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Curcumin’s Anti-Inflammatory Properties Prevent Liver Damage, Liver Cirrhosis

Elizabeth Renter
February 1st, 2014
Updated 05/06/2014 at 9:56 pm
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turmeric liver damage 263x164 Curcumins Anti Inflammatory Properties Prevent Liver Damage, Liver CirrhosisIt is no secret that turmeric and its active compound curcumin are capable of promoting liver health. Past research has found that turmeric is capable of repairing damaged liver tissues, while various cultures utilized the spice to promote liver health for generations before then. Most recently, researchers in Isreal have discovered that curcumin may be a potentially effective natural treatment for liver cirrhosis, an ailment where normal, healthy tissues in the liver are replaced with scar tissues.

The new study, published in Liver International, sought to examine the effects of this powerful spice on damaged livers. The researchers resorted to some fairly barbaric means to find that curcumin did, in fact, have a beneficial impact on liver damage.

Liver cirrhosis was induced in lab rats by administering thioacetamide (TAA), a solvent normally used in textile and leather processing. Then, they treated half of the liver-damaged rats with curcumin, which was administered by gavage. Gavage is a term that refers to force-feeding by administering something directly into the stomach through a tube down the throat.

Cruelty aside, the study did have some promising results.

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Those rats who were force fed 300 mg of curcumin daily for 12 weeks fared better than the control group who did not receive any curcumin. The researchers believed this is due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the spice.

“Curcumin inhibited the development of TAA-induced liver cirrhosis mainly due to its anti-inflammatory activities and not by a direct anti-fibrotic effect. As curcumin ingestion is safe in humans, it may be reasonable to assess in clinical studies the beneficial effect of curcumin in slowing the development of liver cirrhosis.”

As with any disease or health problem, prevention should be the first line of defense. If you can avoid liver cirrhosis to begin with, you won’t need to seek out treatment.

Liver cirrhosis can be caused by a variety of factors including hepatitis types A, B, and C. Excessive alcohol consumption and even the overuse of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Tylenol can trigger the scar tissue that marks cirrhosis. But non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is one of the main causes, and is entirely preventable through proper diet.

A super-spice linked to everything from anti-inflammation to anti-cancer benefits, curcumin may be an all-natural treatment worth celebrating. And if you are suffering from liver damage, this may be something to consider. But if you don’t have cirrhosis and hope to never have it, prevention is crucial and entirely possible.

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  • wpglvr

    Yes, this is savage science.

  • Patrick

    HOW MUCH DO HUMANS TAKE ? With out this information , the rest of the information has little value !

    • RealityCheck

      No way to know since rats were tortured and force-fed. This study can in no way shape or form suggest the same effect in humans. Only that it is “worth investigating.”

  • agrosuramerica

    I use Turmeric in everything that I prepare; from soups to hot/cold plates/. I know that Turmeric contains Curcumin. Is it possible to purchase Curcumin?

    • John Cook

      Yes, turmeric contains about 6% Curcumin, so one gram of Curcumin equates to about 17 grams of turmeric.
      It’s important to mix Curcumin with black pepper and a healthy oil so choose the Curcumin supliment wisely.

      • agrosuramerica

        Does Curcumin come separate as a spice? or just within Turmeric?

        • John Cook

          No, Curcumin is the golden yellow colour in turmeric but it has no Flavor by itself. So you can only get it as a supliment.
          I’m too poor to afford such things so I first got a kilogram of turmeric, it only cost $15 which is enormously cheaper than the typical prices as a spice. Then I managed to find a supplier in India and bought a kilogram of turmeric “Olioresin” from him. It cost about $35 but the shipping was another $45 but that eas still cheap because it is the raw extract from many kilograms of tumeric. It contains about 35% Curcumin.
          I mix it with black pepper, lethicin and coconut oil. Then each week I mix some of that with a tin of coconut cream and take a tablespoon each day.

          • agrosuramerica

            I apply it on Avocado. I read somewhere that you need to take it for best results with anything containing fatty acids, like avocado. Can you get me a price for getting the 35% down to Colombia, SA?

            • John Cook

              Avocato is very good, but don’t forget the black pepper, it massively increases the bio-availability of the Curcumin.
              Sorry but the supplier thought it was too much of a hassle to supply just one kilo, he will only take orders for twenty kilograms or more from now on. This could be a great business for the right person. Good luck :)

              • agrosuramerica

                John, I am going to get fresh black pepper tomorrow. Is it possible that the supplier can contact me?

                ​Jaime Álvaro Burbano Cuellar, Director
                AgroSurAmerica, SA
                Belize City, Belize CA
                Medellin, Colombia S.A.

                USA#: 630-701-6725
                Colombia Cell: 57-314-256-5093

                SKYPE: agrosuramerica

                • John Cook

                  I have sent your details to the supplier.

                  This is my last communication with him:

                  Whoops, it won’t allow me to paste anything, damn.

                  Anyway I think he said that twenty kg including DHL airfreight would cost about $1450 US to australia.

              • agrosuramerica

                John, any idea as to price on 20Kilos?

      • RealityCheck

        Are you a doctor? Do you have a medical degree? A degree in any health related field? What qualifies you to make these health claims?

        • John Cook

          You are such a dork “RealityCheck” – everything you post is wrong or, as in this case just plain Stupid.
          I made NO health claims. The only thing that even comes close is pointing out that black pepper increases the bio-availability or Curcumin.