Is Our DNA Mostly Junk? Study Says Only 8.2% of Human Genes are ‘Functional’

A study from Oxford University suggests that only 8.2 percent of human DNA is functional. Is our ‘junk’ DNA really useless, or is there more to the story?

Study Combines Turmeric with Big Pharma Drug to Kill Cancer Cells

Researchers have paired the spice turmeric with the anti-nausea drug thalidomide to create “hybrid molecules” to kill multiple myeloma cancer cells.

Just Released: Blood Composition of Monkeys Altered Near Fukushima Site

Wild monkeys exposed to Fukushima’s radiation are showing alarming changes in their blood composition as well as a compromised immune system.

Want Natural Food Coloring? Add These Purple Sweet Potatoes to the Line Up

The little-grown purple sweet potato could be used to develop a plant-based food coloring that is both safe (unlike artifical colors) and pretty.

Should You Worry About Mystery Chicken Imported from China?

The U.S. recently lifted their ban on chicken imports from China and will not require the processed chicken to mention where it came from.

4 Mantras for Lasting Weight Loss

Being overweight involves layers of subconscious conditioning, emotional difficulties, and self-worth issues. Here are 4 mantras for lasting weight loss.

Food Beauty: Carrots Beat Sunshine in Creating Attractive Skin Tones

Studies have found that carotenoids found in carrots lead to more attractive skin tones than a tan from natural sunlight. Beauty is in food.

U.S. Consumers Avoiding GMOs, Buying Organics More than Ever

A new report from the Organic Trade Association says bypassing GMOs is the number one motivating factor when it comes to Americans purchasing organic food.

5 Healthy Swaps for Expensive and Toxic Skin Care Products

You should not be paying for toxic products to look beautiful. Here are 5 inexpensive, safe, and easy swaps that are better for your skin and your health.

Medical Marijuana Aids Dying Pets Back to Health, Individuals Report

A growing number of pet owners have found that marijuana is a safe and effective natural health treatment to aid dying animals.

Hypocrisy of AMA Standard of Care: 4 Year Old Girl Dies from Pharmaceutical Stew

The USA’s standard of care ironically results in countless deaths. One girl even died from a pharmaceutical concoction a the age of 4.

Did Wheatgrass Really Wipe Out a 74-Year Old’s Stomach Cancer?

Given weeks to live due to stomach cancer, a 74 year old man refused mainstream medicine and instead chose wheatgrass to keep him alive and cancer-free.

Top Agribusiness Food Companies Dumping Waste in our Waters

Here are some of the top companies dumping 206 million pounds of garbage into our water almost every year while leaving others to clean up the mess.

Gold of the Incas: 7 Health Benefits of Lucuma

The superfruit Lucuma has been eaten since 200 A.D., but science is just now seeing how it could offer great nutrition and healing potential.

Colorado Marijuana Legalization is ‘Harming Nebraska Taxes’

Nebraska law enforcement admitted that all they do is profile cars from Colorado passing through in order to write tickets for finding marijuana.

4 Yoga Poses to Help Detoxify the Liver

There are several yoga practices which unclog and detoxify the liver, helping it to function at its best. Here are 4 yoga poses to revitalize the liver.

New Study Finds Garlic Heals 100% of Warts in 2 Weeks

Adding to the body of research outlining the health benefits of garlic, a study indicates garlic holds the power to eliminate warts and help heal corns.