FDA Enhances Warnings on Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics

The FDA is adding a stronger boxed warning on a dangerous class of antibiotics know for causing serious, and sometimes permanent, side effects.

Ice Bucket Challenge Donations Help Discovery of New ALS Gene

Researchers have discovered a gene linked to causing ALS — and it is said that the Ice Bucket Challenge’s flood of donations two years ago largely helped.

Breastfeeding Within First Hour of Life is Vital, Lowers Death Risk

The UN says that babies who are not breastfed within the first 23 hours of being born are 40 percent more likely to die within their first 28 days.

Study: Here’s How Much to Exercise to Undo the Damage from Sitting All Day

A new study shows that sitting for 8 hours per day can be as dangerous as obesity and even smoking, and you need to exercise this much to undo the damage.

Study: Non-Celiac Wheat Sensitivity is a Real Disorder

A new study may help explain why the ill symptoms some people experience after eating wheat but who don’t have celiac disease.

Blue Bell to Be Fined $850,000 After Listeria Outbreak

Texas health officials stated that Blue Bell Creameries will be paying a fine of $850,000 to rectify damage caused by the listeria outbreak at their plant.

Scientists Discover New Antibiotic in the Human Nose

A team of bacteriologists found that 9% of humans have a bacteria in their noses which could have the ability to help kill off the dreaded MRSA bacteria.

Alzheimer’s Drug Trial Yields Disappointing Results

A drug being tested and developed to help treat Alzheimer’s, known as leuco-methylthioninium-bis (LMTM), recently yielded disappointing results.

Magnesium and Blood Pressure – What You Need to Know

Does magnesium lower blood pressure, or should you not worry about it? Here is what the research says about magnesium and blood pressure.

Noninvasive Smell Test may Detect Early Alzheimer’s

Recent studies suggest doctors may someday be able to create a noninvasive test to detect Alzheimer’s disease based on patients’ sense of smell.

Cinnamon Could Increase Ability to Learn, Study Says

A new study shows that the spice cinnamon may be able to help with learning ability due to the numerous compounds in the spice.

12 People Sickened with E. Coli from Ground Beef

Twelve people in New Hampshire have been sickened with the same strain of E. coli, with ground beef thought to be the cause.

1.65 Million Moms in Latin America Could Become Infected with Zika

Estimates show that around 1.65 million women in Latin America could be infected with Zika while they are pregnant, with Brazil carrying the highest number.

First Dissolvable Heart Stent Approved in the United States

An alternative to metal heart stents, dissolvable heart stents have recently been approved by the FDA for use on patients in the United States.

Study Finds Obscure Form of Herpes in Many Infertile Women

A study explains why some women with unexplained fertility issues are unable to conceive – the women had copies of a rare form of the herpes virus.

Researchers to Trial Ketamine as a Treatment for Alcoholism

Researchers are looking for volunteers to be injected with ketamine to evaluate whether or not it can be used as a treatment for alcoholism.

Study: Fracking may Increase Asthma Flare ups by 50%

A new study suggests that fracking may contribute to higher instances of asthma, with those living near fracking sites having trouble with controlling asthma.