How We’re Supporting GMO Labeling & Feeding Families This Holiday

How We’re Supporting GMO Labeling & Feeding Families This Holiday
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We are just around the corner from 2015, a whole new year in which we can transform our health and make changes for the better — both at an individual level and even globally. We’re really excited at Natural Society today to announce an initiative that helps generate real change on two really important fronts: GMO labeling initiatives, and helping people who are struggling and cannot afford themselves a basic meal.

To do this, we got creative. We knew we wanted to help deliver more than 20 meals to food banks across the nation through the highly established charity Feeding America, but we also didn’t just want to flat out tell our readers to send a donation. Instead, we wanted to offer you something awesome and help provide those meals at the same time.

We came up with the new GMO Labeling T-Shirt, available exclusively through NaturalSociety with a unique design that exposes GMOs and supports GMO labeling. And it’s still offered at a lower price than even standard plain t-shirts available at retailers. And now you can secure yours today while also providing 20 meals to those who need it through nationwide food banks. Checkout the shirt below:gmo-labeling-shirt-meals
How are we doing this? Natural Society is donating to the established and highly reviewed non-profit organization Feeding America with each GMO Labeling T-Shirt sold. It’s a great way to get an awesome shirt while also helping people who are facing some hard times. Your purchase helps provide 20 meals to those in need around the nation.

And to top it off, we’re keeping the discounted sale price on all our shirts. We won’t be making much on these shirts, but it’s more important to spread the word and help those who truly need it.
I invite you to make a difference today in securing your new Natural Society exclusive GMO Labeling T-Shirt today, and help provide 10 meals for those who need it at the same time. Let’s make 2015 different.