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2045 ‘Immortality’ Transhumanism Program Threatens Humanity’s Integrity

Andre Evans
August 2nd, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 3:42 pm
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dnaandworld 235x147 2045 Immortality Transhumanism Program Threatens Humanitys Integrity

With the overt disclosure of the 2045 program, a scientific advancement process intended to ultimately lead to ‘immortality’ via an artificial body and mind, a startlingly clear picture of what was once thought of as a science fiction fantasy is forming into reality in a profound way.

The 2045 strategic social initiative is an explicit display of a plan for what is touted as human immortality — first available to the wealthy elite of the world. Also called the avatar project, this effort puts a face to the underlying attempts of transhumanists to use genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology to create a technologically advanced grade of “humans” with abilities and lifespan far beyond that of the average man.

Trans-humanism (or H+), is a growing movement that asserts claims and ambitions that ultimately seek to debase the position of natural man, and ultimately replace him with a wholly superior “H+” counterpart. A view largely held by many secular scientists, these individuals also will be instrumental in bringing forth what they deem as in an inevitable progression in the evolution of humankind.

The 2045 project essentially aims to create a holographic ‘avatar’ as well as artificial bodies that a human can have his consciousness transferred to when his mortal body fails. Should this technology work, then theoretically this would mean that a person can live forever and ‘choose’ their time to die.

Although it looks appealing in theory, there are serious implications and issues with this altogether.

Being advocates of natural health and believing the human body has its own intricate design, an attempt to become a synthetic avatar would potentially erase all of the aspects of humanity that define our character and being.

This technology at its fruition would also attempt to delve into realms of reality no scientist has ever been able to grasp within a natural, human viewpoint of comprehension. Theoretical physicists are beginning to admit that our universe is a shadow of a larger reality, and the natural man can scarcely understand it with his own devices. Like it or not, this universe is far more complex than what we have observed.

Despite this, there are parameters in place that define the experience of a human being, including three dimensions, senses, emotions, free will, conscience, morality, accountability and ultimately death.

An attempt to abdicate all of these aspects of humanity, regardless of any of the assumed benefits is something so mind boggling and even hubris filled that it lends itself to a science fiction script, and yet there are people attempting to make this a reality.

This particular project is being pushed as a nonprofit, and asking for the financial aid of many high profile elites, giving them premium access to the technology at its fruition. Giving supposed immortality to these malevolent figures to continue their rule throughout all of ‘eternity’ is literally the playbook out of an evil mastermind’s hand.

Whether or not this technology (and others like it) succeeds, its concept and implications have been a longstanding threat to humanity, and would replace it with something that may be too absurd, destructive, and even hellish to consider a reality.

And yet the roots of the quest for godhood have been established long before today in a book written thousands of years ago:

“And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”

Genesis 3:4-5

About Andre Evans:
Andre Evans has studied the connection between mind and body for the majority of his professional career, offering insights as to why we do the things that we do and how to change our lives for the better. Highlighting the extreme power of the mind and the numerous neurological reasons that you may be experiencing a health crisis, Andre breaks down exactly how to melt away your stress levels and enjoy your life the way you should -- naturally.

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  • antonio larrosa

    Juventud divino tesoro que te vas para no volver
    Quiero llorar y no lloro,y a veces lloro sin saber por qué

  • John Constantinides

    Something very bad is gonna happen if the Anunnaki Elites become invincible, invulnerable and immortal. Not only they’ll be able to reveal their real reptilian identity but also get the ability to take any form they want, such as a giant meteor.

    In their asteroid form those creepy alien bastards might pose an extremely deadly threat (much bigger than their home planet Nibiru itself) for the Universe’s existence if they use Earth as a detonator. Any collision of the Anunnaki asteroids with the planet could create a chain reaction that might inevitably affect the solar system, leading to an enormous, menacing fireball of molten magma and rocks targeting the Sun.

    If this huge stellar fireball reaches its target the Universe will burn like a torch as a result of the newly formed red giant.

  • Concerned

    “The 2045 project essentially aims to create a holographic ‘avatar’ as
    well as artificial bodies that a human can have his consciousness
    transferred to when his mortal body fails.”

    just spitballing here….

    what if our consciousness did not end after death? should we follow through with this we would be willing volunteers to be slaves for eternity. because we all know someone at some point will abuse this system should it ever be created. i can comprehend so many ways to utilize something like this negatively.

    it’s like someone wants to make the move “the matrix” a reality. we all know how well that ended :D

  • Deborah Vince

    Thanks for the useful info you have provided here. It was very informative. When we look into the technology we can see the difference happened from the previous years. Technology has developed a lot and the scientists developed solutions to most of the

  • AJ

    WRONG – Humanity contains all of existence. We are multi-dimensional beings, not restricted to the illusory confines of 3 dimensions.

  • Theodore Baskind

    I just wrote an article about this and posted it on my site along with a little video I put together. I used the promo video right from All I did was add an old movie effect over and peppered it with my opinion and other little tidbits to get you thinking:

  • Anonymous

    Haha! Like machine won't be able to take car of food needs unabided… ;D come on now, they won't need biological underlings anymore….

  • Altair Zielite

    What is disclosed is always 40 years behind what they actually have in black projects. An exponentially expanding consciousness is imminent. The appropriate scriptural quote I think should be; Revelation 9:6 During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.

  • Annwas Adeniawc

    I find it entertaining that the same people who what to live forever in mechanical bodies, also want to destroy 90% of the world's people so that the population of the earth is around 500 million. In order to have advanced technologies, one needs a huge population from which to train specialists to create and maintain them. Reducing the population of the world would collapse the division of labour, and over time return the world back to an economy roughly similar to that of the late middle ages. I think it would be a higher tech one than that of the 16th century, when the world's population was 500 million or so, but the specialists would not exist, all would be busy with the production of food, and more basic commodities.

    • Craig

      Where do you get your facts saying the same people who want to live forever also want to reduce the world population?

      Also, assuming we had the technology to upload our consciousness into a mechanical, bio-mechanical, or simulated substrate, we'd also have produced the technology long before to produce food and other basic commodities through perfect cloning and other methods that don't involve humans at all (Not that we'd have to eat a thick, juicy steak as a cyborg anyway).