Daily Dose of This Plant Could Reverse Age-Related Decline in the Brain

A new study in mice shows that a daily dose of cannabis could reverse age-related brain decline in older people due to the THC compound.

How Eating Animal Products Could Make Blood More Likely to Clot

Choline, a compound found in foods like eggs and fish, makes the blood “sticky” and may contribute to blood clots that cause heart attacks and strokes.

These Fun and Simple Activities can Delay Death, Study Shows

Research suggests that exercise can reduce your risk of cardiovascular death (heart disease or stroke) by 28%. Time to swim, do aerobics, and play racquetball!

Caffeine Kills Teen Boy? A Cautionary Tale About Teens and Energy Drinks

A healthy 16-year-old boy died from an apparent heart arrhythmia caused by too much caffeine intake after drinking a large soda, a cafe latte from McDonald’s, and an energy drink.

Fukushima Radiation Contaminated EVERYONE on Earth – But How Much?

Radiation from the Fukushima disaster hit people worldwide with about one X-ray’s worth of radiation. Birds are dying, and thyroid cancer may be increasing.

Could Eating Pasta Really Make You HEALTHIER?

A new study suggests that eating pasta could make you healthier and even make you eat less saturated fat. But is it really true?

Scientists Find Link Between Excess Sugar and Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists have recently discovered a link between excess blood sugar and Alzheimer’s disease, paving way for much-needed research.

Food Industry Study Slams Recommended Sugar Intake Limits

A new study claiming dietary guideline limits on sugar are inaccurate is the food industry’s latest attempt at planting doubts in buyers’ minds.

Are Food Allergies Increasing? Experts Say They Just Don’t Know

Experts say that whether food allergies are increasing is uncertain, as many people who self-diagnose don’t know the medical definition of “allergy.”

Could Yellow Fever be the U.S.’s Next Zika?

The yellow fever outbreak currently sweeping the jungles of Brazil could be the next Zika virus in the United States, health officials say.

A Superbug Has Increased 700% in Children Since 2007

A type of superbug has increased 700% since 2007 in U.S. children, who are more likely to have a negative outcome than adults.

Western Diet Found to Increase Risk of Fatty Liver Disease

More U.S. adults are developing nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Research suggests that consuming animal protein may increase the risk for the condition.

Superbugs may be More Widespread than Previously Thought

Drug-resistant superbugs are more prevalent than previously thought, researchers say, and it’s easy for them to hide because many people are asymptomatic.

Study: Don’t go Gluten-Free if You Don’t Have Celiac Disease

A gluten-free diet doesn’t reduce the risk of heart disease, and in people who don’t have celiac disease, it actually increases the risk.

Odd New Marijuana-Related Illness Sending People to the ER

In states where marijuana has been legalized, more people are being diagnosed with cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome – which causes nausea and vomiting.

Fears of Tick-Borne Powassan Virus Increasing, Experts Warn

The tick-borne Powassan virus may be rare, but studies and cases of human infection suggest that the virus may becoming more common.

The Problem of Antibiotic Resistance is Getting Much Worse

Scientists have detected a disturbing form of antibiotic-resistance on U.S. farms, but it’s not the type they anticipated, and they don’t know how it wound up there.