Herbal Wonder: Gymnema Blocks the Virulent Properties of Candida Albicans

Research found that an herb known as gymnema, often used to help diabetic patients treat sugar cravings, also helps to destroy the Candida albicans fungus.

Federal Customs Stops 250 Pound Legal Hemp Seed Shipment from Italy Due to Government Overreach

Federal customs agents intercepted a 250-pound batch of hemp seeds bound for Kentucky in a huge case of government interference concerning hemp.

Breaking: First Fukushima Employee Files Lawsuit over Radiation Exposure

A worker at Fukushima filed a historic lawsuit over radiation exposure, saying TEPCO exposed him to dangerous levels of radiation without his knowledge.

4 Natural Foods for Fighting Feelings of Depression

Have feelings of sadness and depression? There are several foods and herbs that can provide relief from depression without the costs – here are 4 of them.

Beware: The #1 Cause of Acute Liver Damage is in Common Cold Remedies

The number one cause of acute liver failure in America is a common fever and cold relief ingredient – acetaminophen, which is found in OTC meds.

Could the Plastic Chemical BPA be Making People Obese?

Research suggests that the presence of bisphenol-A, a toxin found in plastic drink and food containers, could be contributing to the obesity phenomena.

Ban or Label: The Hot GMO Debate

Do we label GMOs, or simply ban them as other countries already have? Can organic crops and GMO crops really coexist? The debate rages on.

Activists Stand Up Against McDonald’s Toxic Pesticide-Potatoes

Activists in Minnesota are opposing McDonald’s as it’s french fries are suspected of poisoning farm animals and wildlife via massive pesticide exposure.

Latest Research Reveals Real Reason Dark Chocolate is Awesome

Why is chocolate so beneficial? Researchers found certain bacteria ferment chocolate into anti-inflammatory compounds that are good for the heart and more.

Got 15 Minutes or Less? 5 Moves for On-the-Spot Fitness

Here are 5 simple body-weight moves that can get your heart rate going and tone your muscles with minimal time, all while promoting overall health.

Cannabis Treats Brain Cancer with Zero Psychoactive Effects

Chemical components of cannabis have been shown to help diminish or eliminate brain cancer in numerous studies. Here are 4 of those studies.

5 Fun Benefits of Lemon Water You may Not Know

More than simple water, drinking lemon water offers a wide array of benefits. Here are 5 fun benefits of lemon water you may not know about.

How a Single Night of Lost Sleep can Age Your Brain Significantly, Plus 6 Ways To Sleep Better

A new study found that just three years of poor sleep can cause someone to lose significant cognitive functioning, leading to brain disease like dementia.

Prison Inmates Grow and Donate 163 Tons of Produce

Inmates in one Missouri prison donated a whopping 163 tons of produce to local food pantries, shelters, churches, nursing homes and schools this year.

New Study: Just One Week of Organic Eating can Lower Pesticide Levels by 89%

Worried about pesticide exposure? Eating organic, pesticide-free fruit and veggies for 1 week can reduce pesticide residue in urine by 89 percent.

3 Pepper Plants to Grow Easily Now for Summer Harvest

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, peppers are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. Here are 3 varieties of peppers you can easily start growing today.

Gel Nail Polish may be Pretty, But it isn’t Risk-Free

A recent study revealed that the UV lamps used to “set” your nails before you walk out the door could put you at a greater risk for cancer, albeit slight.