90% Of All Tobacco Is Full of Pesticides, Herbicides, and GMOs

Most tobacco crops are doused with toxic herbicides. What’s more, a large portion of tobacco is genetically modified, making it even more dangerous.

Feds Still have No Idea How Illegal GM Wheat Got Into this Montana Field

It has been a year since illegal, unexpected GM wheat was found growing at a Montana State University test lab field. We still do not know where it came from.

Monsanto and Media Are Trying to ‘Re-Brand’ GMOs

As expected, the mainstream media is trying to re-brand GMOs so that the public thinks the food creations are completely safe.

Costco Decides to Sell Controversial GM Salmon

As major supermarkets refuse GM salmon, mega-store Costco plans on selling the genetically modified fish to its customers while attempting to dress itself as a big organic seller.

India Halts GMO Trials After Activist Campaign

Activists’ campaigns against GM crops in India are taking their toll, leading to the halting of confined GM field trials while issues are addressed.

Are You Eating U.S. Cloned Meat That may Soon be Banned in Europe?

Members of the European Parliament are pushing hard for a ban on cloning animals for use in food, while the U.S. has embraced such questionable food.

The Truth Behind The USDA’s ‘Non-GMO Label’ Revealed

The USDA’s Process Verified Seal made to indicate whether food contains genetically modified ingredients may not be what it seems.

West African Country Dumps Monsanto’s GM Cotton, Seeks Compensation

Due to ‘disappointing yields and poor quality cotton fiber,” the country of Burkina Faso in West Africa is ditching Monsanto’s genetically modified cotton.

Neil Young Boycotts Starbucks Over GMOs

Monsanto, the U.S. biotech corporation that everyone loves to hate, is the target of Neil Young, one of the top composers of protest music of his generation.

GMO Amino Acids Become Newest Biotech Creation

Big biotech is creating genetically modified amino acids that are supposed to be an improvement over existing biocontainment approaches for GM organisms.

Major Vermont Hospital to Cut GMOs from Menu

A medical center in Vermont which serves 2 million meals a year plans to boost organics and reduce GMOs served to both patients and hospital visitors alike.

Former EPA Scientist Speaks Out Against GMOs

A former senior scientist from the EPA who has studied the impact GMOs have on the environment has been speaking out against GMOs Here is what he says.

Who are Really the Top Shareholders of Monsanto?

Who are the real owners and top shareholders of Monsanto? You may be shocked to discover how only a handful of investment funds are pulling the strings.

Iowa State University Students and Faculty Call GMO Banana Trials Into Question

Iowa State University students were recruited to take part in experimental trials involving GMO bananas, but there are so many issues, people got angry.

Organic, Non-GMO Fast Food Drive-Thrus? It Isn’t a Dream. It’s Happening

Organic food brand Amy’s has just received approval to build one of the first non-GMO, organic, fast-food drive-thru’s in Rohnert Park, California.

Why Monsanto Is Losing Money: Because People Aren’t Buying It!

Why is Monsanto consistently losing money month after month? Because people aren’t buying their GMOs and cancer-linked herbicide.

Scientists Unveil Genetically Modified Insects with ‘Kill Switch’ Genes

Biotechnologists have developed a ‘kill-switch’ for genetically modified insects to help control these creations when they are set free in the wild.