Analysis: Eating These Foods Could Extend Your Life

Harvard researchers analyzed 12 studies and found that consuming ample amounts of whole grains can help people live longer.

2nd Texas Man Infected with Flesh-Eating Bacteria in 2 Weeks

Another Texan has been diagnosed with a flesh-eating infection caused by bacteria in the ocean; this is the second such case in two weeks.

Study: WHEN You Eat is as Important as WHAT You Eat

A review of several studies suggests that people should stick to 3 meals a day, eat together with their household, and maintain a regular eating pattern.

Two Women Diagnosed with “Smartphone Blindness”

Looking at a smartphone with just 1 eye could leave you temporarily blind in that eye, but your vision should come back within a few minutes.

Researchers Discover “Chatty” Gene that Makes People Socialble

Researchers have discovered a “chatty” gene that makes people more sociable. Scientists say it could lead to new treatments for autism and other social disorders.

New App Offers Birth Control Without Doctor Visit

Women may now be able to order birth control from their local pharmacy or even straight to their home address by simply using a new app.

Boost Your Memory by Doing This Soon After Studying

Exercise has long been associated with good brain health, but a new study shows that working out shortly after studying may help you retain memories.

New Blood Test Can Predict a Heart Attack Within 5 Years

An inexpensive, simple test could help doctors determine whether a patient is at risk of having a heart attack within the next 5 years.

Need a Diagnosis? Dr. Google Wants to Help

Starting this week, people who search symptoms on Google using the mobile site, or its iOS and Android apps, will find more specific, relevant information.

High Doses of Vitamin D Can Reduce Inflammation in MS Patients

High doses of vitamin D have been shown to help the immune systems of people with MS and may benefit people with pain and autoimmune disorders.

Are You Eating Fake Olive Oil?

Food fraudsters have put cheap additives in as much as 80% of extra virgin olive oil sold in the U.S. Here are some tips on choosing safe brands.

New Automation Technologies are Revolutionizing Farming

Technological advances are changing farming in a variety of ways, but not all technologies that can be used should be used.

IARC: Coffee NOT Carcinogenic, but Scalding Hot Beverages Probably Are

The World Health Organization (WHO) says drinking coffee is probably not carcinogenic, but drinking scalding hot coffee probably is.

New Guidelines Detail How Much Sleep Kids ‘Really Need’

New sleep guidelines give parents a better idea of how much their babies, younger children, and teens should be sleeping.

Migraines Could Be a Sign Your Body is Missing THIS

In an analysis of 7 previous studies, researchers found that young migraine sufferers are more likely to have vitamin deficiencies.

FDA Warns Whole Foods Over “Serious Violations”

In a letter dated June 8, the FDA warned Whole Foods that unsanitary conditions and practices had been discovered in one of its food prep facilities.

Science Says Eating Protein can Make You Feel Fuller Longer

Science has shown once again that eating a diet rich in protein creates feelings of satiety that help people feel full longer.