Tell Kraft Foods to Stop Polluting the Waters with Capri Sun Packages

Tell Kraft Foods to Stop Polluting the Waters with Capri Sun Packages
Plastic Pollution

For more than 30 years Kraft Foods has been producing Capri Sun juices, packaged in non-recyclable pouches made of metal and plastic that doesn’t biodegrade. This means that more than 1.6 billion pouches consumed just in the US annually are clogging up the oceans, adding to the Great Garbage Patch, suffocating marine life, and ruining the planet. Capri Sun is no innocent beverage for children, it’s a toxic environmental disaster – can you help tell Kraft to change their ways?

Another best-selling juice maker, Honest Kids recently changed from these metal and plastic pouches to a paper carton due to environmental concerns, and other companies are making similar moves. Kraft, thus far, has chosen to deny the impact of their environmental degradation, and continues to sell Capri Sun juice in its current polluting packaging.

The Garbage Patch is a massive collection of marine debris in the Pacific Ocean, (but there are others) and it is made up almost entirely of plastic. [1] Some of it will never biodegrade, and has actually started to be incorporated into the marine ecosystem, showing up in tiny microscopic bits in the stomachs of marine animals, to larger ‘sheets’ of plastic found in the gullets of killer and sperm whales. [2]


Please sign this petition calling on Kraft Foods CEO, John T. Cahill, to stop manufacturing these pouches for Capri-Sun. Kraft is a major leader in food production, and if it chooses to take responsibility this way, many other companies will hopefully take the hint.

We only recycle about 13% of all plastics as it is; we certainly don’t need to keep making non-recyclable plastic juice containers by the billion. It may seem like a small thing, but this one product is greatly contributing to the degradation of the environment, and the Great Garbage Patch simply shouldn’t get any bigger due to Big Food’s thirst for cash and disassociation from the health of the planet.

You can also simply boycott Kraft altogether, since the company is also huge supporters of GMOs, donating millions to keep people from knowing what is in their food. [3]

Sign the petition here: NO MORE CAPRI SUN



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