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Are Negative Thoughts Cutting Your Lifespan in Half?

Andre Evans
February 5th, 2012
Updated 11/06/2012 at 12:32 pm
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negativethoughts 210x131 Are Negative Thoughts Cutting Your Lifespan in Half?

Are your thoughts generating life-threatening levels of emotional stress?  Oftentimes we hold onto negative thoughts and emotions that are actually devastating your health — mentally and physically. Research has shown that high stress levels can actually increase your overall chance of death by a staggering 50%. Is your mindset propelling you into a strained state of less-than-optimal health?

Some people drag foul moods and thoughts with them like extra baggage. A small decision as to whether or not you want to continue along this path determines how you choose to act and react for the rest of your day– or perhaps much longer. Often the root causes of the negativity is ignored, with the individual focusing only on the side effects of the real problem. Remind you of something? It sounds like the ridiculous method of mainstream pharmaceutical science: treat the symptoms, not the disease!

Breaking the Life-Shortening Stress Pattern

Those who have fallen into this negative lifestyle pattern people are easy to recognize. They’ve got a chip on their shoulder; they’ve got something to prove. A haughty spirit and lofty eyes. The whole world is out to get them, and they feel that success is simply an impossibility. This includes the success of overcoming this negative mindset that ultimately turns into a negative lifestyle.

Ever notice how it’s easier to let go of a bad mood rather than to hold onto it? During any conflict, there’s a contention of pride involved. One person feels ‘justifiably’ mad, as deemed by their own assessment. Oftentimes when somebody is angry, they will find and make reasons to sustain the anger, even going as far as to further inflate the negative emotions!

This is the same stress-inducing negative lifestyle that could be cutting your lifespan in half! Thankfully, there are methods of combating this serious health threat.

Most people are usually the authors of their own social and emotional dilemmas. While this can lead to the same negative thoughts and feelings that are crushing your vitality, it can also help you overcome them. It is quite simple to let go of these burdens that you really do not have to carry. In fact, it’s beyond simple — your mind has complete control over your emotions!

It has been previously shown in studies that positive thoughts and affirmations can actually boost your overall health. Amazingly, these practices help you to make the right choices and overcome health burdens. The very opposite of stress-inducing negativity.

Ultimately, life is not meant to be wasted holding grudges and contentions of pride against other people. Even if you have legitimate cause for these negative thoughts, fueling it will only hurt you in the long run. Even in the face of adversity or frustration, do not let yourself be overcome with life-hampering negative burdens. The counter action to negative emotion is positive energy. Try injecting that instead.

About Andre Evans:
Andre Evans has studied the connection between mind and body for the majority of his professional career, offering insights as to why we do the things that we do and how to change our lives for the better. Highlighting the extreme power of the mind and the numerous neurological reasons that you may be experiencing a health crisis, Andre breaks down exactly how to melt away your stress levels and enjoy your life the way you should -- naturally.

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  • Delores

    Do you mind if I quote a small number of your blog posts as long as I provide credit and

    sources back to your blog:….
    I’ll aslo be certain to give you the appropriate anchor text hyperlink using your webpage title: Are Negative Thoughts Cutting Your Lifespan in Half?. Please make sure to let me know if this is okay with you. Thanks

  • Baba

    Great, now on top of all my negative thoughts, I'm thinking about how they are going to kill me.

  • John

    A friend of mine wrote in an article once during an attack by Israel on Lebanon said," Israel will realize that they are not the only ones in the boat, they have neighbours and what they do them affects them directly." I think we will amass so much positivity that one day it will switch.

  • charkee

    Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer discovered this in the 1970's and was imprisoned and lost his license to practice medicine.

    He has been curing cancer simply with psychotherapy. He cured the father of a good friend of mine of prostate cancer.

  • brian

    Reality is self/experience/The Kinetic whereas others’ esxperience is merely one’s knowledge/The Potential. With this awareness, do not act nor react to the following other than trying to witness, a near impossibility for most unless indifference is deployed which then defeats the purpose. This is because through action-reation, a human loses a little of his immunity to nonsense which is usually dressed as sense, one’s Immune System being of 5 dimensionalities and not merely of the physiological, The Physical Cosmos being the only physical entity out of one’s 5 realms.

    Every human has 5 dimensionalities which he uses to erect/fabricate/construct his existence/universe, namely and in order of manifestation/Evolution [Evolution being the superset of mere evolution], Subjectivity, Objectivity, Projectivity, Spirituality and fuller/full Humanity. If this is true, to become a true human, all have to realise our spiritual dimension, there being those who are not human other than looking like one but neither are they reptiles nor are they aliens. When one lacks absolute discrimination afforded by the 6th and higher [absolute] senses gifted to discern the absolute from the relative, for the discrimination between real humans and those who only looked human, a reliable rule of thumb is that these creatures are invariably are at the helm of The Affairs of Men. Yes, batten down the hatches when they start-posturing/are-on-the-prowl.

