Twins Born Holding Hands Still Share Close Bond

Twins Born Holding Hands Still Share Close Bond
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Two years ago, 5 days before Mother’s Day, Sarah Thistlewaite gave birth to twin girls named Jenna and Jillian. Her pregnancy, which was deemed high risk, meant that she had spent 57 days on bed rest prior to giving birth. But when she did give birth to the girls, who turned out to be healthy despite the risky pregnancy, the entire delivery room gasped. The girls were born holding hands with one another.

Jenna and Jillian had been confirmed as monoamniotic, meaning they shared an amniotic sac. This is one of the rarest and most dangerous forms of twinning.

Dr. Mancuso, director of the fetal treatment center at Akron Children’s Hospital, stated:

“Because they’re sharing the same amniotic sac, their umbilical cords can become tangled as they’re growing and moving which can cut off blood supply to one or both twins.”

Twins who are monoamniotic often has a less than 50 percent survival rate, up to 24 weeks. Because of this risk, Sarah checked into the hospital for 2 months of bed rest so she could be monitored and ensure the girls had a healthy delivery.

Despite all of the risks, the girls ended up healthy and sharing a bond that continues to this day. Their mother described Jenna as the cautious one, while Jillian is a bit more of what she describes as a daredevil. The girls, however, are especially close and share a bond that is often unique to twins.

Sarah said that when her husband Bill goes to the store, he might take one girl with him and leave the other with their mother. Sarah stated that the girls really dislike this and often get upset by being broken up, even just for a little less than an hour at a time.

Sarah also said of her girls, “If one twin is crying, the other will try to find a way to comfort her, like going to find a pacifier or rubbing the other’s back or offering a hug. They always take care of each other.”

Their mother predicts that as they get older, they will continue to share their bond and be best of friends.