Is the “Honey Diet” a Safe and Realistic Weight Loss Option?

Weight Loss

honeyDoes the honey diet work for weight loss? In the world of weight loss, there always seems to be a new diet plan or secret. From the Cabbage Soup Diet to the Caveman Diet, these approaches to weight loss range from the sensible and effective to the outright ridiculous. With each new diet plan, people who want to drop a few pounds are forced to research, question, and decide if the offered approach is one that might help them. But the Honey Diet is one of the latest fad programs that has even natural foodies interested.

The Honey Diet is the lifelong work of nutritionist Mike McInnes. McInnes is convinced a nightly dose of honey can allow you to drop weight no matter what you eat by altering brain chemistry. In addition to weight loss, he promises increased energy, better sleep, and boosted metabolism.
The many health benefits of honey are indisputable. It’s able to bolster a suffering immune system, protect against allergies, soothe coughs and colds, and even kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It’s a powerful, natural food.

McInnes explains that regular sugar leaves the brain in a perpetual state of starvation. It’s the overabundance of sugar reaching the brain cells that causes these cells to essentially shut-down in self-preservation. This leads to a lack of energy, not to mention food cravings as the brain feels as though it isn’t getting enough fuel.

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Honey, on the other hand, doesn’t trigger the same shut-down mechanism, according to McInnes:

“Honey is created from plant nectar by bees, which act as a kind of natural processing plant, partially digesting the sugars and changing their composition – which affects the way our bodies metabolise them.”

While studies have shown honey doesn’t affect the body in all the same ways that table sugar does, this likely doesn’t mean you can eat honey and continue to eat garbage without some ill health effects.

One study in Dubai found that honey can actually lower blood sugar levels, the opposite effect of table sugar. And because honey is loaded with other benefits, it’s easy to see why it would be a good addition to any diet, not only one focused on weight loss.

To suggest you can add honey to your diet and not make any other changes in pursuit of weight loss is irresponsibly misleading. Honey is a great addition to your diet, but you must also put down the processed, high sugar, toxic foods. Try the honey diet and consume raw, organic honey daily. These changes, as a whole, could lead to weight loss and boosted health.