    One’s [immediate] Subjectivity is the emotional which is one’s Past in that emotions, which are conditionings, are meant to facilitate Love, the One who is unconditional, but what normally happens is that it usually elicits mere “love”, the one who expects or demands. The Left, which is grossly The Left Sympathetic Nervous System, is also known as “Manas” in Sanskrit or “Yin” in Chinese. One’s emotions, through “thinking” about The Past, produces a violet-ish byproduct called Conditionings, oka Dumbness, which then automatically covers the right lobe of The Brain [due to the brain cross-over]. Within one’s “aura”/immediacy, this dimension is one’s Subconscious, oka one’s past thoughts, which is not real in that it is of the past, being one’s desire to be owned, Conditioning being also known as The SuperEgo or one’s lateny lunacy, reality being a matter of Timing and not Time, there being no such thing as Time [with]in Reality.

    One’s [immediate] Objectivity-Projectivity, oka The Material-Intellect, or “Prana” in Sanskrit and “Yang” in Chinese, is grossly manifested as The Right SNS. It is our Supraconscious in that it is one’s futuristic leanings/tendencies/thoughts, the area which we travel-to/focus-our-Attention-onto when we want to own something. When a human starts projecting using the material as the “cover”/guide, he produces a yellowish/saffron-coloured by product called The Ego which then goes onto covering the left lobe of The Brain, the Ego being one’s stupidity/idiocy.

    The Material Cosmos was created when The Play of Divinity [PoD], The Return Journey of Dust to The Source, was decide upon eons ago through Evolution, which has 5 dimensionalities in contrast to mere evolution which has 3. The main actor of this PoD is the human who was gifted thoughts to enable the development and maintenance of Conscience. When the hominid raised his head thereby projecting the brain from the rear to the front of the cranium, the capacity for full speech was realised. From fuller/full speech came language and from language, came thoughts. Without a language, there can be no thoughts, a simplicity which eludes almost all. As such, the main difference between animals and humans is neither the quality nor quantity of the genetic content and such guesstimates/gambles of The Mighty, but the capacity for real thoughts, the thoughts of animals being superficial because animals lack conscience – not because they are filthy beast, etc, but because they lack the dichotomies/uncertainties humans have. When a non-thinker tries to think, all it’ll perceive are light or non-light/darkness, human infants being non-thinkers too, just like the visually blind do when they try to see.

    As a thought rises, it crosses over to its alterego/dichotomy but for a brief moment, it lingers at its balanced position where no thoughts exists – The Present. This state is what Dream, Meditation, “Resting”, Balance and others aim to realise but invariably fail. In Reality, it is brief but brief enough for it to be deemed impossible. Try it, it cannot be done, there has to be thoughts of The Past or The Future. The seemingly obvious, which is a miracle in reality, is that all the fundamentals and essentials for existence are “present” activities and more miraculously, these essential present activities are denied access/manipulation by humans, oka thinkers. If true, why is this so? Just imagine that should a ControlFreak-cum-AbandonedNut have his way, he will mandate a new way of more efficient breathing be an universal law – at a monthly rental, if you don’t mind – until the law is resincded after it was realised that people are dying faster breathing “New Oxygen” or practising “New Life Breaths” 20-odd years later. As another scenario, just imagine what a lion could do should it be able to think exactly as a human does. Thinkers, in addition to ceasing to bow before Nature that all animals and vegetation do, we also are able to disrespect Nature, such is the magnanimity of the gift of thoughts.

    Thoughts of The Past & The Future are symbolised by The Devil’s Horns for a good reason, [unenlighjtened] thoughts are needed because to become a part of Reality is not for The Stupid, The Dumb, The Vacuous, the Religious, The Scientific, and so forth, it is for those who have a conscience, conscience for those of transience being subject to repetition until permanency sets in, being of permanency being a state and not a thought/posture. “Futuristics”, oka Aggression, lack conscience whereas the “Pastistics”, oka Depression, are overly conscienced, Too Much/Over being Under expressed whilst Too-Little/Under is none other than [latently] Over suppressed, the Mother of Dichotomy innately provisioned within all being one’s Femininity vs Masculinity.

