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Study: 290% Increased Risk of Brain Tumor After 10 Years of Cellphone Use

Anthony Gucciardi
September 6th, 2012
Updated 11/01/2012 at 10:33 pm
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cellphonebraintumor 235x147 Study: 290% Increased Risk of Brain Tumor After 10 Years of Cellphone Use

How long have you been using your cellphone? Using a mobile device for any length of time is damaging to some degree, but new research is shedding light on just how significant of an influence extended cellphone use has on the brain. In a newly-released study conducted at the Örebro Hospita in Sweden, it was revealed that 10 years of cellphone use resulted in an average 290% increased risk of brain tumor development. Interestingly, the tumor development was found on the side of the head in which the cellphone was most used.

It’s important to understand that cellphone use has gone up significantly since 10 years ago, meaning that more recent results may show an even higher risk. Statistically, the average person in Britain and many other developed nations will soon have about 2 cellphones each. With the increased number of cellphones on the citizens of the world comes something known as ‘second-hand cellphone use’. Just as with smoking, sitting in a bus, airplane, or train will expose you to upwards of several hundred cellphones at one time.

Another key factor is that 10 years ago far less young children were using cellphones –a select few having them as ‘emergency’ contact devices. Now, it’s not uncommon to see children under 10 chatting or texting on their cellphone throughout the day. It is a well known fact that developing children are more affected by cellphone radiation, with behavioral disorders known to develop from cellphone use at an early age. It is also known that cellphone radiation is actually changing the brain in ways that are not currently understood.

In other words, the large-scale global use of cellphones is essentially a massive biological experiment. The true long-term effects will only be absolutely known when they occur. Following the research, this will likely be a historical spike in brain tumor development and damage.

As you certainly know, the best way of protecting yourself from cellphone radiation is to simply not use it. When turning the phone off, it reduces the emission rate close to zero. This is not always an option for many, so there are a few vital methods of reducing the damage:

  • Try and use the ‘speaker’ option on your cellphone when possible, holding it in your hand away from your head.
  • Turn your phone off at night or when you are not using it.
  • Place your phone in ‘airplane’ mode if you cannot turn it off entirely.
  • Look into and heavily research radiation protection options for your phone. Be aware there are a number of fake items out there, so always look for a product brand with real research behind it.
On a grander scale, it is essential to let your friends and family know the dangers of cellphone use. It is by generating awareness and getting those you know upset that real change will occur within the industry.
About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Study: 290% Increased Risk of Brain Tumor After 10 Years of Cellphone UseGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • Undecider

    The brain can heal if you give it the nutrition and detox the chemicals.

  • Phobia Frenzy

    As long as you use cell phone, you are exposed to electromagnetic radiation (EMR), but you can reduce this exposure by using phone in certain ways:
    - hold cell phone as much as you can far from your body.
    - use earphones or listen through speaker on the phone.
    - when you carry it, it must be at least few inches away from the body.
    - try not to use cell phone for long chats.
    The only way to reduce radiation exposure is to take the battery out or place a small piece of paper on connections (+ -) of battery and leave the battery in place. If the phone is off but the battery is connected, still there is a communication with the tower, hence, hitting waves to your body. However, this way, you cannot get any incoming calls. I believe cell phone is over used by majority of the population. It can be used wisely to avoid the harmful effects of EMR exposure.

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  • Akvi

    why to give up cell if you can use headphones? i also read few serious studies suggesting the possible damage, but sorry, the phone is something that allows me to run my business, we are not in desert island, are we? btw, what the bible has to do here??since you already started on it, bet you won't agree that it wasn't written by 60 people, large part of it copies old Mesopotamian and Persian texts, something is added, something changed, something created. Don't forget the history of Christianity, when Cesar realized the nature of this religion he decided to embrace it and announced himself a god's ambassador on Earth, hence we have Pope. it's funny, it's total politics, there is little divine in here and apart of few ancient stories not much to learn. stick with the cell phones

  • Katrina K

    You know, I’ve been reading a lot about the dangers of cell phone use for the past couple years and have basically ceased using the phone feature on my cell. There are tons of articles on harmful effects saying ‘don’t use your phone or else this will happen!’ but there are none about how to start healing from the use? Is there not anything that can be done once you’ve exposed yourself and wizened up?

  • John

    Brain tumors from cell phone use to heated religious arguments? I think everyone is def. whacked out from EMF's.

  • Laura

    Did you know that singer Sheryl Crow believes that her recently diagnosed benign brain tumor, meningioma, may have been caused by her cell phone use? Her tumor is located on the side of her brain where she most often used her cell phone.

    Studies might not have found a conclusively direct link between cell phone radiation and brain cancer yet, but that doesn't mean that many studies haven't found an increased risk. Especially with the growing technology and the outdated cell phone emission standards…it's not a risk we should ignore.

