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Carcinogenic Sugar Hiding in 4 Common Food Products

Mike Barrett
January 23rd, 2012
Updated 11/06/2012 at 1:15 pm
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On average, Americans consume 475 calories worth of added sugars each day. That is about 30 teaspoons, or 5x more than even the American Heart Association recommends. The disturbing aspect is that if nothing changes, the rampant sugar consumption continues, and cumulatively begins bearing down on your health in the form of diseases like diabetes and cancer. Just how much sugar are you consuming on a daily basis? Keep in mind that the recommended amount of sugar to consume on a daily basis is 25 grams.

It is common knowledge that soda, sweets, ice cream, and other similar foods are loaded with sugar. In fact, an average bottle of Coke contains over 60g of sugar, and an 8oz Snapple contains up to 23g of sugar. Similarly, a 16ox Starbucks Mocha Grande Frappuccino contains over 40g of sugar, and that is only one of the many popular products purchased very often by coffee lovers.

While it is fairly easy to avoid sugar by picking up on this common knowledge, there are still many foods that contain large amounts of sugar that the general population simply doesn’t know about. Some of these foods or products are:

  • Tomato-based pasta sauces – One popular brand of pasta sauce contains about 15 grams of sugar per 1/2 cup serving. In reality, most people consume about 1 full cup of sauce.
  • Fat-free salad dressings – In order to preserve good taste but also eliminate fat, salad dressings often contain fairly high amounts of sugar. There could be as much as 8 grams of sugar per 2 tablespoons of dressing.
  • Smoothies – Most commercially prepared smoothies aren’t exactly health-drinks. One popular brand contains 38 grams of sugar in a single-serving bottle and is listed as the second ingredient.
  • Barbecue Sauce – Not every single barbecue sauce contains high amounts of sugar, but many do. One popular brand has 12 grams of sugar in just 2 tablespoons of barbecue sauce.

In addition to extremely high sugar content in many products, there is also the very real issue that young kids are the primary target audience for the marketing and advertising of these products. Some very popular children cereals are 40+ percent sugar. With children’s bodies being more vulnerable, this opens a huge doorway for sugars to have a negative effect exponentially.

It is imperative to significantly lessen sugar intake for optimal health and wellness. While minimizing intake, pay special attention to products containing high-fructose corn syrup, the most toxic form of sugar used today.

About Mike Barrett:
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  • Gery Maes

    SUGAR IS VERY BAD and also FRUCTOSE : Indeed it burns your brain cells away slowly, and similar to sugar it does. Doctor Proffessor Geuns from the K.U. University of Leuven – Belgium, made Laboratory toxicology analyses during 30 years and stated clearly those substances like Fructose’s and sugars, (all processed sweet food additives) are toxic and harmful for the brain and many other organs. Myself being a certified orthomlecular medical nutrition therapist, advice everyone to decrease the sugar consumption to the lowest level possible, and to consume sugars that aren’t processed at all but just natural, such as: direct sugarcane “cold pressed”, cold pressed honey, and slow carbohydrates like fruit (preferably not dried but purely fresh fruit) such that one can allow oneself body to metabolically transfer the slow carbohydrates into fuel for the cell-structures. We actually shall never feed our cells with sugars, but mostly with substances that one can find in nature. There are plenty of studies done by universities that show that sugar and fructoses affect the brain cells and our dopamine’s stronger than hard drugs leading to addiction, and the neurological poisoning can be avoided by alerting the public about the dangers of consuming foodstuffs wherein the sugars are added by the manufacturers of food. Maybe awareness and education together with sensibly the public about the dangers of sugars is The Crucial and Urgent approach. Look at this petition and sign up and share others to do the same please:….
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