    As such, Humans are creatures of the Duelling Duality. So long as there are thoughts, we will flip. Afterall, when trust is merely bindness of faith, trust is then merely the relinquishment of consequence and not being Faith which could only be realised when there is no blindness. Faith, therefore is one of realisation and not one of knowledge/belief. As repeated from the beginning, do not use knowledge as the end-all, be-all, it is merely a gamble when there is no real choice, the choice between Now and Then, as far as Death, say, is concerned, is merely the better way to lose it all. When one is gambling/guessing, Knowing-Eet-All is just the same as Really-Knowing-Nuffin’. Once absoluteness is unknown, uncertainty then sets in. Then, like gambling, it will become the perennial tussel between Pros & Cons, Good & Bad, Conservative & Labour and the myriad of gambles masquerading as “progress”, “success” and “achievement” – not when almost all have yet to realise what they were born for – other than to be “religious” or “scientific”, to be of Religion & Religiosity, to be of Belief Systems. Trust nothing if only because most cannot even trust themselves. Trust is only possible when has realised absoluteness otherwise, it is better to witness until one’s moment of absoluteness is realised. May that arrive sooner than later for most, if not all.

    Absoluteness, oka Divinity or Positive/Evolutionary Spirituality, exists but He, through She, has nothing to do with belief-system, oka Religion & Religiosity, those blinded by faith because they are worshipful and those being blind to their faith in their very limited self as being unlimited given time and opportunity, that of saviourship, the MO of Humanity being of Ownership Issues. The joke then is that Reality is about being and not about owning. Truth, therefore, is a state of existence/The Destination and not trying to act so/The Journey. A case of being Pure within Desire and not Desiring Purity, the former being further gifted Evolution by Divinity with the latter being gifted Devolution by The Bookie, the One who profits from Disagreement, through His advertising department, Fame, Fortune & Immortality. Own nothing and nothing can own you. Try owning and you had already been owned before you had even tried.

  • Jen

    I think for the commenters here, if you have negative thoughts about what is happening in the world, ask yourself what you can do in your way to alleviate the situation or stop it from happening. Try to find alternative viewpoints about issues. Don't read the mainstream news because the point of it is to depress us and stop us from siding with other suffering people and helping them to fight the elites that are oppressing us all. If you're unhappy about, say, Israel's actions against Palestinians, try to find those people, Palestinians, Israelis, Jews, Muslims and others, who are working to assist the people in the West Bank and Gaza territories and who are fighting the Zionists; help those anti-Zionist forces any way you can.

  • voiceinwilderness

    Rev. 2:9 those that claim to be Jews, but do lie and are of the synagogue of Satan. Judean is a bloodline,

    one of 12 tribes of Israel. Most "Jews", the Zionist, is a believer in a book called the Talmud and Cabalism, which ARE satanic! Their bloodline is mostly

    Kazarian, an old southeastern Europe empire, 1200's

    • Rachel

      Your obvious antisemitism also shows you know zero about Judaism. Why does this site not screen for hatred and allow bigots to write things that are completely irrelevant to the column?! Silence by the site on numerous occasions on comments like this shows indifference and gives this site a lack of professionalism and credibility as to why this is tolerated.

  • John

    Per my last The Cure for diseases THat are not apart of the FDA are illegal in this country especially if they are un-patentable and cheap. i.e. marijuana/hemp or electro magnetic frequency. If there are cures to Help humanity in Humane ways that are outlawed by OUr so called civilized system and WE recognize this one negative (out of many), are we, as individuals who recognize this being labeled as negative as well? Does recognizing a negative make the observer negative? If so then I would say that this perception management is endorsed and a regurgitation of the planned moral decay of Aleister Crowley and Blavatsky. Because they are the ones that ushered in the perception idea that there is no such thing as good or evil. THere is and the people who think they can mentally and spritually masturbate themselves out of this Reality end up F#%^@ing themselves, there own spirits and The spirit of our species as a whole. But of course we are in a spiritual battle. THat is why these Satanist at the top Sacrifice our soldiers in their wars. It is a form of Human sacrifice. It is common knowledge that the people who wage wars do not fight and die in them. Time for you all to wake up and figure out how to solve the multiple duplicitous problems of our human and spirit world. THe first recommendation is to STOP fighting amongst yourselves in the ways that tPTB have trained you to fight. stop being children and honor yourself and others. Yes positivity can go along way but YOU still have to be developed enough to be able to recognize negatives and deal with them appropriately.