    You can read more about cell phone radiation and brain cancer here:

  • Mark

    The truth is that the evidence continues to mount that their MAY be an elevated risk from the radiation emitted by mobile devices, but we all know that they play a very important part in all our lives.

    I suggest you all try tawkon (, an Android application that runs in the background and alerts you when radiation levels get too high, and suggests ways to mitigate the risk (such as using speaker phone or a headset).

    When a phone is working harder to get a signal, it is actually putting out more radiation. tawkon measures this with it's own algorithm that has been scientifically proven

    Check it out at

  • hanspy

    So.Using cannabis is safer than using phones.Cool.

  • Peter M. Lutterbeck,

    For the reason given in the article I also am striving to be the last human in my city NOT to have a cellphone!

    Of course, I'm retired…16 years ago and fortunately never had to begin using these "disturbing insatiable beasts" – although totally aware of their "potential usefulness."

  • EastGhostCom

    youtube – DR MAGDA HAVAS — see also DR MARY's MONKEY

  • Dave Conklin

    I think the truth is, the Bible is so lengthy that anyone can find something in it to suit their cause.

  • Anonymous

    The study also shows that the risk for cordless phones is even higher than for the cell phones.

  • JD

    It’s just another part of the plan to decrease the population. You’ve been dreaming. It’s time to wake up now. NWO

  • Eliot W. Collins

    If 10 out of one-million people who do not use cell phones do not get brain cancer and 29 out of one-million people who do use cell phones for 10 years get brain cancer, then that is a 290% increase. In this example, the risk is still pretty low, and is probably statistically insignificant.

    I do not own a cell phone.

    • GG

      Actually, going from 10 to 29 is a 190% increase: ((29-10)/10)*100% = 190% … perhaps too much cellphone use caused you to forget 4th grade math. ;-)

      • Eliot W. Collins

        Thanks GC. Although 29 is 290% of 10, going from 10 to 39 would be a 290% increase. Statistics are so confusing.

        I wonder if people who are prone to getting brain cancer also tend to use cell phones. Brain cancer does not run in my family and perhaps that is why I do not own a cell phone.

  • Jericho

    I don't even have a landline at home anymore. That is so like 1995! duh.

    • Jane

      DUH is what happens to you when you used cell phones.

  • Anonymous

    More reason to not use your cellphone whenever possible. Thanks for this.

  • Raphael Desnoyers

    @Morgan Azih …I thought Allah predicted this… dude… I misunderstood again with another religion. Why isn't there only one religion, since they're all bullshit anyway

  • Morgan Azih

    Technology perfection was prophesied in the Bible in "Daniel". So the LORD God Almighty who made man & the wisdom to invent will frustrate wicked intents of satan's agents. However this is a wise counsel that is given for people to take caution.

    • Anonymous

      Does "everything" have to always be about the bible?

      No one even knows who wrote it.Give it up already.

      • Jane


        • Jens

          you say that like if it would be something bad.

      • Willie Brown

        It isn't true regards "No-one even knows who wrote the Bible". The Bible was written by over 60 different people over a period of 4000 years. It was then all put together to form one book. The 1st 4 books from the new testament (the latter half of the bible) are called "The Gospels" and were written by 4 guys named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They were around during the time of Jesus Christ and they all wrote down the events in their own words. (4 accounts of the same story). Christ used verses from the Old Testament by saying things like: "AS IT IS WRITTEN" then he would quote a verse or 2 from the early writings which were written thousands of years before he began his earthly ministry. The scary thing is, most of the verses he quoted are evidence or prophecy that was being fulfilled as he spoke. Others verses from Jesus's mouth are happening in our time. Like it or not, the Bible was basically written by people chosen by God to bring to mankind a hint of what His plans are for our world. They are a good set of guide-lines to live by. Step out-side these guide-lines and you will get into deep trouble. I turned to Christ 30 years ago when I was a long haired Rocker in my early 20's. I would recommend Jesus to anybody. Honestly mate, it really works. You will get a peace in your heart and joy in your soul that no-one can describe. May God help you my friend. Willie.

        • Deborah L. Collins

          If we're going to discuss the Holy Bible, iy would be remiss of me not to point out that we don't get to heaven by living by the "guidelines" set down in it, as no one can do it perfectly enough, except for God's Son, Jesus Christ, who fulfilled the law and then laid down his life as payment for the penalty of sin FOR us so that we can be eternally saved by believing that fact and trusting only in him, and not in ourselves or man-made religion! (1 Cor. 15:1-4 [KJV]: This is the gospel of our salvation today.)

          Deborah (Kuzenski) Collins

          Author, COVENANT WITH MY CHOSEN, a novel of the end times that reveals the truth LEFT BEHIND left behind.

        • JC

          actually, there is evidence that suggest that the four gospels were written by four of the 60 different people.

        • JC

          actually, there is evidence that suggest that the four gospels were written by four of the 60 different people. Check out youtube, "Dr. Ray Hagins.