Damning Report Called for Termination of GM Field Trials

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A 2012 report outlining the dire consequences of GM crops on food safety and security is available for review from India’s Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture.

There is much damning evidence proving that the biotech industry has carried out abuses against farmers and the people of India which you won’t want to miss. Among the main points are:

  • Safety tests were requested but not carried out for Bt toxic eggplant.
  • The biotech industry put pressure on the Agriculture Minister on the co-chair of the GM regulator GEAC to approve GM crops.
  • Lambs fed Bt cottonseed had inexplicable changes to their organs and tissues.
  • Stakeholders in the regulation of GM crops have a serious conflict of interest.
  • All transgenic food assessments and regulatory approvals are grossly inadequate for testing safety of said crops.

Due to the numerous negative findings of the Committee, they asked for an end to all GM field trials, and recommended an in-depth probe into the decision to allow Bt cotton into India for commercialization, “including how Bt cotton became a priority when the avowed goal of introduction of transgenics in agricultural crops was to ensure and maintain food security.”

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The Committee also urged the government to take into consideration the effects found within the paper before considering approval of any more exportation of GM crops.

“The Coalition hopes that the report will form the basis for a deep and widespread debate on the subject of GMOs in our food and farming in the country and said that India should be proud of this historic, well-analysed report coming out in the year that the country is hosting the Convention on Biological Diversity’s COP-MOP in Hyderabad later this year.

‘We hope that this report will guide the thinking in other countries as well, including our neighbouring countries with similar socio-economic conditions for their farming communities’, said the Coalition. ” [1]


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