Venezuela Rejects the Production, Distribution, and Importation of GM Seeds

Venezuela Rejects the Production, Distribution, and Importation of GM Seeds

The country of Venezuela, through its National Assembly, has approved a law that will ban GMOs and prohibit seed-patenting.

Its aim is to promote sustainable agriculture and real food security. Grassroots efforts for years has finally culminated in the passing of a law that prohibits Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Syngenta, and others from controlling the seed supply and poisoning the people.

The new law also proposes:

  • The creation of a national seed institution which will audit crops, and actively pursue those who violate the GMO ban.
  • Peasant seed will be protected. It will not be hybridized through biotechnology, nor patented. Neither will it be threatened with cross-contamination by GM seed.
  • Natural cross-breeding will be allowed, as it has been used for centuries, and seed saving and sharing should also be promoted.

Furthermore, the SEED LAW proposal was developed by a partnership between the communal spokespersons and the legislative and executive branches of government. This example of the “People as Legislator” represents the organized expression of popular power in its push back against competing stealth legislation that would open the door to transgenic seeds and the kind of legislation we see made in America, where corporate groups make shady deals behind closed doors (such as with the DARK Act and the Trans Pacific Partnership.)

According to Anna Roth, senior editor of Civil Eats, a news source for “critical thought about the American food system:”

“H.R. 1599 would negate all of these laws, and more–according to the Center for Food Safety. The preemption language in the bill would nullify over a hundred local laws that, directly or indirectly, regulate genetically engineered crops.”

Way to go Venezuela! You have had the steadfastness to overcome the biotech industry in your country, and your activists have helped to create legislation that is more transparent.