Gallstone Patients Could Use High Doses of Vitamin C & Curcumins Instead of Surgery

Gallstones are painful! This pain can be avoided, however, simply by adding high doses of vitamin C and curcumins (found in turmeric root) to one’s diet.

GMO OMG: Is This the End of Real Food?

GMO OMG, a groundbreaking film explains why most crops are GMO while most of the population still doesn’t know what a genetically modified organism is.

Cheerios Switches to Non-GMO After Activist Complaints

General Mills has recently issued a statement saying that they have removed GMO corn, corn syrup, and sugar beets from their Original Cheerios cereal.

5 Lesser-Known Edible Trees and Shrubs

From Pawpaw to Mulberry, there are numerous fruit-producing trees and shrubs you can plant which don’t receive mainstream attention. Here are 5 of them.

Promising Study Finds Vitamin E Slows Alzheimer’s Disease by 19% Annually

In a recent study, a group who took vitamin E alone had an annual reduction of 19 percent in the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

7 Little-Known Benefits of Cucumbers

Cucumbers may have a high water content, but the health benefits of cucumbers should not be watered down. Here are 7 little-known benefits.

10 Essential Oils for Detoxing and Boosting Immunity

Here are 10 oils from a list of thousands you can utilize for their detoxing and health-supporting benefits. Some may be topical-use only.

Alt. Fuel: Scientists Turn Algae into Usable Fuel in Less than an Hour

Scientists are working on replacing petroleum fuels with natural sources such as algae, with some scientists turning algae into usable fuel within an hour.

Are Your Clothes Filled with Toxins?

A new report reveals the ‘monsters in your closet’ and how to reduce and even eliminate dangerous toxins found in almost all clothing.

The Problem with ‘Regular’ Sunscreens, Plus a List of Safe Sunscreens

You need to know that most commercially-made sunscreens are hazardous to your health. Here is why you should consider natural alternatives.

Breastfeeding Boosts Mom’s Heart, Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

New evidence suggests that breastfeeding improves a mother’s heart health, and those gained cardiovascular benefits last until a woman is 65 years old.

Honey: The Solution for Antibiotic Resistant “Super Bugs”?

The unique property of honey lies in its ability to fight infection on multiple levels, making it more difficult for bacteria to develop resistance.

6-Year Study Reveals Toxins Contaminating Columbia River, Wildlife

In the first such study of toxic contaminants within the Columbia River, researchers have found that not only is the water polluted, but so is the wildlife.

Is Your Marijuana Laced with Pesticides?

A new study indicates your marijuana could be contaminated with toxic pesticides and other compounds. Let’s stop it before it gets worse.

5 Facts About Fluoride You Urgently Need to Know

Fluoride is a toxic chemical added to water supplies. Here are 5 facts that may inspire you to take action and use activism to halt fluoridation.

Lunacy: EPA to Allow MORE Butterfly & Bee-Killing, Toxic Pesticides

The EPA may expand the use of two more synthetic pesticides that are devastating to pollinators responsible for the cultivation of our nation’s crops.

Meditation Allows for Focus, Concentration, Makes the Brain ‘Smarter’

In addition to less stress, more peace, greater self-awareness, and better concentration, meditation can actually make you smarter.