Sugary Drinks | Over Consumed and Health Threatening

Sugary Drinks | Over Consumed and Health Threatening

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New research released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows that half of the US population above age 2 consumes sugary drinks daily. These sugary drinks are soda, sweetened bottled water, sports and energy drinks, and fruit drinks (excluding 100 percent juice).

The report also shows that a quarter of Americans drink 200 calories per day minimum, which is more than a can of soda. 5 percent of the population consumes more than 4 12-ounce cans of soda every day. Needless to say, these stats go very much against the recommendation of the American Heart Association, which is to drink less than 3 cans of soda per week.

Over-consumption of sugar may be the worst problem in America. Everyone, without exception, take in way too much sugar on a daily basis, which leads to obesity, diabetes, and so many more health problems.

The report also showed that men generally consume more sugary beverages than women, black and Mexican American adults drink more than whites, and people with a low income drink more sugary drinks relative to their overall diet than those who make more money.

The ones to really delve into the sugary abyss, though, are boys ages 2-19, with 70 percent of them consuming sugary drinks on any given day. Only 1.4 percent of these sugary drinks are consumed in school or daycare, showing that parents have much to do with their overall consumption.

And consuming diet soda with no added sugar is no alternative. Diet soda leads to increased stroke and heart attacks, as well as decreased calcium absorption in women. It contains an extremely harmful ingredient called aspartame, which has actually been shown to make people fat. Oh the irony.

Instead of bothering with all of these harmful beverages, the best thing to drink is simply water. People claim that it is boring and has no taste, but if people relieve themselves form their sugar and soda addictions, water proves to be completely fine. You could also add a lemon or lime to give it a twist. I’ve even seen people put cucumbers in their water for enhanced taste.

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