  • John

    If one is able to see negative things happening around the world are we to ignore it and think positively. What about positive action? If we take positive action are we better off in the here and now? Here's a thought: There are currently multiple different cures for cancer, aids, Epstein Barr, Lupus, and many other diseases if not all. It does not cost much at all to CURE yourself of disease. There also was put in place the LEague of Nations and then The U.N. to stop ALL wars. But yet we have more war than ever. People are Revolting against the Bankers of the World that sold out humanity to there God Satan. We are lead by blood thirsty satan worshippers. All the Governments of the world are owned through Fiat currency. The ones that are not are about to be plunged into war. If we can Recognize these facts and see them occurring are we feeding into the negativity just by recognizing the existence of such evil and horrible conditions? How do you stop a problem without realizing it exists? We could ignore those evil entities that want to control us but will only get attacked by them more until we defend ourselves as is there way. You see evil entities THRIVE off of the misery of others. So this is Their life Force (human Suffering) If you think I am crazy and need to be childish and call me names because you do not understand that this is NOT a matter of your Aleister Crowley indoctrinated (perception) (no GOOD OR EVIL) then you have disqualified yourself from being able to see reality as it truly exists in this world of duplicity.

  • cindy

    There is also the issue of the POWER OF THOUGHT!! Thought being of a vibrational nature, IT STANDS TO REASON THAT POSITIVE THOUGHT SENDS OUT POSITIVE VIBRATIONS!!!! SO THE COLLECTIVE POWER OF POSITIVE THOUGHT'S THROUGH THE MASSES CAN ALTER OUR WORLD FOR THE BETTER!! That is part of the reason why we the citizen's of the world are subjected to so much STRESS!


  • onlooker

    could we live on avacodoes and nuts? is that killing?

    is eating wild animals (including non-farm fish) different than eating livestock?

  • Russ

    With thoughts like those no wonder you are all depressed. I say kick some mental ass and allow the good karma to flow just like a stream that flows naturally. Notice the word natural and nature, they equal one and the same. Push and shove are two forces that define good versus evil. Let us work for good using natural forces while remaining positive….lest

    you judge yourself defeated.

  • TheStraightDope

    Life is a construct of and for evil( evil = live in reverse ), no living thing will get out of this prison alive. The stress we feel(contrary to what you were led to believe) is the self devouring aspect of our ego-driven materialistic lifestyle. Since competition and slaughter of others is a must to get ahead here, we must reap the karmic results. People want to feel good as they step over others and destroy the planet? Be a good soldier and accept your death like all the unfortunates who were born here. You will not evade your sentence.

    • USA the Great Satan

      StraightDope: In general I agree with your philosophy, but your philosophy fails to address a key issue. I have found that it is impossible to live without killing something – such as plants – for food. There is also the issue of self defense, such as against disease-carrying mosquitoes. I agree that competition should be avoided, but some types of competition and consumption cannot be avoided if we want to continue living. If all creatures have the right to live, doesn't the individual have the right to defend itself and nourish itself?

    • Ken D. Webber

      This is @straightdope, well, at least you got the last part of your moniker correct. Life is Good. If you truly believe life is evil then off yourself and get your stinking negativity off my planet. Life is a challenge. Your spirit is forced to deal with limitations. In overcoming limitations you learn lessons that benefit both spirit and the living. Death of the body is freedom for the spirit, but now that spirit has been tempered in the fires, it is stronger, more lucid. You look at say, getting eaten by a tiger, as an evil. From the spirit's standpoint, you'd stand someday beside that very same tiger and thank him for a quick merciful exit point. You need to step back and see things from a higher perspective.

  • jon

    Long live the Zionists and satan worshipers. Until Jesus comes and cuts their human lives short and damns the to hell for eternity.

  • Anonymous

    well said , and I agree 100%


    I've heard this argument all my life. Who's to say what is "negative" and what is not? Like everything else it's all a matter of perspective. A good example is the way Zionists slaughter millions of people worldwide. To them there is nothing wrong with this murderous behavior. To others it is as wrong as wrong gets.

    Who's right?

    • USA the Great Satan

      I agree with JOHNNY BARTWEE. The article's doctrine of "eliminate the negative" fails to define clearly what is "negative". Often, when people tell you that you are being "negative", what they are really telling you is that they want you to abandon your value system and conform to theirs. Saying that someone has a "negative attitude" is often just a way to attack the messenger, rather than debating the issue.

      It appears that the author of the article wants everyone to be submissive, compliant, and conformist with all other individuals and groups. "Eliminate the nagative" sounds like the "blissful paradise" of a conformist drone who has surrendered their own individuality to the herd.

      • USA the Great Satan

        JOHNNY BARTWEE wrote: "Since competition and slaughter of others is a must to get ahead here, we must reap the karmic results."

        The moment we are concieved in our mother's womb, we start competing with other creatures. When we walk down a bare path of earth, we are interfering with plants and animals that could otherwise occupy that space. We cannot maneuver, nourish ourselves, or even occupy space without competing with other creatures or destroying them. We all choose how competitive we will be, within a range of behaviors from suicide to megalomania.

        • USA the Great Satan

          Whoops, sorry. TheStraightDope wrote: “Since competition and slaughter of others is a must to get ahead here, we must reap the karmic results.”