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Antipsychotics Prescribed for Health Issues Not Intended to Treat

Mike Barrett
March 19th, 2012
Updated 11/03/2012 at 12:56 am
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Many medical advancements, although incredible in their own right, have been utilized in an extremely poor fashion for quite some time. The stress of treating illness and disease with pharmaceutical solutions is forcibly over-shadowing the teachings of core knowledge each person needs regarding the prevention and natural solutions for health issues. Pharmaceutical drugs have taken over as the solution for every disease known to man while many drugs are even being prescribed to treat problems they are not even intended to treat. One particular class of drugs is gaining significant attention for their over-prescriptions and unnecessary hand outs are antipsychotics.

Antipsychotics Misused and Abused (by Doctors and Psychiatrists)

The number of antipsychotic prescriptions being written has been is and has been rising dramatically. Millions of children have been fed the drugs since 2009, while the industry raked in over $12.2 billion in sales in 2011 from the 54+ million prescriptions filled. What’s more, individuals are even being given antipsychotics to treat health problems that aren’t targeted by the drugs.

This was the case for Adriane Fugh-Berman, a physician and associate professor of pharmacology at Georgetown University. Fugh-Berman was approached by teenagers wondering if they should be taking a powerful schizophrenia drug to they were previously given to treat insomnia. The occurrence exemplifies the increase in what is known as ‘off label’ use of prescription drugs. Being known as ‘second generation’ or ‘atypical antipsychotics’, the drugs are being handed out by primary care doctors and psychiatrists to treat conditions they are not approved to treat. Instead of giving basic sleep advice or suggesting a route to pinpoint the underlying cause of the insomnia, it seems that the medication prescriber felt suicide-linked antipsychotics were a better solution.

Allen Frances, a former chair of psychiatry at Duke University School of Medicine who also played a significant role in the production of the fourth edition of DSM – the ‘psychiatric bible’ responsible for over-medicating the population with antipsychotics – is even against the overuse of antipsychotics. Frances himself states that “antipsychotics are overused” and are being used “promiscuously and recklessly”. He also notes the serious side-effects being given to individuals along with the unnecessary drugs – significant and rapid weight gain, type 2 diabetes, breast development in boys, irreversible facial tics, and an increased risk of death among the elderly.

Why are antipsychotics being pushed on the public harder than ever? The drug industry is no different than any other industry in that it is created to rake in profits. Unfortunately, there is no profit to be made if the industry were to successfully treat and cure. It may be hard to believe, but those resting at the top want nothing more than for the population to remain sick and in need of lifelong lasting pharmaceutical ‘solutions’.

Needless to say, the financial ties between the FDA, the pharmaceutical industry, the psychiatric community, and even doctors play a significant role in the medicating of the population. It was recently reported that 70 percent of the panel members of the newest edition of the ‘psychiatric bible’, the DSM-5, reported having financial relationships with pharmaceutical companies.

About Mike Barrett:
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  • PsychDamaged

    Anti-psychotics (or any other psychotropic drug) should never be given to anyone at anytime. I know from personal experience and also as someone who has worked in the "mental death system" and witnessed countless lives destroyed. THE 'CURE' IS WORSE THAN THE 'DISEASE'.

  • Kamo

    I had an episode of depression that sent me to the hospital and there in addition to SSRI antidepressants I was given an antipsychotic drug name Risperdal.

    Because I was evicted from my apartment I remained in the psych hospital longer than I would have if I still had a place to stay and during the entire period I took Risperdal. This drug is powerful and I've read it's also given to old folks in retiremet homes. It makes you feel a bit zombie-like.

    Psychiatrists get rewarded for the quantity of drugs they prescribe. They have incentives and rewards when they do a good job from Big Pharma's standpoint.

    • Pamela Cordeiro

      People are tourtured every single day in this country just like you were. I hope you stopped taking all meds…Try B-12 + magnesium and every other homeopatic remedy for "depression" -FIRST.. see me on facebook or just keep coming back to this site. this is the truth about the so called doctors…I know sooo many people who have seizures, and stroke, brain damaged for life, tartive disconesia..etc. i'm just ready at this juncure to go around and take away all their meds.. "they" are killing people daily.

      • aliza thomas

        This replaces the natural selection we had up till some decades ago

  • jon

    For every pill that the pharmaceutical companies sell you, there is a natural remedy.

  • Rvin

    It's not enough to over-prescribe drugs to humans.

    My dog was recently given a human-drug prescription by a veterinarian for pain which is also an anti-depressant (will my dog become an addict – who will bite me if he doesn't get his daily "fix").

  • bob hope

    I was prescribed anti-psychotics when I had a bout of dizziness, I didn't realise until I got home and read the instructions. Threw them straight in the bin. Most doctors are little more than drug dealers, selling their latest snakeoil