Turmeric for Acne | Natural Alternatives

Turmeric for Acne | Natural Alternatives

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When hearing the word turmeric, you may automatically think about the spice used in Indian cooking and nothing more. Although it is indeed a culinary fundamental in many cultural dishes and can add a delicious taste to a variety of meal options, many people do not realize that turmeric is more than just a spice — it can also be a natural remedy for many health conditions; you can even use turmeric for acne.

Natural Alternatives | Turmeric for Acne

Many have attested to the effectiveness of turmeric against acne. Since acne problems are caused by bacteria living on the surface of the skin, turmeric can be of great help. Turmeric has strong anti-bacterial properties which help not only in killing the bacteria, but reducing the swelling and redness of the skin. It can also help the area cool down and reduce irritation.

Turmeric is a well-known blood purifier, so many people who suffer from acne not only use turmeric as a mask or wash for the affected area, they also take it internally. You can buy turmeric in liquid form (which has been shown to be most effective), but it can also be purchased in capsules and pills as well. You can also use fresh turmeric roots and add it to a glass of warm water and drink it in the morning. The real benefits of turmeric are seemingly endless.

Adding another use to turmeric for acne, some people like to use the spice for creating a mask. Turmeric can be combined with other ingredients that help the skin like yogurt, honey, lemon and many more. Some people even leave it overnight, and wake up to wonderfully soft skin, but you can also leave it on for only a few minutes before washing it off. If deciding to leave it on overnight, be wary of the yellow stain it can leave on your skin if you apply it longer. After using turmeric as an overnight mask, you may not want to go out for a few days, or use an oil-based cleanser or facial toner to remove the stain.

Consider turmeric for acne. With continuous use of turmeric, your acne should reduce and clear out within a few weeks.

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