Stranger Pays Elementary School Kids’ Outstanding Meal Balances

Stranger Pays Elementary School Kids’ Outstanding Meal Balances
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Every year at Christmas, you read tales on social media about “Secret Santas” who pay off people’s layaway balances, or pay for the groceries of the person behind them in line at the grocery store. Earlier this month, a “Secret Santa” walked into H.W. Good Elementary School in western Pennsylvania and paid off the outstanding food bills of more than 40 students. [1]

The principal at H.W Good Elementary, Amy Larcinese, said that nearly half the children at the school are from financially struggling families and qualify for free and reduced school meals. Students who don’t qualify have accounts where parents put in money every month. Every now and then, though, some of those accounts go into the red. For some students, the two meals they receive at school are the only ones they get every day.

On December 7, a man walked into the school and wrote a check for $864 to pay off all the outstanding lunch balances. He also offered money to provide one child’s meals for the rest of the month.

Larcinese said the man used to have a child in the school and “just wanted to give back to the district.” She went on:

“We were stunned and so thankful. We have a lot of families in really hard times right now, and he is making such a difference in their lives.

A few families contacted us, saying how they were so appreciative of the help especially given the holidays. Sometimes, all we see are the sad things going on in the world, so it’s really, really nice to know there are great people out there [who] would give up their things to help others.” [2]

Janet Sardon, superintendent of the Yough School District, said:

“This time of year can be a financial burden. His intent was to relieve that burden a little bit.”

As for the identity of the man, Larcinese has been sworn to secrecy. [3]


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