New Orleans Begins Decriminalization of Pot Possession

New Orleans’ efforts to reduce penalties for pot possession may spur the state of Louisiana to abandon its strict laws.

General Mills to Label ALL Products with GMOs, Thanks to Vermont’s GMO Labeling Law

Thanks to the GMO labeling law in Vermont, major GMO labeling opponent General Mills announced that it will label its products containing genetically modified ingredients.

Global Glyphosate Herbicide Market IS Driven by Genetically Modified Crops

Transparency Market Research forecasts an increase in the global glyphosate market due to increased cultivation of genetically modified crops.

This Simple Activity Offers Surprising Health Benefits

Knitting yields beautiful products and reduces stress, pain, anorexia nervosa, and depression even as it heightens memory and fine motor skills.

Key Report Outlines 27 Solutions to Reduce Food Waste and Save $100 Billion

A recently-released comprehensive report outlines 27 solutions for cutting food waste significantly, saving the country $100 billion.

Could Smoking Increase Kids’ Risk for COPD Later in Life?

Growing up with a parent who parents who smoke may increase the risk for COPD in later life, especially if your mom was a heavy smoker and you smoke, too.

Landlords in This State Now MUST Remove Mold from Properties, or Pay

Under a recently enacted law, landlords in California can no longer blow off mold problems in their rental properties. It could even be a misdemeanor.

FDA Will Likely Release GM Mosquitoes North of Key West

GM modified to fight Zika may soon be released in Florida after the FDA said it believes the creatures are safe for people or the environment.

The Netherlands and Sweden Join France in Anti-Glyphosate Stance

The Netherlands and Sweden recently joined France in an anti-glyphosate stance, going against Monsanto’s most widely-used herbicide.

Popular Diabetes Drug Found to up B12 Deficiency, Anemia Risk

A popular Type 2 diabetes drug has been shown in a new study to increase the risk for anemia and vitamin B12 deficiency after years of use.

Former Prime Minister Says Fukushima Almost Destroyed Japan

Five years after the Fukushima meltdowns, Japan’s former Prime Minister Naoto Kan reflects on the ongoing disaster and lack of help from TEPCO.

Senate Approves Bill to Tackle Nation’s Heroin, Opioid Problem

The Senate passed a bill aimed at, among other things, treating heroin- and opioid-abusers rather than punishing them, but there’s no money to fund it.

WHO’s New Q & A on Glyphosate Confirms Toxicity of Round Up

The World Health Organization published a Q&A on the toxicity of glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Round Up herbicide. Toxicity confirmed.

After Flint’s Water Crisis, 47% of Americans Don’t Trust Their Water Supplies

A recent Associated Press poll has found that almost half of Americans no longer trust their water supplies – largely thanks to the Flint water crisis.

New Study Links Vitamin D Deficiency with Breast Cancer Cell Growth

Authors of a newly released study show a direct correlation between vitamin D deficiency and the spreading of breast cancer cells. Time to get some sun!

Major Meat Company Goes Antibiotic-Free After Charged with 33 Counts of Animal Cruelty

Largely in response to consumer demand, Tyson will be sourcing their pork meat from pigs raised without antibiotics. But will this help with the animal cruelty?

This Nationwide Fix Could Save 200,000 Lives Over 15 Years

A new study shows that if the government made fruits and veggies more affordable, it would drastically cut heart-related deaths in the U.S.