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Bee Population Suffers from this Technological Device

Mike Barrett
June 2nd, 2011
Updated 01/05/2013 at 4:03 pm
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bugbee 210x131 Bee Population Suffers from this Technological Device

The bee population has suffered a dramatic decline over the past few years. As covered in a previous story, electromagnetic radiation, malnutrition, and climate have all been blamed for the decline. While these may be factors, along with bee-killing pesticides sprayed on crops, a new culprit has been established in aiding to the bee decline.

Research conducted in Lausanne, Switzerland found that cell phone signals confuse and disorient bees, often leading to their death. Over 83 experiments paralleled the research conducted in Switzerland, concluding that cell phones at least have a negative impact.

The study, which was led by Daniel Favre, found that bees reacted erratically when active cell phones were placed near or in bee hives. Bees would become disoriented and confused instead of flying away from the device when it was either making or receiving a call.

When a cell phone is active, signals are being transmitted to and from the device. The unnatural, foreign frequency puts the bees in an abnormal state, many times leading to their death.

In addition, the electromagnetic fields generated by cell phones and other technologies are also leading to the bee decline.

Why does this matter?

Over the past 30 years the bee population within the U.S. and U.K. has been nearly cut in half. All life forms serve a purpose and bees are no exception to this rule. Bees produce honey and pollinate our crops. Bee pollination is crucial for the fertilization of many crops and also enables sexual reproduction of flowers.

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  • Visita

    Great share Mike, keep up the good work….

  • besuchen Sie hier

    Bees pollinate vast amounts of crops, flowers and plants necessary for the food chain to flourish. Einstein may have been referring to the possibility that man may not be able to grow adequate crops to feed the world without pollination.

  • surveillance systems

    Wow… Surprising information find out that cell phone frequency device is the culprit for the bees harm. Really, I first know of the info. I think everybody should conscious about bee existence. Thanks!

  • joverly huete

    why does the cell phone affect in the people in the year of 2012

  • JamesR

    This is nonsense. Placing an active cell phone inside or next to a hive only proves the signal has an effect when it was originating from inside or next to a hive. These researchers should check into something called inverse square law.

    • PowerUnseen

      Yes, the signal strength drops off with distance, but the alleged effects on bees depends rather on the sensitivity of the bees. I was shown a coverage map of a cell phone tower and the red zone encompassed a beach that must have been at least a mile away from the tower. The idea of putting a cell phone in or next to a hive only speeds up the effects that might take weeks or months otherwise, and therefore make the study rather costly and also the results might get masked by the background electro smog in the area. I have reason to believe, rightly or wrongly, that a red zone might well be a cancer zone, but what time scale I don't know. I also believe there may be co-factors involved (other causes) and that deleterious effects might be put off somewhat by supplements and anti-oxidants, compared to someone who doesn't take anything.