Pure Poison: Aluminum Adjuvant Linked to Breast Cancer, Autoimmune Disorders, and More

Aluminum has been shown to destroy the brain and cause numerous diseases, yet it is still in vaccines, chemtrails, and more. Here is how to detox aluminum.

DMSO: A Forgotten Natural Miracle for Cancer and Other Diseases

DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), though controversial, has been used by thousands to eradicate numerous diseases – even cancer.

Did You Know: US Meat Labels Reveal Origins – Show Born, Raised, Slaughtered Locales

Did you know that as of late November 2013, meat labels in the US include far more details like where the animal was born, raised, and slaughtered?

Is Camel’s Milk the Next Super Food Craze?

Camel’s milk is not only highly digestible, it is also full of nutrients that our bodies crave. Could it be the next super food craze?

GMOs Shown to be Safe? Science Media Center Exposed for Incredible GMO Deceit

Science Media Center has shown that GMOs are safe, giving the world a ‘false’ sense of truth about GMOs based on politicized science. Here is the scoop.

20 Natural Herbs to Aid Digestion

You can suffer from numerous ailments if you have digestive issues. Here are 20 herbs which help the body to digest food and absorb nutrients.

Case Study: Fish Oil Saves Young Boy’s Life After Traumatic Brain Injuries

Here is a story showing how fish oil can treat traumatic brain injuries, where it was able to save a young boy’s life after a tragic car accident.

The Latest Developments on the ‘Master Antioxidant’ Glutathione

Few realize the importance of glutathione. It is deemed the master antioxidant because it can regenerate itself after each fill-up of free radicals.

12 Health Benefits of Lemon Water: A Simple Health Tonic

Drinking warm lemon water is a simple healthy habit anyone can adopt in an instant. Here are just 12 health benefits of drinking lemon water.

Xanax, Anti-Depressants Linked to Mass Shootings – Again

Elliot Roger, the 22-year-old blamed for a shooting spree in Isla Vista, CA, was on the anti-depressant Xanax. But he certainly didn’t start this trend.

Resveratrol Health Benefits Questioned by Recent Study

Numerous studies have shown that resveratrol prevents aging, boosts the cardiovascular system, and more. But one study suggests it doesn’t work at all.

Monsanto Tries to Patent & Control Natural, Non-GMO Tomatoes

In an appalling attempt to patent yet another seed, Monsanto has resorted to fraud to try to gain rights to a naturally occurring, disease-resistant tomato.

4 Ways to Live More Holistically Today

Whether it’s yoga or eating a largely plant-based diet free of pesticides, here are steps you can take to live more holistically and boost your health.

FDA’s Own Staff Questions New Ovarian Cancer Drug from Big Pharma

Big Pharmal company AstraZeneca wants approval for an experimental ovarian cancer drug, Olaparib. But the FDA’s own staff is questioning the claims.

Why Low Dose Daily Aspirin for Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention is Bogus

Studies have been conducted on daily aspirin use for two decades. The studies had mixed results, mostly negative. Here is why to think twice about aspirin.

Good News: Compound in Broccoli Proven to Rid Body of Toxic Pollutants

A recent study indicates there is something in broccoli (and it’s sprouts) that can “rapidly” and “sustainably” detox airborne pollutants from the body.

Tomatoes Found to Help Maintain Weight, Prevent Breast Cancer

Thanks to various nutrients, and phytochemicals such as lycopene, a diet rich in tomatoes may be able to reduce a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer.