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6 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Elizabeth Renter
September 30th, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 5:44 pm
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cancer sunshines 263x164 6 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Risk of CancerBig Pharma would make tens of thousands of dollars off of your cancer diagnosis. They wouldn’t give you a real solution, but would merely prolong your illness so you can continue to spend your savings (and beyond) on their toxic cancer drugs. What the medical industry doesn’t seem to want to discuss (in addition to a cure) is how to prevent cancer. The fact is: cancer is preventable.

Cancer rates have climbed significantly over the past 100 years and that’s due, in part, to our diets and lifestyle choices. Fortunately, we can take this knowledge and take big steps towards cancer prevention. Best of all, we can start now.

In addition to eating these cancer-fighting foods, here are 6 simple ways to prevent cancer:

  • 1. Eliminate Processed Foods - Processed carbohydrates and sugars are cancer fuel. They feed cancer cells and essentially help them grow. Eliminating these foods ensures you don’t have a cancer-friendly environment waiting for the cancerous cells to arrive. At the very least, avoid all processed sugars and foods, instead getting any sugar from natural fruits.
  • 3. Increase Vitamin D - While you are outside exercising in the sunshine, you’ll already be ahead of the game, creating natural vitamin D for immune function and immediately reducing your cancer risk. Don’t underestimate the connection between vitamin D and cancer reduced cancer risk.
  • 4. Optimize Essential Fat Consumption - The modern western diet is laden with omega-6 fats and deficient in omega-3s. Normalize your ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fats by reducing your consumption of omega-6 by limiting the use of processed vegetable oils.
  • 5. Minimize Radiation Exposure - You can minimize your risk of radiation exposure simply by using your phone less. Use speakerphone when you can to avoid holding the cell phone to your head. Never sleep with your phone next to you on your pillow. (Don’t laugh, you would be surprised at how many people do this). Also, reduce your exposure to medical scans including x-rays and CT scans.
  • 6. Sleep Plenty and Reduce Stress - Cancer thrives in bodies that are imbalanced or otherwise unhealthy. A stress-free and well-rested person is naturally a healthier person. Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep and doing everything you can do eliminate what has been called the mother of all disease – stress.

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  • Joanna van der Drift

    I think its too late for me as i have metastatic cancer which seems resistant to the standard poisons they treat it with. Australians seem slow to pick up on the reports about the negative and deleterious effects of our mass medication program AKA Fluoride. You cannot get tested here to see if you’re fluoride toxic even though there are indicator that this may be a problem. Since being treated with big doses of Adriamycin and a Cyclophosphamide as well as 6 weeks of Radiation Therapy and, a bio-phosphonate, I have had a swathe of granulomatous skin lesions appear and a steady but, persistent metastatic problems within 18 months of diagnosis despite the relatively low grade of aggressiveness of the primary lesions. The Oncologists were stumped as to why they were not destroying the bone as quickly as they thought it would. I told them I use mu own natural therapies with better success than conventional RX.

    • Gene

      I can not give medical advice. But it’s been reported that some people in similar situations have gotten results by changing what they eat and using the Budwig Diet – which is described in various places on the Internet. The Budwig Diet is part of the Bill Henderson Protocol, which is described here: http://www.beating-cancer-gently. Something else which is of interest is the combination of DMSO with Chlorine Dioxide, which is described here: http://www.cancertutor

    • Gene

      This website is no place to give or receive medical advice. But people interested in the subject of cancer should have an education which includes the Budwig Diet. The combination of DMSO and chlorine dioxide reportedly also makes an interesting study. These topics can be located on numerous pages on the Internet.

  • John Reese

    All the above is very good and true,get your ph balance correct also,cancer thrives in bodies that are acidic..Food Grade baking soda will restore your body back to alkaline. Marijuana oil extracts also cure cancer…

  • david

    Dont get what is meant by point 4, to reduce processed vegetable oils. Surely reducing olive oil, grape seed oil, canola/rapeseed oil, sesame oil, argan oil are not what you mean? Thanks for elaborating. And via the comment below, how does one avoid Fluoride, and does that mean sodium fluoride which is in most toothpastes, where else do you avoid this?

