Just One Daily Tablespoon of Aloe can Reverse Aging

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Anti-Aging & Beauty

aloe vera girlIf you could turn back your biological clock and look younger from taking something that is good for you in numerous ways, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity? There are so many cosmetics on the market that promise younger looking, more elastic skin, but they are often full of chemicals and endocrine disruptors that are cancer-causing along with other undesirable effects. However, just one tablespoon of organic aloe vera gel every day can significantly reduce wrinkles and make skin more youthful in appearance. Who knew the health benefits of aloe vera extended so far?

Aloe packed full of numerous nutrients and other substances that promote not only younger looking skin, but also a healthy body overall. The plant has 75 different nutrients including enzymes, anthraquinones, phenolic compounds, lignins, saponins, sterols, amino acids, salicylic acid (a common ingredient in acne medications that contain other unsavory chemicals) vitamins, minerals and healthy sugars. No wonder the herb is able to reduce wrinkles completely naturally and without side-effects.

One study conducted on women in their forties found that:

“Aloe gel significantly improves wrinkles and elasticity in photoaged human skin, with an increase in collagen production in the photoprotected skin and a decrease in the collagen-degrading MMP-1 gene expression. However, no dose-response relationship was found between the low-dose and high-dose groups.”

Without taking copious amounts (just 3600 milligrams a day) of this wonderful plant’s healing gel, we can turn back the clock. Especially for women who have spent years basking in the sun and have the skin to show for it, there is an internal remedy that can help to repair photo-aging.

Aside from using aloe vera for a more youthful appearance, we can utilize the plant as a topical salve for wounds, to help speed the healing of cuts and burns and when taken internally, to help control Diabetes and elevated blood lipid levels. It also helps to treat acne and soothe a sunburn, and reduce bleeding associated with gingivitis and gum disease.

Aloe vera gel can improve digestion and heal stomach ulcers as well as stomach upset, and irritable bowel syndrome. It can thin sticky blood, prevent kidney stones and help to oxygenate the body. It also reduces high blood pressure and makes yeast infections a thing of the past. Aloe vera has even been shown to help treat certain types of cancers.

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So what’s the ultimate take away? Aloe vera can make you look young, but also keep numerous diseases at bay. It is truly a wonder-drug in natural form. You can grow your own aloe vere so that you always have it on hand, and eat the gel straight from the inside of the cactus-like leaves. Or simply purchase the gel in a supplement form – though we do recommend using it straight from the source.