Which Promotes Healing — Drinking Alkaline Water or Eating an Alkaline Diet?

Which Promotes Healing — Drinking Alkaline Water or Eating an Alkaline Diet?
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There have been many reports recently about the virtues of drinking alkaline water. Often they are accompanied by sales pitches for water ionizers or alkaline water machines. The marketing behind these water alkalizing product is usually quite aggressive, which begs the question. “Why?”

First, it ought to be established that the human body functions the best with fresh pure water at its natural pH of 7.0. However, found in its most natural state throughout the environment, water can range from 6.5 to 8.5.

“The normal range for pH in surfacewater systems is 6.5 to 8.5 and for groundwater systems 6 to 8.5. Alkalinity is a measure of the capacity of the water to resists a change in pH that would tend to make the water more acidic.” – pH – Water Research Center

Drinking water on a regular basis that is a little more alkaline than acidic can be advantageous. Acidic water tends to leach minerals from the body, especially the teeth, bones and connective tissue. Even distilled water that has a pH of 7.0 can do the same.

When it comes to drinking highly alkaline water on a regular basis, however, there are problems which can emerge. The body, so its seems, was designed to take in water that is pH 7.0. When only highly alkaline is routinely drank for extended periods of time, the natural body chemistry can be altered, and not for the better.

An Alkaline Diet is Far More Beneficial

Eating an alkaline diet from time to time can produce much better results if one is looking to substantially improve their overall health. The positive effects are more lasting as well. Because an alkaline diet often replaces many acidifying foods found in the ‘All-American’ diet, many dieters have been successful in reversing a condition known as acidosis.

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Chronic acidosis is probably the most common condition which many folks are dealing with who have serious diseases or illnesses that resist many forms of treatment. Their internal acidic condition actually creates a very hospitable environment for a whole array of pathogenic microorganisms to flourish.

In this way, the various microbial pathogens which are the root of so many chronic degenerative diseases will thrive. Bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, mycoplasmas, etc. all seek an acidic host in which to take up residence.

Therefore, the safest and surest way to reverse a prolonged period of acidosis is to maintain an 80/20 alkaline diet for a specific period of time. Removing all processed foods, red meat and fowl, white flour and sugary desserts, dairy products, sodas, alcohol, and caffeine (all acidifying foods and beverages) will quickly shift an individual into the preferred pH range. Replacing these foods with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes, will guarantee a body pH that is also well suited to healing.


Is there such a thing as drinking too much alkaline water?

Drinking too much alkaline water, on the other hand, can worsen an imbalance known as alkalosis. Some individuals (very few) have a tendency toward this condition so it would be unwise for them to drink alkaline water all the time. Because the human body is hardwired to maintain a very narrow pH range all the time, drinking copious amounts of alkaline only serves to tax those systems which regulate overall body pH.

As reported by Yahoo News:

“As alluring as it sounds, the answer is no, says Stanley Goldfarb, MD, hydration expert and professor at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. ‘If you drink a lot of alkaline water, all you’re going to do is pee out a huge amount of alkaline material. There really is no rationale for this,’ Goldfarb explains. Yes, maintaining the right pH balance is important, but your body does that on its own — no fancy water required.

‘What people need to appreciate is that the body is designed to maintain its equilibrium in the face of whatever you take in,’ Goldfarb explains. ‘We are designed to maintain the pH of our bodies in an extraordinarily specific range. We have so many defense mechanisms to prevent an accumulation of alkaline that drinking alkaline water will have little effect.'”

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Eating a diet rich in alkaline foods, on the other hand, effectuates a constitutional shift during that period in which the junk-free diet is followed. However, even in the case of an alkaline diet, because it is also a reducing diet, it should not be continued beyond a few weeks.

Prior to and during the actual cleanse (particularly a colon cleanse) itself is fine, but not beyond that. And, it ought to be followed up with a tonifying diet to compensate for any deficiencies which may have resulted from the cleansing process. Both mineral and vitamin depletion can occur after engaging a long term alkalizing diet program.

Alkaline Diet Promotes Cleansing

One of the side benefits of an alkaline diet while cleansing is that the body will more easily release the “dross” that is being eliminated. Particularly when performing a colon cleanse, first shifting the body pH into an alkaline range will greatly facilitate the cleansing process for the whole gastrointestinal tract. An alkaline body pH aids in sloughing off the toxic residues and accumulations of waste products in the organs and tissues which can contribute to any disease process.


Water ionizers which produce alkaline water are really not necessary toward maintaining optimal health. Properly maintaining the unit can be a bit of a task depending on the brand and model. Most of the plates in alkaline water machines require that they be kept free of the accumulated calcium which will always be produced, especially in regions of the country with hard water or limestone aquifers.

Occasional alkaline diets, on the other hand, are excellent ways to prepare for seasonal cleanses or the biannual colon cleanse. Periodically breaking from a regular diet of fast food or restaurant food can also help short-circuit the unhealthy eating habits which set the body up for a low grade acidosis.