Medical Marijuana Reaches Key Legislative Approval in Texas

Medical Marijuana Reaches Key Legislative Approval in Texas

There’s a saying that “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” but apparently everything is slower, too. The state is preparing to issue licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries to legally sell products with low levels of THC, such as cannabis oil, but there’s a catch.

First, the medical marijuana types will be extremely limited, and only those with an intractable form of epilepsy will be allowed to partake of cannabis’ incredible healing properties.

Next, the program was set to launch at the beginning of 2016, but dispensaries seeking a license won’t likely see the light of day until June of 2017, with applications coming available this summer.

Texas Sen. Jose Rodriguez, who was a co-author of the bill, told local news station KFOX

“There’s no question that you do have to go through a lot of hurdles before you’re eligible to receive treatment under this particular legislation.”

The program’s launch is overdue, with a requirement for the state to issue at least three licenses by September 2017, according to Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy.

When it is finally up and going, the program will be one of the nation’s most restrictive legalization policies. Only one medical condition will qualify an individual to use cannabis as a healing modality.

Hopefully Texas will step-up its legalization efforts, though, and join other states which are seeing billions in tax revenue from legalizing. According to NerdWallet, a personal finance site, Texas could enjoy a total $3.1 billion annual windfall, the average predicted for state governments that legalize the strongly-demanded plant.