    • Gene

      Use olive oil and hemp seed oil for salad dressing, virgin coconut oil and organic butter for cooking. Supplement with cod liver oil or krill oil to get essential Omega 3 fatty acids. Cooking oils such as canola oil, soybean oil, corn oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, cotton seed oil are processed at high temperatures which makes them rancid and toxic – causing heart disease and Type II Diabetes in addition to cancer. The body requires Omega 6 fatty acids, same as Omega 3, but these polyunsaturated fats are very fragile, unstable and turn rancid within only a few minutes of exposure to heat, light and/or oxygen. Don’t buy or use these oils unless they are sold refrigerated in an opaque bottle. CLA and GLA are examples of Omega 6 fatty acids important to health which can be bought as supplements. Buy a water filter to remove fluoride from your drinking/cooking water and also from your shower. A reverse osmosis filter will remove fluoride, and also filter cartridge media made from “tri-calcium phosphate” or “bone char” is effective at removing fluoride. Fluoride does more harm than good for your teeth, so therefore all dental hygiene products containing fluoride should be avoided.

      • kimbutgar

        What about walnut and peanut oils?

        • Gene

          Nature intended for nuts and seeds to be eaten as whole foods, and birds, squirrels, etc. will be happy to eat shelled walnuts, peanuts, etc. Oils removed from nuts and seeds by some industrial process make them no longer a natural food, and animals will not eat these oils – knowing instinctively they are not food. When seed oils are refined and processed at high temperatures, they have more in common with the motor oil you put in your car engine than anything that could be called food. The acidic nature of refined seed oils irritate and inflame the lining of your arteries, which your body then plasters over with cholesterol as a defensive measure – and this by definition is “heart disease.” All 70 trillion of the body’s cells have a semi-permeable membrane for a cell wall, and this cell wall is made entirely of fats. If the fats used to make the cell wall are damaged or unnatural, hormone receptors such as the insulin receptor are not properly formed and thus glucose can’t properly enter the cell – which by definition is “Type II Diabetes.” Likewise, oxygen is not able to properly enter inside the cell – which by definition is “Cancer.” Walnut and peanut oils are nice, and healthy and nutritious – but they are still primarily polyunsaturated and need to be kept refrigerated and stored in opaque bottles which keep out light and oxygen, otherwise they go rancid within a few minutes. Sesame oil is the most stable of the polyunsaturated oils, but you should buy only the kind that is cold pressed expeller pressed and avoid the kind that is extracted by chemicals and refined with heat. Pork lard is the richest source of Vitamin E, and provides the saturated fats required for building bone matrix and teeth. Hydrogenation extends the shelf life of lard and keeps it from going rancid, but hydrogenation also changes lard from a health food into a poison. Never buy or use lard which says “hydrogenated” on the label, which means you will probably need to buy your lard in a health food store, or small local slaughterhouse where they make it, or directly from the farmer.

  • Levon Jacobs

    Cancer is being used as a depopulation mechanism. To cure it would be counter productive to the agenda. This is why all alternative treatments beyond chemo and radiation are illegal in the U.S. Chemo will kill a healthy person, it is not a solution. The immune system is destroyed only to allow the cancer to return and finish the job years later. Meanwhile, they profit wildly on the slow-kill treatment.

    If you want to avoid cancer, avoid fluoride, genetically modified food and vaccines.

    Fluoride – aside from rendering people “docile and submissive” by damaging the pineal gland and reducing IQ – causes cancer faster than most any other element.

    Vaccines often contain cancer viruses. Merck was caught doing this years ago. (In addition to adding HIV viruses.) Other companies have been doing it as well.

    A strain of genetically modified corn was intentionally created to cause cancer. Another was created to sterilize humans by Epycite. It is patented and now owned by Monsanto.

    This is no accident. It is by design. Many elite in position of power and authority believe the world is overpopulated. This is part of their brilliant plan. It is working quite well. Most people are so brainwashed you can tell them this and they will still continue on to their slow miserable death.

    Mark Twain said it best, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

    • nrob

      good to see people awake