for themselves. "Well after all they went to college for this." family members statement.

  • Lindsy S

    Thanks for exposing this Anthony.

    Sadly I know people who are doing this!

    • Anonymous

      My sister did this. She had some cancer cells in one of her breasts & was advised to have the other one removed also, for prevention, so she did. No cancer in the family except our dad getting prostate cancer when he was 90.

      She also had a hysterectomy (not about cancer) & only needed to have her uterus removed but was advised to have her ovaries taken at the same time, for cancer prevention, of course. So she did.

  • Anonymous

    need anymore proof that the system has gone insane?

  • Melton

    Disturbing! Barbaric indeed and utterly phony science behind it!