Apple Cider Vinegar: So Many Uses to Lose Weight and Feel Better

Apple cider vinegar has been used as a health tonic and miracle cure for all different types of ailments, from ACV, to upset stomach, to acne.

Report: Chance of Obesity, Diabetes Rises When McDonald’s is Near By

A report indicates that obesity and diabetes rates are most likely to increase when fast food chains are close by. The closer you are, the higher the risk.

Man’s Kidney Fails After He Drinks 16 8-Ounce Glasses of Iced Tea Daily

After experiencing ill health, a man discovered that his shocking habit of drinking 16 8-ounce glasses of iced tea EVERY DAY led to his kidney failure.

Study Reveals How Much Processed Food We Really Buy

A report reveals that a whopping 60 percent of the food we purchase comes in the form of processed junk, but does that number reflect buying habits today?

Monsanto Donates Money to Save the Same Butterflies They’re Killing

Scientists point to Monsanto for the demise of monarch butterflies, and now the biotech giant is donating to save the same butterflies they are killing.

These Chemicals Spark $209 BILLION in Medical Costs

The EU will look into 700 different chemicals to analyze their endocrine disrupting potential. The chemicals are sparking $209 billion in healthcare costs.

Bizarre: Coca-Cola Paid Spiritual Leaders to Use Coke In ‘Healing Rituals’

To get consumers to drink more soda, Coca-Cola is pushing spiritual leaders to use your beverages in a full fledged ‘healing ritual’ performed by Shamans.

McDonald’s Downfall: Even Kids Aren’t Eating Fast Food Anymore

As McDonald’s keeps losing profits each and every month, even kids are eating less disease-breeding fast food.

Why The Superbug-Killing Medieval Home Remedy Works

A medieval recipe was recently discovered that could be a solution to modern-day superbugs. But what makes it work? Let us take a look.

Scientists Discover Medieval Home Remedy Kills Superbugs and Infections

A 1000 year-old potion made out of onions, garlic, wine, and bile from a cow’s stomach can wipe out modern-day antibiotic resistant superbugs like MRSA.

“GM-Free” Domino’s Caught Selling GMO-Laden Pizzas

It seems that the fast food giant Domino’s has been caught selling genetically modified ‘Frankenfood’ pizzas while claiming to be ‘GM-free’ on its website.

The Simple Vegetable Gardening Cheat Sheet: All You Need to Know

This vegetable growing cheat sheet will tell you when to plant, how far apart seeds should go, what size pot to use, when to harvest, and much more.

The 1 Key to Make Nuts Healthful, Not Harmful

Before you buy your raw nuts, you must discover how sprouting seeds and soaking nuts is nature’s way of delivering pure nutrition.

This Community may be the First to Have Pesticide-Free Lawns

Toxic lawns are coming, but citizens in Maryland want to end the use of harmful lawn pesticides like Roundup, transitioning to pesticide-free communities.

Experts Call for Review of GMO Crops Upon Recent Pesticide-Cancer Link

The WHO says pesticide ingredients are probably carcinogenic, so yes, we should reconsider the use of GMO crops made specifically to tolerate pesticides.

The Music Tracks Made JUST for Cats – Take a Listen

How well do animals understand music? One composer is developing music just for animals to answer this question. Take a listen to this music for cats.

Are You Feeding Your Children the Right Kind of Milk?

Contrary to what we were told, research finds that young children who drink whole milk grow up to be slimmer than children who drink skim or low-fat milk.