Top Cardiologists: Saturated Fat NOT the Cause of Heart Disease

Three of the world’s top doctors say that saturated fat does not cause heart disease, and that people are too obsessed with their cholesterol numbers.

Fresh Concerns Emerge over Energy Drinks’ Damage to the Heart

The researchers behind a new study say energy drinks place an unnecessary burden on the heart and should be avoided by people with heart problems.

Victory: KFC Pledges to Use Antibiotic-Free Chicken by 2018

In another victorious move for the public, KFC has announced that it will stop using chickens that were given antibiotics in the U.S. by the end of 2018.

FDA Warns 14 Companies over Questionable Health Product Claims

The FDA is cracking down on 14 companies which the agency claims is selling untested and unapproved cancer treatments online.

Vending Machine Device Could Spark Healthier Food Choices

When a Rush University assistant professor rigged vending machines to make people wait 25 seconds for unhealthy snacks, more people chose healthier foods.

Hospital Faces Heat for Poorly Handling an Infant MRSA Outbreak

When an outbreak of MRSA struck 10 infants at UC Irvine Medical Center in California, officials tried “to quietly handle the outbreak internally.”

Legal Medical Marijuana is Coming to West Virginia

West Virginia’s governor is expected to sign an April 2017 bill legalizing medical marijuana in all forms except edibles and loose (rollable) marijuana.

Sad News: USDA Dumps Plans to Test Foods for Glyphosate Herbicide

The USDA has quietly scrapped plans to start testing food for glyphosate, the primary component of the Monsanto-made herbicide RoundUp.

This County Cut Sugary Drink Sales by 20% Without a Soda Tax

Howard County, Maryland cut soda and fruit sales by 20 and 15 percent, respectively, between January 2013 and December 2015 WITHOUT levying a soda tax.

EPA Official Accused of Helping Monsanto ‘Kill’ Glyphosate-Cancer Link

Newly unsealed documents show an EPA official may have helped kill a study linking glyphosate to cancer.

GOP Bill Could Let Employers Access Your Genetic and Health Info

A GOP bill in Congress would give employers the right to demand employees’ personal health and genetic information. Resist and suffer penalties.

Don’t Forget About the 2017 Dirty Dozen List: Most Pesticide-Tainted Produce

The Environmental Working Group has released its annual report on the types of produce contaminated with the most pesticides and pesticide residues.

Subway Sues TV Network over Report that its Chicken is 50% Soy

Subway is fighting back with a lawsuit against a Canadian broadcaster’s claims that its chicken products contain about 50 percent soy filler.

Deadly Fungal Infection a Growing Concern in U.S. Hospitals

A deadly fungus called Candida auris, is spreading in the U.S. and the CDC is advising clinicians to keep an eye out and isolate any infected patients.

Get Ready for an Explosion of Lyme Disease this Spring

Lyme disease is expected to be a major problem in the northeastern U.S. this year because of the exploding mouse population.

CDC: Birth Defects 20 Times More Likely in Pregnant Mothers with Zika

A new CDC study shows that pregnant women who have the Zika virus are 20 times more likely to have an infant with birth defects.

Wanting to Avoid Panic, Calif. State Officials Hid Cell Phone Risks

The state of California was forced by a Superior Court judge this month to release guidelines for safe cell phone use that they feared would cause panic.