Baker’s Scoop HEB 100% Whole Wheat Flour Recalled Due to Foreign Matter

Baker’s Scoop HEB 100% Whole Wheat Flour Recalled Due to Foreign Matter
Food Safety Contamination

The Baker’s Scoop HEB 100% Whole Wheat Flour’s 5-pound packages have been recalled due to foreign material found in some of the bags. The foreign matter is described as soft, white, nylon fragments that look a little bit like white hair. The Morrison Milling Company, who produces the flour, says this is likely from a faulty screen at the production plant. The foreign matter in the flour was found during a routine check of equipment and products. [1]

The Morrison Milling Company, located in Denton, Texas, has not reported any illness or injury associated with the foreign object located within the flour. No complaints have been reported thus far. The flours are sold at H-E-B stores in several states throughout the southwestern United States. [2]

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The recalled product has the UPC number 4122019322 and the Morrison’s number 01100. Product lot numbers to be wary of include Best By 021418 DIT 6236 and Best By 021518 DIT 6237 and a “Best By” date of before September 8, 2016. Consumers may return the item to where it was purchased and receive a full refund. Otherwise, it is suggested that consumers throw out the flour. All recalled flours are 5lbs in weight. [3]

Those with questions can contact the Morrison Milling Company between 8am and 5pm CDT at Customer Service Center at 1-800-847-5608 or email [email protected].

Morrison Milling Company emphasizes that no nylon “hairs” have been found in finished products, however they have issued the recall as a voluntary precaution.


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